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Plan B

Posted on Fri Feb 10th, 2017 @ 2:10pm by Lieutenant JG Nealey Snowdon & Lieutenant JG José Muñiz & Lieutenant JG Anthony Andrews & Lieutenant No Name & Sergeant Bella Zaltin

Mission: S1E4 - Remnants Of A Lost Cause
Location: Various
Timeline: Mission Day 66; 15:00

Nealey and Tony proceeded along the corridor with Doqqu as they started to round up the crewmembers given to them on a list by Tolan. In most cases it was a case of "any will do" but he specifically wanted Catalina and was keen to take her along. The trio arrived in the intelligence office to find their first target.

Tony looked at Doqqu and then pointed to Catalina.

"Carry her" Tony ordered.

The Klingon stepped forward and hauled Cat out of her desk. She didn't feel dead, but neither was she responsive.

Nealey grinned. "I'm looking forward to spending time with her"

"I bet you are. Who's next?" Tony said.

Nealey looked at the PADD and then gave Tony his answer.

"The Commander wants a Marine as well - preferably one of the higher ranking ones. Doqqu - take Miss Ghatto to the runabout and tie her up with Mr Muniz. Once you're done there come and join us in the marine barracks - and make sure you get the right runabout" Tony ordered.

Doqqu glared down at Andrews with Cat packed on his shoulder like a sack of potatoes. "Do I look like a fool, Andrews?" He stomped away without waiting or caring for an answer.

The Klingon arrived at the shuttle bay without incident. He had kept his firing arm free, Cat bouncing on his shoulder, with his phaser ready just in case. The enemy had been beaten back, it seemed. Glory was his. Or it seemed. He removed the breathing mask from his face, as life support was in full swing here.

Henley was already in the runabout, prepping it for departure. Doqqu grunted a non-greeting as he brushed past the helmsman on his way to the small cargo area. He stretched Cat out on the floor and cuffed her hands together, then her feet together, and then pulled her hands and feet together behind her back, linking them together with a third set of cuffs. A final set of handcuffs linked the whole tangle to a bulkhead.

Then Doqqu slapped Catalina.

"I know there is enough atmosphere in here for you to awaken," Doqqu barked. "Stop pretending."

The Klingon grunted. "On my honor, I will not kill you like this. Do not try to escape and your life shall be spared."

Cat grunted and tried to move as a pressure in her head that felt as if her brain were the target of an orbital bombardment. She felt a stinging sensation on her face and tried to move, only to discover that her hands were behind her back and seemingly connected to her legs.

"Wh...what's going on?" she mumbled.

Doqqu stared at Cat for a moment with an unreadable expression. Then he left the runabout without another word to either her or Henley.

At last Doqqu rejoined Andrews outside the Marine barracks. "It is done," he reported.

"Good. Let's retrieve Miss Zaltin and get back to the Clyde before we meet any opposition. I expect it won't be long" Tony said.

Signalling for Nealey to remain outside Tony pointed out Zaltin and led Doqqu over to her - the Klingon was proving very useful in retrieving the hostages and Tony was glad Saalkan had suggested brainwashing him for their cause.

Bella, having their search of the upper decks prematurely interrupted by her boss' finding of Counselor Maera, quickly made her was back to "Marine Country" to try and find as many emergency respirators, weapons, and survivors as she could. While she appreciated the efforts of the few that were still left, to her, nothing beat the tenacity of a Marine.

Unfortunately, everyone she came across was unresponsive and the emergency respirators had been removed from every single aid kit in the two decks. "Figures," she thought, turning her wrist to look at the bottle's gauge. The green section of the pie consumed two-thirds of the half-circle, while the red the remainder. The indicator pin hovered between the end of the red and a black line labeled "EMPTY". With a hissPOP, the First Sergeant sighed. Sickbay had utilized the last of its emergency transporter energy 5 minutes ago and it seemed that she was going to join her comrades in an asphyxiating death. As darkness began constricting her vision to pinpricks, her last conscious action was to salute the SFMC insignia on the team wall central to the pictures of 2/5's fallen marines. *Semper Fi*...

"You know the drill Doqqu. Let's go" Tony said.

"Quit talking to me like I'm your shuVak," Doqqu snapped as he snatched up Bella's prone form and slapped a respirator over her face. He took the time to restrain this one before hauling her away.
"Who else?" he asked Andrews. "I don't want to traipse all over the ship any more than necessary."

Andrews glared at Doqqu. He had been entrusted by Tolan to carry out his request and he didn't plan on letting the team leader down. Tony felt like he owed Tolan a debt of gratitude for the faith the Suliban had shown in him.

"You'll do what I say you petaQ. This is the last one anyway" Tony replied.

Doqqu backhanded Andrews with his free hand, savagely sending him to the ground while Bella flopped over his other shoulder. He bent down to collect his phaser rifle.
"Don't incur debts with your mouth that your honor can't pay," the Klingon growled on his way back to the turbolift.

Tony lay there for a moment before rising and calling after the Klingon. Andrews was finding him useful to do all the hard work but other than that Tony did not like him one bit and hoped Tolan would dispense of him as soon as possible.

"You'd be surprised. Any more arguing and you can go on janitorial duties" Tony replied.

