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Informal Introduction

Posted on Sat Jun 4th, 2016 @ 10:45pm by Captain Claudia Ainscow & Lieutenant T'Mia

Mission: S1E1 - Booby Trap
Location: Deck 1; Observation Lounge
Timeline: Mission Day 1; 12:30

Claudia had now had a cup of tea and found the much needed beverage very refreshing. She had briefly read the status reports that had been made during the Vindex's voyage and was pleased to see that whilst en-route a baby had been born, something Claudia made a note of as she planned to go down to sickbay and congratulate the new mother once she had introduced herself to her Vulcan first officer, Lieutenant T'Mia. Choosing the observation lounge, as she felt it was a more suitable setting to meet T'Mia, she stood by the window before pressing her commbadge to summon T'Mia to her location.

=/\=Commander Ainscow to T'Mia, could you come and meet me in the observation lounge?"=/\= Claudia said.

After she finished speaking, Claudia turned to face the door and gently leaned against the window behind her. At the moment, there wasn't that much to see, especially as the Vindex's master had been at the starbase since well before the Vindex's arrival.

Within a matter of seconds, T'Mia arrived at the observation lounge from the bridge, the aft doors to the room parting to grant her entry to the meeting room. She strode towards the Captain and stopped mere inches away, throwing her hand up in the traditional Vulcan salute. "It is agreeable to meet you at last Captain," the Vulcan spoke, using the naval tradition of referring to the commanding officer as Captain, despite her rank of Commander.

Claudia was impressed with T'Mia's prompt arrival in the observation lounge. Returning the Vulcan salute instead of offering a handshake, Claudia smiled and replied to her Executive Officer.

"Likewise Lieutenant, please, take a seat" Claudia said, gesturing to one of the two seats in front of them.

T'Mia raised a curious eyebrow as she looked towards the seat. Generally, she preferred to be on her feet, but deciding it would be rude to reject the offer from her new commander, she nodded once and took a seat. She remained silent until it became clear why she had been called to the ready room.

Claudia's initial impressions of the Vulcan were positive and that she felt they would work well together as a command team. Before she started to introduce herself to T'Mia properly, Claudia decided it would be a good idea to offer her first officer a drink before they started. She walked over to the replicator before turning to face the Vulcan and smiling.

"Can I get you a drink Lieutenant?" Claudia asked.

"Vulcan spiced tea would be acceptable, thank you," the Vulcan responded as she watched the Captain make her way to the replicator.

Claudia nodded and replicated a Vulcan spiced tea for T'Mia and a regular cup of tea for herself. Carefully carrying the two beverages back over to the table she placed T'Mia's drink infront of her before Claudia placed her own drink down and sat down. She took a sip of her drink before speaking.

"How are you finding the ship so far? I have to say I wish I could have been aboard from Utopia Planitia instead of stuck aboard a starbase waiting for the ship to arrive. There wasn't a whole lot to do apart from sitting around waiting" Claudia said.

"The ship is functioning within normal parameters and I find the crew to be most efficient. I am certain, however, that you will find this posting more enjoyable than," T'Mia paused as she sipped a bit of her spiced tea, "sitting around and waiting," she concluded.

Claudia was happy to hear that the vessel was performing well and the crew was settling in nicely. It was one less worry off her mind as Claudia planned to assemble the rest of her senior staff prior to departure.

"Well as it's my first command it'll be a learning curve but I'm sure I'll enjoy it. I'm not entirely expecting an easy first assignment - or in fact any easy assignments given the current circumstances. What do you know of this 'Consortium'? I have a former colleague who's had a lot of first hand experience with them...but let's just say she wasn't very keen to talk about it" Claudia replied.

"Traitors," the Vulcan responded bluntly before taking another sip of her tea. "I have heard many stories, but whether the truth is among them remains to be seen. I, personally, have had no dealings with them and the ship seems relatively protected from them here at Starbase Unity." The Vulcan placed her now empty mug on the table top before her and rested her back, relaxing a little in the chair. It was hard keeping an upright, uptight stance all day. "If indeed they are traitors then they should be apprehended and punished as such," T'Mia concluded.

