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Engineered Expansion

Posted on Wed Jun 15th, 2016 @ 4:44am by Major Storr Garlake & Lieutenant Commander Soren Himmel

Mission: S1E1 - Booby Trap
Location: USS Vindex - Main Engineering
Timeline: Mission Day 1 - 1930


Storr entered Main Engineering and stopped momentarily to just look about him. It was a massive, multi-storey area, with workstations littered throughout and engineers monitoring, logging, and diagnosing all sorts of systems that he could only guess about. The warp core hummed with a deep, nearly inaudible thrum that pulsed through his body more than was heard...much like a heartbeat. His apparent bewilderment was noticed as a tall human with Lieutenant pips approached the Marine.

Soren was surprised to see someone from the Marine detachment in Engineering, especially after hours. The Marine's uniform looked pressed and his boots shined better than the light he had on him. Comparatively, Soren felt dis-shoveled. His hair was a mess, sleeves rolled up and shoes scuffed. Himmel approached the man, figuring he was here for something. He tried to break the ice with him, "It's a fine engine the Vindex has, huh, Captain?" Soren turned to greet him, "I am Lieutenant Soren Himmel, Chief Engineer," Himmel had extend his hand to the Marine officer.

Captain Garlake was shaken from his reverie and shook Soren's offered hand. "Sorry about that...Storr Garlake, Marine CO. I'm always in awe when I come in here; I never could keep the bird flying, that's for sure!"

Himmel smiled, "it is no small task." Himmel was curious of the Marine's presence and addressed him, "What can I do you for, Garlake?"

"Well, professionally I need to get a handle on every area of the ship to ascertain defensibility, tactical weaknesses, ambush points and the like. Personally? I'm somewhat in a jam and need some help.

Himmel nodded along, "And what kind of jam do you need help with?"

"Well, the bed in my quarters is far too small and since it seems that the Ops department hasn't made it on board, I was curious if engineering might have any ideas..."

"Yeah, I suppose we take the burden of quartermaster duties without anyone from Ops. I'll have to check with my assistant. Are you looking for something wider or longer?" Soren realized he was a tall and bulky man, he certainly needed some space to sleep.

"Both," Storr said with a smile. He hoped that his bulk gave enough reason and he didn't need to justify it further. "I know that this would be somewhat of an inconvenience for there anything that I can do to help you out here? Maybe send down a few Marines for some physical labor?"

Himmel went over to a control panel and Storr followed, "I think we have one that will fit your size in cargo bay 2." Soren looked around engineering for an enlisted or young ensign, "Petty Officer Kloc, I need you to be quartermaster for a bit and help Captain Garlake get issued a mattress." Himmel turned back to the Marine Officer, "If you could send maybe 2 or 3 Marines to help, that could get the job done, our hands are a little tied down in Engineering right now."

"I do appreciate it and I'll see what I can do," Captain Garlake replied. As the Chief Engineer turned to leave, the Marine called back out to him before he could completely turn around. "How about a beer after shift, at least? I'm sure we could see if Paul has anything worth drinking behind that counter of his in the mess."

Soren looked up and gave a smirk, "Prost! that sounds great to me. I would like to see if he has any good dark German beers."

Storr grinned; he loved beer, and the darker the better...he was going to like Soren. He waved and turned back toward the turbolift, his office still awaiting his first visit...


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