Nealey sighed. "No point arguing. We're nearly off the ship"

Doqqu snarled but said nothing.

Andrews sneered at the Klingon before leading them to the shuttlebay. After offloading Zaltin into the craft they were ordered to report to a briefing on the bridge before their departure. On the way there they passed Tolan who looked like he was on a personal mission.

With all of the hostages aboard Tolan ordered the party joining him to get as much from the armoury as they could - but it was a ruse to give him time alone with the person he'd chosen to come along to help out. Confirming the coast was clear the Suliban approached Catalina tapped her on the shoulder to get her attention.

"Lieutenant?" Tolan asked.

"What?" Cat snarled as she rolled on her side and looked up at him with hatred in her eyes.

Tolan expected that. He decided to keep his cool however and inform her of the important task he'd given her.

"I know it might look like I'm against you but I'm not. I've been ordered to infiltrate The Consortium to find out who were the agents on the Vindex. They couldn't take the ship so they're taking you and the others to bargain with to Starfleet so they'll turn the ship over to them - however I am not on their side. I am here to protect you all and I will do that - however I need you to help me carry out my job. When we are at the facility I will release your hand restraints - however we must allow them to take you all from the ship to make sure it is safe. Can you do that for me Lieutenant?" Tolan asked.

"Why should I believe you, let alone trust you?" Cat asked with suspicion written all over her face. "If that were the case, you'd find a way to get back on the ship and get my case from Intel."

Tolan opened one of the storage lockers and produced the very case that Cat had mentioned. He then opened it to verify the contents of it before placing it back in the locker and then locking it - concealing the code so Cat wouldn't use them against him.

"Now do you believe me? I'm not asking you to trust me - I'm just asking you to help me. If you won't do it for me then do it for your crewmates. You have my word that I will not let anyone get hurt or killed - that's exactly why I'm here" Tolan replied.

"It could be a trap, too," Cat pointed out. "I'm trained to be suspicious."

Tolan nodded. "I'm not expecting to come out of this alive - especially if I'm discovered. That's why I need someone like you there if I can't carry out my mission. I don't expect you to trust me but when you get back you're welcome to ask the Captain to confirm what I'm saying. You will all get back - I promise you that on my life"

Cat took a moment to listen to the tone of Tolan's voice and watched the look in his eyes. Finally, she nodded. "I'll do it but if I find out you lied to me, you'll owe me that life and I'll collect."

Tolan grinned. "I'll hold you to that Lieutenant. I'd even give you my d'k tahg to do it with if that was the case - but I'm sure you'll find everything is in order"

"Do me a favor," Cat said. "In that case, there's a pair of gloves. Take them out and shove them in my uniform."

Tolan obliged Cat's request and went back into the locker to retrieve the gloves that had been asked for. Once the case was back in the secured locker he placed the gloves securely into each pocket of Cat's trousers.

"The pair you gave me were very useful on Gavara IV...I'm tempted to use them on that fool Saalkan before he tries to take over the galaxy. He's clever but he's one of the oddest individuals I've ever met" Tolan commented.

"Thank you," Cat said, feeling a bit more trusting, but if the gloves had no charge, at least there would be no fingerprints when she strangled him while wearing them. "Who does he have working with him?"

"Lieutenant Linn, Lieutenant Snowdon, Ensign Andrews, Ensign Doqqu and Ensign Henley. However I have reasons to believe Snowdon and possibly Doqqu have been manipulated. Andrews has form and Henley has always acted suspiciously - I will warn you in advance there's going to be co-conspirators waiting for them at the chosen facility. I estimate we'll have up to 18 people to take on if we take Snowdon and Doqqu out of the equation" Tolan replied.

"Linn? That sonofabitch," Cat muttered. "I should have known. Do me a favor and hold your arm out," she said.

Tolan didn't reply or hesitate - he held his arm out like Cat requested and waited for her next action.

Without warning, Cat lunged forward and bit his arm, but not hard enough to break the skin. She released him and braced herself. "Now hit me."

The Suliban was a little surprised that he'd been bitten by the woman but reluctantly he again obliged her request by striking Catalina hard enough to make it look convincing but not enough to hurt her.

Cat turned her head with the blow and looked back at him. "You hit like a cadet," she sneered.

"Do I now? I'm saving my best for that bastard Linn but if you insist" Tolan replied.

This time Tolan made sure she wouldn't repeat her previous comment.

Cat spit out a bit of blood and licked her lip. "Better," she said. "Now act like you're supposed to be in case someone comes back."

"Thank you Lieutenant. I'll check in on you all later" Tolan replied.

After that the Suliban left the rear hold and a minute or two later he summoned the rest of his party to join him in the runabout. He'd set up Kazyah to take the fall - just to get him out of the way in the event Tolan survived the mission.

=/\="Tolan to away team. Meet me in the runabout on the double"=/\= Tolan ordered.

Tolan took the tactical station and watched as Nealey took operations and Henley the helm. After the pre-flight check had come back clear the Suliban gave Henley the order to depart.

"At least the bay doors are open. Get us out of here Mr Henley - set course for the rendezvous point" Tolan ordered.

Henley nodded. "Yes Commander"

The Clyde slowly departed the shuttlebay before it jumped to warp and left the Vindex behind.


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