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Second Thoughts

Posted on Sun Feb 5th, 2017 @ 7:09am by Commander Akiva ben-Avram & Lieutenant Kazyah Linn

Mission: S1E4 - Remnants Of A Lost Cause
Location: Observation Lounge - USS Vindex
Timeline: MD 66 - 1400

Kaz had only left the Bridge a few minutes earlier, assumed to be gathering his personal belongings for the next leg of this coup, but he had other important matters to attend to. The doors of the turbolift opened to an empty bridge, save for two security guards, one standing near the turbolift doors, and the other standing in front of the doors leading into the Observation Lounge.

"I need to speak to the Commander," Kaz said to the guard standing in his way, after crossing the Bridge to reach him.

With a nod, the man moved aside.

Kaz entered the dimly lit room in silence, his body gliding forward to the replicator. A few taps of the controls and a short glass of water appeared on the pad. He picked it up and walked to where the XO was sitting, still tied to the same chair from earlier.

The man's body was slumped over and the blood was starting to crust. Kaz set the glass of water down and gently lifted the man's head. "Akiva," he whispered, touching the man's cheek with his other hand. "Akiva wake up."

But the man didn't stir.

Kaz dipped a few fingers into the water glass and gently ran them over the man's lips. "Don't die on me now," he said. He dipped the fingers in the water again, a slight tinge of red seeping into the glass, but this time, he flecked the water on to the man's face.

"Akiva, wake up," Kaz said just a little bit louder.

Akiva twitched a time or two as his body roused himself from unconscious reverie. "Linn..." Akiva whispered groggily. "Are we both dead?"

"Thank the gods, no," Kaz said, lifting the glass towards Akiva's lips.

"Good," Akiva said, his voice clearing up. "Then I can still kill you."

"Shut up and drink," Kaz simply stated, ignoring the Commander's threat.

"I'm not drinking anything offered by you. Traitor." Akiva's bleary eyes burned hot with contempt.

"Lower your fucking voice," Kaz said, "I honestly don't care if you drink or not. I just had to make sure you were alive. Claudia would kill me if I killed you."

"I assure you, Claudia should be the least of your concerns." Akiva steadied the quiver in his lip as he continued glaring.

Kaz sighed as he set the glass of water down. "Look, I don't have a lot of time. Just keep your wits about you, alright? And for the gods sake, drink," he said, unlocking the clasps that held Akiva's hands secured behind his back.

"What are you about?" Akiva asked as he rubbed the soreness from his wrists. He looked at the drink. "What is it?"

"It's water, you damn fool!" Kaz said, his voice raising higher than he wanted. He picked up the glass and shoved it into the man's hands, "Just drink it," he said, lowering back into a whisper.

Akiva raised the glass to his mouth as if to drink it, then splashed the water in Kazyah's face. He threw the glass at the man's head, and followed it with a swinging elbow. As his elbow connected, he stepped in to Kazyah's space, grabbed him by the belt, and tossed him over his hip onto the ground.

"You're going to level with me right here and now," Akiva grunted into Kazyah's ear from behind. He squeezed the chokehold for good measure. "And if I even think you're going to move, then it's lights out, sababa?"

Kaz just nodded in reply.

Akiva released his stranglehold. "Speak."

"I can't really say much," Kaz stated, his hand rubbing his temple where the glass made contact. "You're just going to have to trust me."

"I'd rather kill you," Akiva admitted. He threw Kazyah away from himself. "But you did release me. What is your game, Kazyah?"

"This isn't a game, you amoretz," Kaz said, his tone not hiding his anger. He lifted himself from the ground and brushed the water from his face. "I don't have a lot of time, so you listen and listen closely. We have the command codes. I don't know the entire plan, but I know enough to know that the Vindex is in danger, even after we leave."

Kaz pulled a small device from behind his belt and held it out towards Akiva. "You're going to need my help if the crew is going to survive this. You have to trust me."

Akiva stared at Kaz for a moment. "I trust you no more than I like you," he said at length. "But I will accept your help."

He considered the device before accepting. "What does this do?" he asked as he quickly inspected it.

"It can be used to create a direct data link to its partner device," Kaz stated pulling a similar device from behind his belt. "Connect it to any PADD or console and you can send me information or non-vocal message. It will blink at me when I have data and I'll connect it, similarly, to read the message and reply." Kaz sighed, "Just know that..all your questions will be answered in time. Just be patient."

Akiva regarded Kazyah with mixed feelings. "What now?"

"Now, you sit back down," Kaz said, picking up the hand restraint. "Someone is going to check on you before we leave, so you have to be in the same condition you were before."

Akiva narrowed his eyes at Kazyah. "I still may kill you the next time I see you," he warned before sitting down.

"Yea, well, let's hope I'm still alive for you to kill me." Kaz clasped the restraints on the man's wrists but left them loose enough that Akiva could get out of them later.

"Sweet dreams," Kaz said as he clenched his fist, punching Akiva in the temple just hard enough to knock him unconscious.


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