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The Uprising Begins

Posted on Fri Feb 10th, 2017 @ 2:09pm by Lieutenant Megan Atkinson & Lieutenant JG Lucia Cusack & Lieutenant Commander Soren Himmel & Major Storr Garlake

Mission: S1E4 - Remnants Of A Lost Cause
Location: Various
Timeline: Mission Day 66; 14:30

Once things had calmed down in sickbay Lucia looked at Storr. The clear focus was to try and stop the life support system from being shut down but evidently, The Consortium weren't going to make that too easy. With the doors forced open the young security officer walked with the Afrikaner towards the nearest turbolift.

"What do you say we do first? Go for the life support or get back up?" Lucia asked.

"We don't have time for backup and if we don't restore life support quickly, there won't be any backup at all," he answered the golden-clad Lieutenant. "We need to take back Main Engineering so that we can route controls there as well as have more technically knowledgeable folk back on our side...I don't know about you, but my capabilities on fixing ship systems" With that, the MCO handed his phaser rifle to Lucia and shouldered a large bag with multiple emergency oxygen canisters. "Ready?"

"Let's do it Major. I don't know much about restoring life support systems but I'll give it a go with what I've managed to remember. I guess that's what being married to a former Operations officer does" Lucia replied.

Leading the way Lucia hoped they would arrive in time - however, there was a big worry on her mind - and that was her wife. She knew Martha had only been nerve pinched by Saalkan but the love Lucia had for her wife meant she never stopped worrying how she was.

" we are. It doesn't look like we've got any we go" Lucia commented.

It was odd; a place that continually hummed with activity, even during the darkest hours of swing shift, was lifeless, save the continual thrum of the warp core. Bodies laid around the area like ragdolls and he steeled his mind to begin working on the life support rather than helping them immediately, as the more pressing concern was any oxygen at all.

Lucia headed over to the pool table to see what she could do from there. It would take time but she started to think about what Martha had taught her and hoped that it would come back to her in time.

"Life support systems will fail in 15 minutes"

Lucia sighed. "That computer is like my mother"

The marine Major chuckled absently at the Lieutenant's joke. It would have been more funny, in another time and place, but the two non-engineers were being all that they could be to try and bring back even the most remote semblance of life support in Main Engineering.

Various beeps, boops, and curses sounded between Storr and the computer for what seemed like an eternity before he and Lucia managed to bring back life support in main engineering.

"I'm giving you all the credit...I think I was mainly here for moral support and 'colorful epithets'."

Lucia smiled. "You're too kind. I am married to a former Operations Officer so I guess the lessons she gave me in pretending to be an engineer during a mutiny have come in useful"

Looking around, Major Garlake saw several of the engineers start stirring, prompting him to quickly move between them looking for his friend, Commander Himmel. Finding him in his office, simply slumped over his desk as if asleep after reading one too many reports late into the night, the MCO sat in the only other cleared seat opposite Soren.

"I hate to disturb your nap, Herr Himmel, but I think we have a situation that requires your expertise."

Soren felt like was choking until he heard a voice, but it sounded groggy, or at least he felt groggy. The Marine's words came out slowly. What he said didn't register completely then Soren took in a deep breath of air. He felt his mind finally kick in and register the Marine's words. He slowly popped up his head and looked at the Major, "I feel sore."

There was a moment of pause then Himmel started to feel functional again, "What's going on Major? It's not often you pay a visit down here?"

Storr chuckled and stood, taking a quick step over and helping Soren to his feet by snaking an arm under the Chief Engineer's and clasping is against Soren's ribs on the other side. "True, but this is a special occasion," the MCO said as he guided Commander Himmel into the main bay and towards the "pool table" and Lucia. "Sorry to rush this, Soren, but we need your help. There's been a mutiny on the ship and life support has been shuttered nearly everywhere; we just managed to turn it back on here moments ago before things got truly sporty."

Reaching the hub of ME, Himmel had regained his wits and balance, allowing Garlake to continue. "We need to get Life Support back ASAP and disguise the fact that we've done so from the bridge or anyone else that's looking. Also, my very limited engineering knowledge tells me that something is wrong with the warp drive but other than that, I have no other information."

Shifting his gaze to Lucia, he hoped that her henpecking at the LCARS had produced...well, something. "Anything, LT?"

