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Rainbow in the Dark

Posted on Mon Feb 13th, 2017 @ 8:53pm by Major Storr Garlake

Mission: S1E4 - Remnants Of A Lost Cause
Location: USS Vindex (Deck 20)- Junior Officer Quarters
Timeline: Mission Day 66: 1630

Storr sat in the oversized chair, the lithe counselor sitting curled in his lap, his hand gently running along her temple, over her ear, and down her neck. She had barely spoken since he took her from sickbay in order to open up the space for those in worse condition than Jaya, though now the sobs that had wracked her body were nearly gone.

It was funny, the MCO thought as he looked at the ajar door, his hand continued to repeat the tender path it had for now what seemed like a hundred time. The door was in its state out of the marine's sheer habit, that being in Boot whenever a male and female were in the same room the door had to be left open so as to ensure propriety. While he did indeed want to show propriety, he also knew that at this time and place in the ship's condition, no one cared. *But wasn't it when no one cared that it matters most?*

As his thoughts drifted, he also thought of the oddity of a lack of..."extreme reaction" to the counselor. Was it because of her savage mental attack? The oxygen deprivation? Her injuries? Because she was mostly asleep? Or had he "acclimated" himself to her in the weeks that they had been together? As she began to stir, his body began to come alive as if the sun were just about to clear the horizon after a bitterly cold and dark night. Her eyes flitted open and took a moment to focus on Storr.

"Hello, beautiful."

Jaya's lips spread into a thin smile. "A girl could get used to waking up to that face." She reached for his hand, the free hand not caressing her temple, and squeezed. "I thought I was dead, Storr." Her smiled faded into sullen reverie. "Maybe I was."

The Marine smiled back...that was definitely something that he wanted her to get used to. As she continued on, he shook his head. "Maybe...but you're here with me now and that's what matters."

When she looked back at him, her eyes were wide and steely. "I touched his mind. When I--" Her eyes fluttered away from his. "--attacked him. He is insane." She still could not bring herself to say the Vulcan's name. "There... is no life to him, Storr. As much as he bandies about living forever, it's like he's already dead."

The mere memory of it made her face pale. "It's like no feeling I've had before." She clutched him with sudden trembling and held her cheek to Storr's chest. "I never want to feel it ever again."

Garlake nodded sullenly, his thoughts and emotions necking down to a gunship gray, cold and hard. He held Jaya close and tight, the bleakness of her battle with Salkaan whirling around him, threatening to drag them under the surface of the churning, black sea that was the counselor's mind. The MCO had more than a fleeting thought of quickly putting her on the bed and off his lap to keep from losing himself into her but he pushed it aside. Jaya needed not only his physical strength and comfort but his mental stability and encouragement as well. Taking a deep breath, he slowly reached out with his thoughts in a way all so foreign and strange, yet he pushed firmly and persistently.

A battered and tossed boat.
Storm waves crashing,
Black seas swirling and churning
Winds howling
Deadness of soul

Storr felt himself flying...falling? Transforming into pure light. A pure, golden beam piercing the clouds and enveloping the small dinghy, battling against the raging surf at the edges, pushing back the blackness.

Jaya felt startled at the faint probe, as if a finger had reached out and brushed against her soul. The familiar touch overcame the surprise soon enough, and she gently but eagerly grasped the je-ne-sais-quois of Garlake's presence.

A faint light in the darkness, flickering against the void...
A rush of air to fan the spark into flame...
Warmth. Blazing warmth.

Storr gasped violently, the visions rushing back into his mind like a burst plasma conduit in reverse. His breath left just as frantically as it had entered, several coughs making his vision sparkle with white flashes before catching his breath, the marine's eyes fluttering for an instant. "Bliksem", the words coming out in a pant.

"You're getting better at that," Jaya mewed as she leaned into a kiss. "Maybe... maybe this will work out after all." She eyed him from crown to chest, then brought her eyes back to meet his. Her hand lingered on his chest. "Thank you, Storr." Her eyes pleaded for understanding. "I really mean it. Thank you."

Storr's world swirled as their lips met for a mere moment before slamming back into focus when they parted. His breathing was ragged as his eyes refocused and the way she looked at him...he suppressed a growl in the back of his throat as he met Jaya's gaze, trying to shake the primal reaction and respond to her soul pleading. "You're more than welcome...Ek smaak you stukkend."

"Are you...are you alright?" he continued, running a thumb over her delicate cheek. "I could sleep on the couch if you need some company. I'll even leave the door open," the MCO said with a wink.

"That... that would be nice," Jaya said. "But we cannot risk it. What would others say?"

Storr chuckled as he let his breath out. "I know, I know...I said that in jest. Mostly." He smiled as he gently squeezed, his arms already completely enveloping Jaya's petite (though shapely) frame. "Can you blame a guy, though? I mean, a gorgeous woman recovering from a near-death experience on a damaged ship that's suffered stupendous personnel losses in search of a psychotic murdering traitor who's taken a half-dozen of the ship's crew, to include its Captain, hostage? Really get's the blood pumping, you know?"

"That's horrible!" Jaya patted his cheek in a mock slap. Then she chuckled despite herself. "What have I gotten myself into... betrothed to a human and a Marine?"

He chuckled and stood, carrying her the short distance to the bed and laying her gently upon it. Stealing a quick kiss (which again caused his vision to sparkle and his mind to pop), he stood and smiled.

"Rest, you need it. I know that you want to get to work, as I can only imagine the number of people that will need counseling now and in the immediate future, but you must take care of yourself first." Turning towards the door, he nearly exited before looking back over his shoulder. "Oh, and I'll be by for breakfast tomorrow...for completely professional reasons; Doc Cara needs all the help she can get so I offered to monitor your recovery process."

"How altruistic of you." Jaya teased a smirk, but her eyes shone with gratitude. "Thank you, Storr. Again."

With a wink, the door closed behind Storr and he turned down the corridor for the turbolift. The first joint training session was in an hour and he needed to program the computer. Shaking his head, the MCO hoped that it would exceed his expectations...the Vindex could use some good news.


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