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Mental Kombat

Posted on Tue Jan 31st, 2017 @ 4:05am by Lieutenant JG Nealey Snowdon & Lieutenant JG Anthony Andrews
Edited on on Tue Jan 31st, 2017 @ 5:35am

Mission: S1E4 - Remnants Of A Lost Cause
Location: Counselor's Quarters
Timeline: MD 66; 10:00

Jaya tucked her feet beneath her legs on the sofa as she took a cup of steaming Seyalian tea from the platter on the table.
"I made yours the same as last time," she said to Nealey who sat opposite her on the other end. She smelled it, allowing its aroma to carry her away. After sipping once, then again, she set it down on the end table at her elbow.

Nealey accepted the tea and took a few sips of it before speaking.

Nealey smiled. "Thank you Counsellor. I have enjoyed our sessions and the time off given to me mum...has really helped. Forgive me for referring to the Captain as my mother but she's as good as"

"The fact that you recognize her as a maternal figure is rather healthy in my view," Jaya said. "You've really made headway these past weeks, I have to say." She turned her head to one side and smiled at Nealey. "I've really come to enjoy our times together."

"Me too. I feel better in myself but...I guess there's always going to be some things in life that aren't solved by talking. The only person who can solve those issues is me - and I hope I can put what I've learnt here into practice so I can do just that" Nealey replied.

"Emotions are eternal," Jaya said. "They aren't affected by the passage of time. The painful feelings we carry keep us bound to our past, but they are the only things that do. I can't change your experiences, Nealey, but seeing you overcome them with the strength you've gained is nothing short of breathtaking." She set her cup down and leaned forward. "Have you ever told your story in full before now?"

Nealey shrugged. "I guess you're right. I haven't told anyone mum...about what happened. I just don't feel ready to tell anyone else yet - it hurts too much and the memories came flooding back when I had that altercation with the first officer. I'm not blaming him entirely but...I guess part of feeling better in myself is admitting to myself I am who I am"

"Akiva is a mixed bag himself." Jaya smiled fondly at his mention. "But he is a good man. When we do not resolve conflicts from our past, then we build up an emotional debt, so to speak, and then force others to pay for it. When we forgive the past and look to the future, then the bullies and hurdles we face today won't seem nearly so big in their own light as they do in the shadow of the past." She winked at Nealey. "That's how we women can stand up to crusty old command officers without a flinch."

"You can say that again. I know he's nice but I just don't feel it's very easy to forget about what happened - his evident crush on me made me feel a bit uncomfortable. I've never really felt like I could trust anyone in that way and I really don't think I'll be able to at any point in my life. I just feel happier in solitude until I feel ready to trust someone enough to let them into my life in that sense" Nealey replied.

"I know exactly what you mean," Jaya chuckled. "Everywhere I go, men and women often notice me with inappropriate appraisals. I've learned not to take it personally, as people are more than their biology." She paused to take another sip, and to give weight to her words. "There is something to be said for companionship though. We need to be strong enough to live alone, but unwanted loneliness can be a prison like any other."

Nealey sighed. "I can't help it. I really can't help taking it personally after...yeah. I just feel that I want to trust someone that I really like but I just can't. I find there's only so far I can go with someone before having to walk away because that unbreakable barrier is there"

The door beeped. Not the buzzer, but the panel itself. The sound caught Jaya by surprise, but what truly startled her was the intent she felt on the other side. Evil intent.

Before she could react, the doors parted to reveal none other than Ensign Saalkan charging into the room. She saw Ensign Doqqu, the Klingon Security officer, standing guard in the corridor. He looked as though he did not recognize her.

When Saalkan rushed at her, Jaya could feel the cold malice in the man's soul as surely as it shone from his eyes. She tried to scream, but the Vulcan was upon her in a moment, flinging her over the sofa with a deft yet powerful swing of his arm.

With the counselor dispatched, Saalkan set his predatory eyes on Nealey. "Do not move."

Nealey stood up and grabbed Saalkan's throat in preparation to push him over - but somehow the Vulcan man was able to keep her in his grip and she desperately struggled to escape from Saalkan's grip.

Saalkan lunged upon her, placing both hands on either temple. "My mind to your mind," he hissed. "My thoughts to your thoughts."