" support is still failing across most of the ship. Other than that I haven't been able to do very much - as I said my knowledge is quite limited. I have managed to restore life support to this section of the ship though" Lucia replied.

Megan stirred from her unconscious state and after taking a few moments to get her bearing she slowly stood up and look around to see what was happening.

"What's happening? All I remember is feeling dizzy and falling to the floor" Megan said.

Soren had regained most of his strength, "Well it looks like we're dealing with someone who wants to take the ship." Himmel tapped away at the console. "Life support is still on the bridge and it looks like they were trying to make it easy for them to take the ship." Himmel groaned, "They tried making this hard. Yet, it doesn't seem like they were too smart shutting down the life support. I can get it running off auxiliary to get air pumping again, it'll take me a second to get back on to main power."

The german engineer tapped away, with a few curses under his breath. "Okay, life support is running on auxiliary currently. It'll be safe to move about the other decks, it won't last long but it'll keep everyone alive." Soren turned to his young assistant, "Lieutenant, I'll need your help getting life support back onto main power."

Megan nodded and made her way over to the console to assist her department head with restoring full life support across the ship. Around them, people were starting to come around and slowly come to their senses. At least that was something - although some people clearly looked like they hadn't made it.

"Ready when you are Commander," Megan said.

Soren nodded, "They placed a small decryption to the main power. I think your computer skills will come in handy. If you could get access to the main power and computer control. I can transfer life support from auxiliary."

"On it right now" Megan replied.

Megan headed over to the nearest computer terminal and started working on a way to break into the encryption. It was going to take a few attempts but new deputy was confident in achieving what Soren had instructed her to do. After a few minutes and a couple of failed attempts Megan was confident this time she'd managed to achieve her objective

"Right...try that" Megan said.

Himmel pulled up life support on the pool table when the computer chimed in, =/\=Auxiliary life support failure 30 seconds.=/\=

Soren could only shake his head and clench his teeth, "c'mon!" The old engineers hand glided over the LCARs as he worked to reestablish life support to main power. "Yes, you got it Lieutenant!"

The air started to feel thinner in the engineering bay, and Soren could feel himself become a little light headed =/\=10 seconds till auxiliary life support failure.=/\=

"Halt die Klappe!" Himmel yelled. He brought up main power on the pool table and successfully linked life support back onto the main power. "That should do it." Soren bowed his head and took in a deep breath of fresh air. He looked to Megan, "Good work, Lieutenant"

Lucia turned to Storr and picked up her rifle again.

"I think we should go and get your Marines so we can retake the ship. What do you say?" Lucia asked.

Storr nodded as he motioned for the Security Lieutenant to follow him. The corridors were bathed in the red glow of auxiliary power which cast long shadows down the even longer walkways. "There likely aren't many of them, but...there likely aren't many of us. Are you prepared for that?"

"You bet I am. Let's go and get this show on the road" Lucia replied.

The MCO nodded again to her response as they entered the turbolift for Deck 25. Truth be told, he was not looking forward to what he would find in the barracks but whether he wanted to or not, he needed his men to both neutralize the mutineers and render aid to those that remained...he simply hoped that there would be more work for them doing the later than the former.

It was a pyrrhic victory. The ship had been secured in short order due to the fact that those responsible for the mutiny had not only fled, but taken prisoners with them. Some of the survivors had also mounted separate attempts at driving the traitors from their midst with varied success, though Major Garlake was thankful that both Soren and Akiva were still present; he wasn't sure Starfleet would like have liked his follow-on actions if he were the senior ranking officer onboard.

Not only that, but an informal count had the ship at half strength, maybe even less. While his heart sank for the dead, especially his marines, it was buoyed knowing that Jaya survived both the vicious assault by that aap Vulcan turncoat and the oxygen deprivation that so many had not. The Vindex would lick her wounds and return threefold onto Saalkan and his ilk what they did here, that he promised. Now, though, was time to repair the damage, both physical and cultural, that had been done, and it would not be an easy nor simple task.

Lucia felt saddened to hear about the losses - including some of her own - but to her knowing Martha and Elsie had survived did help her. She had managed to put her feelings of hatred towards The Consortium to one side whilst she engaged in what she hoped was the last confrontation with them - but now she knew it would be a case of the Vindex regrouping and starting their seemingly impossible task of relocating the missing crewmembers.


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