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Loose ends

Posted on Tue Jan 31st, 2017 @ 11:29pm by Lieutenant Elsa Johansson & Ensign Anastasia Bogolyubov & Ensign Ava Foley
Edited on on Thu Feb 2nd, 2017 @ 3:36pm

Mission: S1E4 - Remnants Of A Lost Cause
Location: Chief Science Officer's Office
Timeline: MD 66 1030

"So," Ava continued, "The really, really cool thing is the level of cooperation in the cojoined hives. See, normally when you're talking about colony entities, you're like..."

Elsa nodded as if she was interested, but the truth was, no matter how excitedly Ensign Foley discussed the life cycle of a giant, ten-legged antlike creature on a small moon in a system between the Vindex's present position and Deep Space 11, Elsa found herself having to focus on the Ensign's presentation. Truth be told, Elsa was going to approve the launching of a probe to gather more data on the creature, but Ensign Foley had obviously spent quite a large amount of time in preparing her presentation, so it seemed only polite to listen to the whole thing.

Ava was working on this project with Ensign Bogolyubov, who would create a mathematical model to represent the new data gather. Anastasia was sitting beside Ava, seemingly content to allow Ava to do all the talking.

"And, of course, what's really fascinating is..."

Elsa was about to interrupt Ava when a chime indicated someone was at her office door.

"Come," Elsa answered automatically (with perhaps a tinge of relief in her voice).

The door opened, but no one entered. Instead, a metallic ball rolled in.

Before Elsa could react, the ball released a bright blue flash.

For a few minutes colors danced across Elsa's eyes before her vision cleared. When it did, her office door was closed and there was two women, a Vulcan and an Andorian, standing in the middle of her office. Anastasia and Ava were still seated, seemingly as dazed as Elsa felt.

The Vulcan stepped forward, looking Elsa in the eyes. "You will regain control of your voluntary muscles in a few minutes, so my colleague and I must act quickly. Yourself and Ensign Bogolyubov are of interest to her brother, so you will be adjusted accordingly. The arthropodologist, however, is not required. Therefore, it would be illogical to utilize my energy to adjust her." The Vulcan nodded at her Andorian cohort, who promptly reached over and snapped Ava's neck, killing her instantly.

"My name is T'Janikrel," the Vulcan continued, as she stepped around Elsa's desk to lean over the Nordic woman. Elsa tried to move some part of her body, but her efforts were futile. "I am an agent of the Consortium, as you have no doubt surmised. They will be the dominant power in this quadrant, and so it would be illogical to resist their will. I am telling you this because it is required of me to make certain mental adjustments to your persona so that you can serve the Consortium more efficiently. Therefore, it would be pointless of you to resist my efforts." T'Janikrel put her finger tips on Elsa's face. "My mind to your mind. My thoughts to your thoughts..."

A few minutes later T'Janikrel broke contact. She had discovered Elsa had a strong and disciplined mind. Too strong. All T'Janikrel had achieved was to drive Elsa's body into a coma, with Elsa's conscious mind beyond reach. Taking a deep breath, T'Janikrel turned her attention to Anastasia. The Russian science officer had started regaining control of her voluntary muscles, her head making small jerking motions. T'Janikrel realized she was going to have to move fast.

A few minutes later, T'Janikrel was leaning against the wall, trying to catch her breath. It had been a mistake to try to rush things with the Russian officer. Anastasia had not only possessed a more than nascent telepathic ability, but the way her mind was ordered had made it impossible for T'Janikrel to meld her mind with Anastasia's. The attempt had caused a physiological reaction in the Russian science officer's brain, killing her.

"Commander Bogolyubov is going to be disappointed that we were unable to retrieve these two officers," the Andorian woman observed.

"Indeed," T'Janikrel noted, stepping past the Andorian woman toward the entrance of Elsa's office. As she passed the Andorian, T'Janikrel's arm snaked out, striking the Andorian woman's neck. The Andorian woman, suddenly paralyzed, was unable to resist when T'Janikrel stepped behind her and snapped her neck. "It would be illogical for me to accept that blame when it could be transferred to you. Considering I would be more useful in the future to the Consortium than yourself," T'Janikrel told the now dead Andorian woman, whose body was slumped on the floor, "It is only logical that the blame is transferred to you."

T'Janikrel locked the door of the office behind her as she made her way to her rendezvous point with Ensign Saalkan.

Saalkan noted immediately that T'Janikrel was alone. "Where are the others?"

"I must report that there were complications in the operation. The paralyzing device did not function as was expected. In the struggle, Lieutenant Johansson and Ensign Bogolyubov were killed, as was Crewman Ch'rehlak, the Andorian assisting me."

"No matter." Saalkan appeared utterly indifferent. "They were but one contingency among many. I know Dmitri will not be pleased, but unlike you--" He interrupted himself to take T'Janikrel by the neck and snap it in the ancient Tal-Shaya form of execution which inflicts instant death, "--he will learn to live with disappointment." He sniffed along her gelatinous neck. "We can't all live forever," he whispered, savoring the sensation of her departing katra. "Farewell."

Saalkan let the corpse fall to the ground in an unceremonious thud. He looked back to the two Security officers behind him. "Throw her down the nearest Jefferies tube, then meet me at the next rendezvous point."

Approximately half an hour later, as the atmosphere was pumped out of her office and the rest of the ship by the mutineers, the unconscious Elsa would die of asphyxiation.


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