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And It's All Coming Back To Me

Posted on Thu Feb 2nd, 2017 @ 10:12pm by Lieutenant Kazyah Linn & Commander Tolan

Mission: S1E4 - Remnants Of A Lost Cause
Location: Laena's Quarters - USS Vindex
Timeline: Mission Day 66 - 14:02 hours

The room was dark and quiet as Laena lay in her bed, her eyes looking out the windows above her headboard. The stars, which weren't moving, seemed to dance in front of her eyes in a taunting manner. Instinctively, her hand went to her wrist, the one Saalkan grabbed not too long ago. The pain was gone, and there was no physical evidence of the altercation, but the emotional imprint would be there for quite some time.

Her mind replayed that scene again, as it had every night since the incident. She still wasn't sure why she had touched Saalkan in the way she had. Perhaps he was right. Maybe on a subconscious level, she was trying to use the man to avenge her feelings about Claudia.

She shook her head. That was a silly thought. She didn't hold any bitterness towards either Claudia or Rebecca. And yet, Saalkan said it with such confidence, almost as if he could read parts of her mind that even she didn't want to recognize were there.

Laena took a deep breath, wiping the tears away that were forming in the corners of her eyes. Was she really still upset with Claudia? Did she hold so much malice in her heart that Saalkan was able to pick up on those feelings in the little time he came into contact with her?

And then Saalkan grabbed her by the wrist, forcing her body in directions against her will. The pain from her wrist flared up in her mind, but this wasn't the pain delivered at the hands of the Vulcan Science Officer. A pain that had long-since subsided into a swirling pool of anguish, rage and pity that sat in her stomach and vowed to never leave. Her memories betrayed her as they played before her eyes like a film that she desperately wanted to turn off.

Her father's face flashed before her. His greed taking form in the smile as he counted the latinum, the slave owner carrying his young daughter away as she screamed for him to help her.

Her first owners face was next. She knew this face all too well. The Klingon man who was gentle, until she refused to please him. 3 years spent with him forcing himself onto her as she cried out in pain and sorrow.

Then the Betazoid man, who felt that physical pleasure just wasn't enough. He flayed her mind open, as he did her body, in an attempt to satisfy his merciless hunger for dominance and control.

Each owner, one-by-one, like a rolodex of men she would never escape. And while she was able to escape them, physically, they would forever haunt her dreams.

Laena stood from her bed, smoothing out the fabric of her nightwear. "Computer, play musical selections from my personal database," she said. A chirp of confirmation followed and soon the still air was filled with the soft playings of a human instrument known as a piano.

Walking to the bathroom, she turned on the water and splashed some upon her face, hoping the cool water would help her forget what she was remembering. Glancing at the clock, she knew she needed to sleep. The night-shift wasn't her favorite, but it helped her stay away from people she didn't want to see. But perhaps that was the problem. Rather than facing it, she ran.

With a quick breath, Laena determined to face this. She had to talk to Claudia. She had to put this behind her and move on. "Computer, locate Captain Ainscow."

"Captain Ainscow is in her Ready Room," the Computer's gentle voice said in reply.

And that was where she would go. She had to confront these feelings and put them aside.

** Bridge - USS Vindex **

The doors of the turbolift opened onto the Bridge, which was quiet than usual. Laena rarely came to the Bridge, but when she did, there always seemed to be activity. "Permission to enter the Bridge," she asked the man sitting in the Captain's chair. It was Commander Tolan, the Suliban man that was assisting them on their missions. She wasn't exactly sure why, but it seemed odd that he would be in Command. And sitting next to him was the Chief of Intelligence, Lieutenant Linn.

Tolan turned in the chair to see that the voice who asked for permission to go on the bridge belonged to Laena. He didn't recall asking her to the bridge and decided to ask for a reason before deciding what to do with her.

"What do you want Petty Officer?" Tolan asked.

"I need to speak to the Captain about a personal matter, and she is in her Ready Room," Laena replied, still not leaving the turbolift.

Tolan nodded. "I'm afraid she's indisposed at the moment which is why she left me in command until she's done. I'll be sure to ask her to send for you when she's ready."

"It's important," Laena said, almost begging. "Can you please just let her know I need to speak to her and that it's urgent?"

Kaz leaned towards Tolan, lowering his voice, "We can't let her become suspicious," he said. "She obviously doesn't know what's going on, but it won't take her long to put two and two together. We have to get rid of her."

Tolan nodded once in agreement and gave Kaz a look to suggest that he was ordering him to stun Laena and take her into the ready room with Claudia and Rebecca. She wasn't a distraction that they needed if they were to take full control of the ship and take it to Deep Space 11 ahead of the Starfleet attack fleet.

"I'll take you," Kaz said, standing and walking towards Laena. He ushered the woman across the Bridge, taking his phaser out without her noticing.

The two walked into the room and the doors closed behind them. The sound of phaser fire could be heard before a thump, indicating that something had fallen to the ground. A few moments later, Kaz left the room, sliding his phaser back onto his belt. "She won't be bothering us again," he said as he slipped back into his seat.


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