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Posted on Fri Jun 17th, 2016 @ 3:36am by Major Storr Garlake & Sergeant Bella Zaltin

Mission: S1E1 - Booby Trap
Location: Marine Barracks
Timeline: Mission Day 1 - 2000 Hours


Sweat was pouring down Bella's face and back with the rest of her body supporting a healthy sheen of sweat. Bella was anything if a creature of habit so everyday, unless something was more important, she could be found in the workout facility, well... working out. She was on her third rep of 100 pushups and was nearing the end of her routine. She only had 100's to after this and a quick 2 mile run around the facility. If there was any hapless fool standing around the mat not doing anything after that, then she would spar.

A chime on her comm badge signaled a message. Bella swore under her breath. She hated being interrupted during her routine. Still it must have been important. Standing up, Bella grabbed a bottle of water and drank hastily from it. Then she wiped her face and neck. Only then did she grab her comm badge and tapped it.

"Corporal Zaltin here."

It was one of those automated messages that Bella disliked. Still the information was important. The new Marine Commanding Officer, Captain Garlake had arrived. Part of Bella was glad that the command structure was getting into place but the other part of her wanted the job. "All in good time, Marine, all in good time", she kept telling herself. Looking at the time, she had just enough of it to get cleaned up and meet the Captain in his office.

:: Thirty Minutes Later ::

Showered, clean and in a crisp uniform, Bella was standing at parade stance outside the office of Captain Storr Garlake. She rang the chime and waited to be admitted.

The Marine CO had only been in his office for what seemed like ten minutes, the only substantive thing completed being sitting in the chair, establishing his log-in credentials for the Vindex's SFMC database (every embedded Marine unit had their own, secondary computer database containing classified TTPs [Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures], ship weaponry dispositions, and analysis of potential aggressor capabilities) and completing a very cursory glance over the TO&E (Table of Organization and Equipment) of the 2/5 (2nd Battalion, 5th Marines). His inprocessing thus far had been very...unique, to say the least, and Captain Garlake was hoping for things to be a bit more stable here on Deck 13.

Looking around for a moment, he was still taken aback that one, the Marine CO actually had a separate office and two, that he was occupying it. It wasn't that he questioned his leadership capabilities or right to be here, but the realization that it was happening still was foreign. The 2/5 insignia flag, a crest with bisected quadrants showing old Earth heraldry and a list of major campaigns from Belleau Wood in Earth's WWI to the Dominion Wars, was flanked by the unit's motto "Retreat, Hell!" and hung behind his desk. It was a large reminder to those that entered to what unit they owed their loyalty and directly beneath it, to whom wore the mantle of its command.

Breaking his introspection was the door chime. Storr smoothed his shirt, took a look at the mirror hanging on the wall alongside the door (it was emblazoned with "Look Professional...for yourself, for the Corp" on the top) to ensure his hair and uniform were indeed immaculate and spoke loud enough to be heard through the door.


As soon as Bella heard the MCO's voice, she stepped closer to the door. It opened to allow her in and she proceeded into the office. Captain Garlake had already taken to decorate his office, though if Bella had to think about it, he probably would not be spending too much time in here. Most MCO's preferred to be with their men and only used offices for logistical work. As she stepped up to the desk, she assumed a rigid, upright posture, as a marine would do in presenting themselves to superior officers. Still, she was able to capture some of the man by the decorations that he had up. What Bella had gathered was that Garlake was big on remembering where you came from and unit honor.

"Corporal Bella Zaltin reporting in, sir", she stated. It was the frantic yell of a new cadet, more of just stating the obvious. She stared directly ahead but was able to size up the Captain. His uniform was crisp and spotless, like hers, but the man was large... about as large as the Security Chief. She could see that he was muscular and that he could probably handle himself very well in fight... something that she would want to test.

Storr couldn't help but suppress a smile and appreciate the feminine figure that stood before him. In a crisp duty uniform with Marine Kelly-Green highlights was a very fetching woman with reddish-violet skin, purple hair/eyes, and facial tattoos. She, like several of the other women that he had already met, also did not do her personnel file pictures any justice. The Marine CO stood and offered his hand.

"Corporal Zaltin, hello, I'm Captain Garlake. Have a seat," he said, shaking her hand and returning to his formerly seated position.

Bella relaxed a bit and shook the Captain's hand. Then she took a seat across from him on the other side of the desk. She settled in, but remained poised and alert, not slouching as was the custom of some people when they sat. "Thank you, Captain." She remained alert and attentive.

"It's good to meet you and I appreciate you coming by...keeps me from having to track you down. It seems that we're still taking aboard the rest of our contingent here but from the looks of it you'll be my First Sergeant. While your record shows commendable service against scum and villainy out on the borders--which I appreciate that experience here--have you served in this capacity before? I don't ask because I doubt your capabilities, only so I know where we stand."

"Most of my career has been against, pirates, marauders, merc, the like, but there are several instances of facing an organization military group. We were involved in boarding actions during a skirmish with the Romulan Warbird Harakoni", responded Bella. "They attacked under cloak and then boarded our ship. We fought them off and then transported to their ship to retrieve some of our officers that they had kidnapped. We were able to reclaim our officers, but once they activated the self-destruct, we transported back to our ship and moved the ship a safe distance away from the explosion. And then there was the action against the Borg." At this, she shuddered a bit. "So it has been a variety of action and experiences."

Bella produced a small PADD that she had been carrying. "Also, I have taken the liberty to inventory our equipment and everything seems to be intact. One thing I did want to mention was that Lt. Benj, the Chief of Security did ask to check our equipment... they obviously misplaced a dozen phaser rifles. It is all in my report, sir."

Storr nodded as he skimmed over the report. Everything, save the rifles that she mentioned, were in order.

"I appreciate that. Let's muster the Two-Five for PT at 0630 tomorrow so that I can meet everyone and have a quick commander's call afterward, followed by breakfast. You and I can then sit down and start looking at how we want to move forward with drill schedules, joint tac/sec operations, crew rotations, standing up the TOC (Tactical Operations Center) and a few other odds-and-ends. What do you have for me? How can I help you?"

"I have tentatively scheduled a joint exercise with Security to simulate boarding exercises against the Vindex tomorrow at 1000 hours. I want to see how well Security Forces do. I was thinking of having us defense against their attacks, then they would defend against our attacks and the last one would be us working together to defend against a common enemy. Also, with weapons going missing on the ship, I would like to have all Marine Weapon Lockers restricted access to you, myself and our XO when we get one, sir."

The Marine CO agreed. "Sounds great and make it so." With that, his First shirt nodded and left the office, leaving Storr to finish "nesting" and start developing some battle plans for the exercise...


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