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Discovering The Plan

Posted on Fri Feb 3rd, 2017 @ 5:05pm by Paul Foster & Grace Ainscow & Biynah

Mission: S1E4 - Remnants Of A Lost Cause
Location: Various
Timeline: MD 66

Biynah sat giggling with Grace in her bedroom. She had listened to many of her sister's stories from home. Several holo-albums were strewn about along with an assortment of toys and other memories of Earth.

"I love having a sister to share my toys and holoalbums with" Grace said.

The fun soon came to an abrupt end.

"Grace, are you well?" Biynah asked. She assessed her sister's coloring and disposition. "You do not look well."

Grace didn't feel well at all. She fell back onto her bed and started to feel very nauseous and like the room was spinning around. She reached out to Biynah to make it stop.

"I don't feel it. I feel a bit dizzy...and...sick. Make it stop...please" Grace said.

"Yael, is there something wrong with the environmental systems?" Biynah asked the computer while she moved closer to Grace.

"Environmental systems are offline." The computer's tone was typically bland and flat.

"Then reactivate them, Yael!" Biynah yelled as though the computer were a person.

"Environmental controls are restricted."

Biynah looked at Grace, and was about to ask her a question. Grace began to cough, which made Biynah redirect her query.

Grace sighed and panted. She felt even worse now and it was like she was about to pass out.

"Please...Biynah....just....make it....stop" Grace said.

"Yael, are there emergency supplies in these quarters?" Biynah did not appear worried, but her voice took on a sense of urgency.

"All senior quarters are equipped with standard first aid in the restroom," the computer replied.

"Stay here," Biynah told Grace. She knew that the less Grace moved, the better.

Biynah ran out of Grace's bedroom into the shower area. She theoretically knew that first aid equipment would come in a container of some kind, so she would start there. A quick scan of the room told her there were no containers on the floor.

A white box affixed to the wall had a Starfleet symbol on it amidst other symbols she did not immediately identify. She made a note to identify them later. For now, she opened the box, found a respirator with mask, and ran back to Grace's room.

"Here, Grace," Biynah said with a calm that belied her hurried pace. "Put this on."

Grace gratefully put the mask on and after taking a good few deep breaths she started to feel a little better. Once she started to feel noticeably better she sat up slowly and looked at Biynah.

"What's happening?" Grace asked.

"The environmental systems are offline for some reason," Biynah said. "It would not appear the ship is sustaining fire, and there was no alert. We need more information." She stared at Grace though she began talking to the computer.

"Yael, is life support missing from any other section of the ship?"

"Life support has been deactivated on all decks except the Bridge, Sickbay, Cargo Bay 1, and the primary Shuttle Bay."

"And what about phaser fire, Yael?" Biynah did not like phasers. "Have any been used?"

"A phaser discharge has been detected on the Bridge."

Biynah mirrored Grace's look of concern. "Yael, where are our parents?"

"Captain Ainscow and Lieutenant-Commander ben-Avram are on currently on the Bridge," the computer said.

Grace shrugged. "I don't know how to get to the bridge"

"We must help them," Biynah said. "But how, Grace?"

Grace knew they needed to help her mum and Akiva but she was at a loss as to how to do it. Thinking for a moment she thought the best idea was to find Paul or Tolan.

"Let's go and find Uncle Paul. He will know what to do - or maybe Uncle Tolan. Let's go to the kitchen first...I'm hungry anyway" Grace commented.

"That sounds like a good idea," Biynah agreed. "But we must be careful. If there is phaser fire on the Bridge, then there might be other bad people out there." She gave Grace a solemn look. "Be very careful, Grace. I would be sad if you deactivated."

Biynah took her sister by the hand and led her to the corridor. "Let me go first. You may be older, but I'm bigger." When the doors parted, Biynah leaned out as little as possible to survey the hall. A lone eye peeked one way, then the other before she hurried down the hall to the turbolift with Grace in tow.

"The Captain's Mess is on Deck 2," Biynah stated, "so let's check there first. It's on the way to the Bridge, anyway."

Grace followed Biynah and kept tight hold of her hand whilst doing her best to keep up with her. What worried Grace was that normally her mother would have checked in on her after her lunch - but she hadn't - and she sensed something wasn't right.

"Don't go too quickly Biynah - my legs aren't as long as yours" Grace said.