"GET OFF ME!" Nealey screamed.

Nealey's bloodcurdling screams could be heard from down the corridor - but there was nobody there to hear them - and she struggled even more to get away from the man.

The Vulcan snarled. His eyes narrowed to slits as he dug his fingertips into Nealey's skin. "My mind to your mind! My thoughts to your thoughts!"

"I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!" Nealey screamed.

"Get away from her!" Jaya stood across the room, if barely. One eye was swollen shut, and she whimpered with every breath, but she defied Saalkan all the same.

"I will deal with you soon enough, little empath," Saalkan said. "Call for help, and she dies here and now."

Jaya stepped closer, favoring one leg.

"Stop right there," Saalkan said.

"Or what?" Jaya gasped as she limped forward. "Are you afraid of a 'little empath'?"

"I fear nothing." Saalkan said, his grip tightening on Nealey. "Doqqu! Get in here and detain this nuisance."

"You fear death," Jaya whispered, finally closing the distance between them, "and like every other fucking coward, you will die a thousand of them." With Saalkan clutching Nealey, nothing prevented Jaya from reaching out and grasping Saalkan's face between her hands.
"Let me show you." She forced her lips onto Saalkan's and unleashed the full weight of her repressed passion into him. The instinctual revulsion she felt compelled her to pull away. She could not overcome the Vulcan physically, and he was telepathically stronger than she was. Her only chance--Nealey's only chance--was for her to use every ounce of will and essence she could muster.

Saalkan convulsed, dead on his feet as though electrified. His grip on Nealey loosened. He could feel Jaya touch him to his core. The primal rage that every Vulcan suppressed flared within him, pushing against her bombardment. For just a moment, they stood deadlocked in a grisly, paralyzing kiss of death.

Nealey struggled free and ran towards the door.

Ensign Doqqu marched into the room with his Type III phaser at the ready. A single clearing motion targeted Nealey. He trained his weapon on her and barked a single warning. "Halt!"

The big Klingon man in her way meant it wasn't going to be easy. Aiming for where it would hurt the man the most Nealey launched her knee straight for Doqqu and hoped it would be enough to floor him so she could escape and call for help.

Doqqu grunted but was otherwise unmoved. He batted Nealey across the shoulders with the butt of his phaser.

Jaya kept pushing. She felt her strength waning, even if her drive was true. Nealey's voice distracted her and she tried to block it out. Her empathy would seldom be denied. The pain of others spoke louder than their cries. A whispering voice in her mind told her she had lost.

The weight of Jaya's will to power was certainly more than Saalkan had anticipated, but nothing lasts forever. He finally regained his physical senses, enough to move his limbs. Slowly but surely, he reached his hand around to Jaya's shoulder, felt for the exact location of the nerve cluster specific to her variation of humanoid species, and pinched.

Immediately Saalkan's mind cleared. Jaya's eyes rolled back in her head as her body fell limp to the floor. Saalkan dropped to his knees, unable to stand.

Tony decided to enter the room and he pushed past the scuffle at the door and straight to Saalkan - he subsequently stunned Jaya and then looked at his Vulcan colleague. This had a familiar feeling and Tony hoped this time the outcome was more favourable.

"Are you alright?" Tony asked.

"I am fine," Saalkan said hoarsely. He rubbed his eyes, face, and temples. "I am fine," he repeated with a snort.

When he returned to his feet, he looked to Nealey. "Subdue her," he ordered the two Security officers. "This will have to be quick, young one. I am expected at a party."

"I'm going to kill you when I wake up you piece of shit" Nealey hissed.

Tony looked over at Nealey and simply stunned her into submission.

"Thank you," Saalkan said as he rolled up his sleeves. "This should be much faster now." He took Nealey's unconscious head in both hands and began to chant under his breath. "My mind to your mind. My thoughts to your thoughts. My mind to your mind. My thoughts to your thoughts..."

Tony gestured to Doqqu to join him at the door whilst Saalkan did his work to brainwash Nealey into joining their cause. He knew Doqqu had been brainwashed himself and Tony thought his strength and size would come in very useful - but there was a risk that he would break free of Saalkan's grip and the risk of Doqqu turning against them was a very serious possibility.


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