Claudia listened and was relieved to hear that T'Mia wasn't very fond of the Consortium. Claudia herself had heard some stories aside from the very little information her former colleague Lieutenant Cusack wanted to divulge. The Consortium were everywhere and Claudia knew how hard it would be to avoid encountering them on their travels around the Gamma Quadrant.

"Believe me...if anybody on this vessel is found to support their cause they'll be treated as traitors and turned over to the authorities here at Starbase Unity as soon as possible. I do think it would be wise to conduct a top to bottom review of the crew before we leave just to make sure...after all...they're everywhere. Just because the ship came from the Alpha Quadrant doesn't mean we can be entirely sure there's nobody supporting their cause aboard this vessel" Claudia replied before taking a sip of her tea.

"Including myself," T'Mia spoke as she raised an eyebrow at the curious suggestion from the commanding officer. "If I may?" she asked.

Claudia nodded and took a sip of her tea. Although her suggestion may have seemed a bit over precautionary - and perhaps showing a little distrust in the skeleton crew that were aboard - hearing of what happened aboard Lieutenant Cusack's vessel Claudia wasn't too keen to have a repeat on her own starship.

"I believe it would be more prudent to show the crew an element of trust. We have to believe that Starfleet is aware of the strategic situation and developments here in the Gamma Quadrant and have put in place safeguards to protect this ship," the Vulcan paused for a second as she considered her next statement, "to coin an earth phrase from an old colleague of mine, 'we are rather late to the party' and as such, we should rightly expect that Starfleet has vetted all personnel to this vessel. If it transpires they have failed to do so, then Starfleet has been negligent and not ourselves. It would be unwise and illogical to start out with an investigation and background checks. It will not endear us to the crew or create a culture of trust and co-operation." She finished her suggestion before adding a curt, "Sir," after it.

Claudia listened and decided to defer her suggestion. It did seem unlikely that there were many - if any - Consortium operatives were on board. If there was it was quite likely that the Vindex wouldn't have made it to Starbase Unity and it would have been added to the Consortium's growing fleet.

"Very well - we shall see how it goes and avoid any investigations into any potential Consortium operatives on this vessel for the time being. However - I've been made aware that you've applied for a promotion to Lieutenant Commander" Claudia replied.

The sudden change of topic would have surprised any normal person, but not the Vulcan who looked as un-flustered as she had during the talk of the Consortium threat. "Indeed," was all she mustered in response. She had not expected to hear about it so soon, nor did she worry about whether she received it or not. She still had many years left in her and rank advancement was a sign of ambition, and ambition is an emotion.

"Well - we'll see how things go and maybe I'll see about Rear Admiral Cameron approving your application. I haven't spoken to her since I arrived but I plan to in the coming day or so. Do you have any other questions you'd like to ask me Lieutenant?" Claudia replied.

After finishing speaking Claudia took a long drink of her cup of tea - which had cooled a little - and waited for a response from T'Mia. So far it seemed that Claudia had chosen wisely as she was glad to have an Executive Officer who was prepared to disagree with anything she suggested. In this case the Vulcan was correct and it would be unwise for Claudia to go ahead with what she had considered implementing before her meeting with T'Mia.

"As you wish, Captain," the Vulcan nodded.

Claudia smiled. "Well if there's nothing else Lieutenant I won't keep you any longer than necessary. If you think of anything else please come and find me - my door will always be open"

T'Mia rose from the seat she had been occupying and gave a respectful, short bow before departing the ready room and assuming command of the bridge.

Claudia watched as T'Mia left the observation lounge and went back out onto the bridge. She was impressed by the Vulcan and was sure that they would build a good command relationship in the fullness of time. For now however it was early days and there was a lot more to get to know about each other. Deciding to go and pay a visit to sickbay to visit the new mother and baby aboard the Vindex Claudia finished her tea and left the observation lounge. It was still taking a while to sink in that the Vindex - a Sovereign-class starship - was under her command. Despite that she was very excited about what lay ahead of them in the Gamma Quadrant.


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