"Sorry, Grace." Biynah stopped at the turbolift to wait for its arrival. "Mother and Father have a reasonable probability of not dying," she said to Grace as they waited. "They are smart and brave. And their odds improve if they have assistance." Biynah smiled at her own statement.

Grace caught up with Biynah's pace and then waited patiently for the turbolift with her sister.

"I hope they're alright" Grace said.

The turbolift arrived and opened its doors without delay. Biynah smiled at her ability to operate it, as her first attempt long ago was not a fluid one. She kept Grace's hand in hers as they stood in the center of the 'lift.

"Deck 2."

When they arrived near the Captain's Mess Hall, Biynah crept forward at first to make sure there was no visible danger.
"It appears safe," she said to Grace. "What now, Grace?"

Grace pointed to the door which led into a small kitchen. She walked over to it slowly and opened the door like Claudia had shown her to when she baked Paul's birthday cake.

"Let's stay in here. Paul usually comes up here to cook my mum's dinner for her - or we could find a way of getting him to come up here and find us?" Grace suggested.

"I don't have a communicator," Biynah said with a frown. "Yael," Biynah said to the computer, "where is Paul Foster?"

"Paul Foster is on Deck 6 in a turbolift. Destination Deck 2"

Grace smiled. "Uncle Paul is coming. We'll be safe with him!"

"Great thinking, Grace." Biynah smiled. "Perhaps he can tell us what is going on elsewhere in the ship. And how we can help our parents."

A few minutes later Paul - wearing a respirator - entered the kitchen and was surprised to see Biynah and Grace stood in his kitchen. Giving them the benefit of the doubt he decided to query why they were there.

"Why are you two in here?" Paul asked.

Grace shrugged. "We decided to wait for you because our mum and Biynah's father are missing seems like you're not the only one who struggles to breathe"

"They went to the bridge. We need to restore environmental controls first before we attempt to retake the ship - Lieutenant Cusack and Major Garlake are working on a plan to do that. They're hoping to restore control to Engineering so we can give ourselves a command centre. You two aren't safe here" Paul commented.

"How can we help?" Biynah asked. "If Father and Mother lost control of the ship, then our quarters are not safe."

Paul thought for a moment then he thought of an idea.

"We try and find one of the mutineers and then bring them back here for...questioning. I'll do that in the mess hall - you can wait in the kitchen" Paul said.

Grace shrugged. "Sounds good I guess. We don't have anything to hit them with though"

Paul reached into the cupboard and produced a heavy saucepan which he used for boiling potatoes.

"We do now - if we see anyone by themselves then you can distract them and I'll knock them out. Let's go" Paul said.

Biynah accepted the saucepan and assessed it manually and visually. "This should suffice," she determined.

The trio were darting between the quieter corridors when all of a sudden a guard wearing a respirator was spotted outside what Paul assumed was one of the armouries. He then signalled for Grace and Biynah to distract his attention before priming himself to strike.

Grace led Biynah up to the man and tugged on his shirt gently.

"Excuse me. Where is the classroom? I'm new here and I'm lost" Grace said.

The man in Security yellow swore under his breath and tapped his commbadge. =/\=Arturo to--=/\=

"Could you please tell us the way?" Biynah asked from another direction, interrupting Arturo's alert.

"Oh, shit, another one?" he said. He shook his head, not wanting to do the sordid business he knew was expected of him. "It's right... over there," he said, pointing down the corridor with his phaser rifle. "Go on now," he said with a look of regret on his face. "Run along."

Biynah nodded. "Thank you, sir." She took Grace's hand. "Come on, Grace." The girls went as directed, putting their lives in Paul's hands. And in his frying pan.

Paul watched the man turn away and he stealthily approached Arturo before raising his trusty pan and then striking the man on the side of the head with it. Once the man was confirmed to be out of action for the time being Paul picked the man up and started to drag him back towards the Captain's mess.

Grace smiled and whispered. "Good hit Paul"

"Thanks...I hope I don't have to do it too often" Paul replied.

After a few close shaves Paul finally got the man into the Captain's Mess and threw him into a chair and quickly tied him to it with a couple of dishcloths.

"Now we just wait for him to wake up. Here" Paul said.

Paul removed Arturo's commbadge and passed it to Biynah.

"So do I just tap it?" Biynah asked as she turned the commbadge around in her hand and inspected it like a jewel. "Who should I contact? And what should I say?"

