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Retaking The Bridge

Posted on Sun Feb 5th, 2017 @ 11:35pm by Commander Akiva ben-Avram & Lieutenant Commander Cara O'Reilly MD & Lieutenant Commander Martha Cusack & Lieutenant JG Amber Zuzan

Mission: S1E4 - Remnants Of A Lost Cause
Location: Various
Timeline: Mission Day 66; 14:30

Martha lay in her bed in sickbay. She was little bit dazed but she was otherwise aware of her surroundings and was feeling better than she had done earlier. Looking around the hive of activity that sickbay had become Martha hoped that she could persuade Cara to release her from sickbay so she could start with helping to fix whatever the hell was going on. She hadn't been on the Vindex all that long and there was a mutiny already.

Martha's prayers had been answered as Amber arrived in sickbay wearing a respirator - presumably looking for Martha. The American Tactical Officer was already carrying two rifles slung on her back as well as two side arms and a belt fitted with stun grenades. Clearly she was looking for someone to help her and this was confirmed when Martha watched Amber approach Cara.

"Hey Doc. I was wondering if you're ready to release Lieutenant Cusack - her services are needed. We've got a situation and we need as many people that can hold a weapon that we can get to help out" Amber said.

"A situation is a bit understated don't you think? Let me check her one more time," Cara said, handing the chart she was working on to a passing nurse. She walked over to the hover gurneys serving as a biobed that Martha was laying on and checked the portable monitor.

Amber nodded. "Thanks Doc - you're a star"

"Yeah. A fading twinkle in the night," Cara mumbled. She held her finger in front of Martha's face. "Follow my finger with your eyes only," she said and moved her finger up, down then side to side. "Any pain?" she asked as she manipulated Martha's neck.

Martha followed Cara's finger as she was asked and then shook her head to confirm there was no pain - and Martha herself was surprised that there wasn't any pain.

"No pain whatsoever" Martha confirmed.

Martha smiled when Amber approached her and placed a rifle on the bed next to her and offered her a hand phaser.

"I know you like shooting things so I brought you a rifle and a hand held phaser. Are you ready to roll?" Amber asked.

Martha nodded. "You bet I am. Let's go"

"Hang on, young lady," Cara said, putting her hand out to steady the hover gurneys so it didn't shoot out from under Martha as she jumped down. "Any double vision, sharp pain or dizziness and you come right back here.... Understand?"

"I promise Doctor. I know better than to disobey doctor's orders" Martha replied.

"OK. I'll release you," Cara said, reluctantly.

Once Martha had found a respirator to deal with the lack of oxygen she and Amber headed out of sickbay for the nearest Jefferies tube so they could hide and formulate a plan to retake the bridge. After finding somewhere in the Jeffries tube system that was large enough for them to stand up properly the two officers started to formulate a plan.

"What do you suggest? There's only two of us and there's at least a dozen of them on the bridge. We should get to a transporter pad and beam stun grenades to the bridge before beaming there ourselves" Martha suggested.

Amber nodded. "Agreed. Transporter Room 17 is on this deck so we shouldn't run the risk of being caught by anyone on the way there"

"Alright let's do it" Martha said.

The two women found their way to Transporter Room 17 and after ensuring the coast was clear Martha stood at the transporter pad control panel and watched as Amber detached the stun grenades from her belt. Once Martha indicated she had input the co-ordinates on the console Amber quickly activated the stun grenades and placed them on the nearest pads before watching them disappear.

"Transport successful. Detonation in 2...1...and there we go" Martha said.

"Computer - how many conscious life signs are on the bridge?" Amber requested.

"There are no life signs on the bridge"

"Computer - locate Captain Ainscow" Martha said.

"Captain Ainscow is not aboard the USS Vindex"

"Shit. Who is the highest ranking officer on board?" Martha asked.

"Lieutenant Commander ben-Avram is in the observation lounge"

Martha sighed. She re-entered the co-ordinates for the bridge and set a 10 second countdown on the console before walking onto the pad. Amber stood on the pad next to her and they both waited patiently for the transporter to do its work. It almost felt like the longest ten seconds of Martha's life - but before they both knew it they were on the deserted bridge.

"You're with me" Martha said.

With her rifle at the ready she walked up to the Observation Lounge door and stood to one side. Once Amber was on the other side of the door Martha counted down from three before she stormed into the room and aimed her rifle around the room in case anyone was hiding in the corners whilst Amber aimed hers at Akiva - both wondering what was going on.

"Alright what's going on here?" Martha demanded.

"Hell if I know," Akiva said, restrained in a chair.

"Release the Commander from his restraints Miss Zuzan" Martha said.

Amber moved over to the chair and after placing her rifle down she untied Akiva from his chair and gave him a reassuring smile before offering a helping hand out to help him get out of his chair.

"Easy Commander" Amber said.

Akiva blinked as the junior Security officer released him from his bonds. It was as if he had seen her for the first time. Or perhaps with new eyes. Her small but strong hands deftly moved in tandem with her willowy body to release him. A rush of relief filled him from her bright eyes and winsome smile. He noted softness they gave to the fine definition of her cheeks and jaw. His eyes drifted to the understated but supple feminine curves which offset her lithe, athletic form. And that blonde hair which was so rare back home...

You're doing it again, he chided himself. Stop it.

"Thank you, Lieutenant." Akiva coughed and forced himself to focus on the matter at hand. "Amber. I'm in your debt."

"You're welcome Commander. I'll keep that favour in mind for when I'm ever in need of one" Amber replied.

"Any time," Akiva said. "You just name it."

Martha sighed. "I hate to break it to you sir but the Captain's disappeared. That means you're in charge"

"Disappeared?" Akiva was incredulous. "What do you mean?"

"She is no longer on board the ship. It appears whoever led the mutiny has abducted her and fled from the ship - we should go out onto the bridge and re-assume command" Martha said.

"Very well." Akiva stood up and followed Martha despite the rush of overwhelming anxiety her news had made. He would have much rather remained seated.

"OK - the flight logs report a runabout departed the ship carrying 13 people a short while ago. However we have some bad news - we cannot pursuit course because our warp drive has been sabotaged. It could take a day or more to repair the damage. Life support is gradually being restored across the ship but early indications are that 293 people have died as a result of asphyxiation" Martha reported.

"Ha'Shem have mercy," Akiva whispered. "Do we have any names to put to that list of casualties?"

Martha nodded. "Yes. Including our Chief Science Officer. A number of officers are unaccounted for however I will send a full list to the Captain's console once a final count has been achieved"

"Ha'matzav chara." Akiva gazed vacantly at all of the empty terminals and chairs on the Bridge. He shook his head to clear it. "Locate all remaining department chiefs and have them brought to the captain's ready room in 30 minutes time with a list of department damage and any names not yet unaccounted for."
He paused to look directly at Martha. "Yourself included. If any chiefs are receiving medical care, find the next ranking officer because they're promoted to acting chief as of this moment. Either way, we're turning this situation around starting now."

"Understood Commander" Martha confirmed.


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