"If anyone speaks to Arturo yes. Did you get enough of a sample of his voice before or do you need him to speak a bit more?" Paul asked.

"I can mimic a response, but I doubt I have enough phonetic data to replicate a conversation," Biynah said. "I would have to converse with him along specific lines of discussion."

Grace was hungry by now and seeing as they were in a kitchen she decided to ask Paul if she could help herself to something out of it.

"Can I have something to eat Uncle Paul?" Grace asked.

Paul nodded. "Help yourself to some of the cake in stasis. Just try not to leave your respirator off for too long - I'd imagine life support will be running close to critical by now"

Grace disappeared off to get food whilst Paul waited patiently for the man to wake up.

Eventually Arturo let out a groan which signaled his return to consciousness. Biynah heeded Paul's frantic wave. When Arturo rolled his head around, he fought his bindings with a few tugs before realizing he was restrained.

"Damn it to hell, I knew this would happen." Arturo let out a moan that took on a bit of a snivel. "I knew it! I just knew it would! Why, oh why, did I listen to that Vulcan?"

Biynah stood in front of him, unhidden, studying his every move and word. It took Arturo a moment to notice her.

"What? It's you! Did you... tie me up?" Arturo effected a calm that did nothing for his frantic voice. "Let me go, little girl. Please!"

"Have you seen my father?" Biynah asked at length.

"What? No." Arturo scoffed at the silly question. "No, wait. Yes. Yes, I have! Untie me and I'll take you to him."

Biynah stared at him with soulless discernment. "I don't believe you," she said evenly.

"You listen to me, now." Arturo started over, this time trying the role of an authority figure. "Untie me now, or your father will be very angry!"

A smirk came over Biynah's face. "You are lying," she determined. "You have a 'tell.'"

"I'm telling you the truth!" Arturo pleaded.

"Then what is my father's name?" Biynah asked.

Arturo grasped for words, but couldn't think of an answer.

"Aha!" Biynah beamed a triumphant smile. "I deduced you were trying to deceive me."

"I swear to God, little girl, tell me his name and I will take you to him! Just let me go!" Arturo's pleading turned groveling. He knew what Saalkan did to failures.

"My father is First Officer Lieutenant-Commander Akiva ben-Avram," Biynah said proudly.

Arturo's eyes shot wide. "Oh, shit! You're her! Get away from me!"

"Who is in charge of the ship?" Biynah asked. Her voice betrayed nothing of offense or anger. Just quiet determination. "I know it isn't Mother or Father. Who is it?"

"Get her away from me!" Arturo started rocking back and forth in his chair, frantically pulling against his bindings. "Somebody help me! Saalkan! Tolan! Kazyah! Doqqu! Tony! Please, somebody!"

"You are being too loud," Biynah said. "I cannot allow you to lead anyone to us." She turned to the kitchen counter and retrieved Paul's saucepan. "Forgive me," she said with a swing of the pan.

Arturo's nose broke with a crunch. His chin bobbed against his chest as blood flowed from his face down his chest.

"Uh oh!" Biynah looked surprised. "Did I deactivate him?"

Paul chuckled. "Not at all. He's just asleep for a little bit - you did well. Now we wait and see what happens"

After a while - and a few slices of gateaux devoured by Grace - a call came for Arturo over the comm.

=/\="Arturo - we are ready to proceed with the plan. Commander Tolan has requested you take the hostages to the runabout"=/\=

=/\="Arturo here," Biynah said with his tone and inflection. "Where did the Vulcan leave them?"=/\=

=/\="Captain's Ready Room.=/\=

=/\="How many of us are left?"=/\= Biynah asked, still with Arturo's voice.

=/\="Look, Arturo. Tolan, Saalkan, and Linn aren't messing around. Get up here on the double. Henley out."=/\=

Biynah set the commbadge on the counter away from both her and Arturo. "What do we do now, Mr. Foster?"

"You two should take shelter in my quarters - Room 0901 on Deck 9. I'll take you there then I'll try and make contact with others so we can inform them what's happening. You'll be safe in my quarters - I'll inform sickbay to beam Arturo there using the emergency transporter and then we'll go" Paul said.

"I suppose that's best," Biynah said reluctantly. "We can't keep Arturo's commbadge, or it will lead them directly to us. Please don't forget about us."

Paul took the commbadge and nodded.

"I won't. I promise" Paul replied.


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