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The Facility

Posted on Sat Feb 25th, 2017 @ 3:16am by Commander Tolan & Lieutenant JG Nealey Snowdon & Lieutenant JG Anthony Andrews & Lieutenant Kazyah Linn

Mission: S1E4 - Remnants Of A Lost Cause
Location: Veloz Prime
Timeline: Mission Day 68; 10:30

Tolan was on the bridge with the Klingon mercenary vessel's commanding officer - and he was eagerly awaiting some news of their arrival at Veloz Prime. Thankfully the voyage had passed without incident and the Suliban was now looking forward to getting off the Bird-of-Prey.

"We are approaching Veloz Prime"

The Klingon in the centre chair nodded.

"Drop the cloak and prepare to beam our passengers down to the surface. Mr can go and inform your friends and hostages...we have arrived at our destination" the Klingon said.

Tolan nodded and made his way down to the mess room where he had instructed his colleagues to wait for their morning briefing. Clearly that wasn't going to happen on the Bird-of-Prey this morning and would be held down in the facility on the planet. Arriving in the mess hall he looked around at his colleagues.

"We're to report to the transporter room at once - we have arrived at Veloz Prime. I will oversee the transfer of the hostages down to the surface" Tolan instructed.

"About time," Kaz said, picking up the rifle that he had laid on the table. "This place smells horrid."

"It is a warrior's musk," Doqqu said proudly. "Little wonder that you find it overwhelming."

"It smells like death," Kaz replied.

"Precisely." The Klingon grinned wickedly.

"I am pleased that you find it so enjoyable, Doqqu," Saalkan said as he collected his travel case. "I intend to employ this vessel for the foreseeable future." The Vulcan looked askance at Tolan and Kazyah. "Consortium vessels in this quadrant are in short supply."

Tony, John and Nealey were all sat in their own corner playing a card game. Once their current hand was finished they called it a day and looked over at the Suliban man who had arrived to address them. If it came to it Tony and Nealey both knew they would support Tolan - but John's loyalties lay firmly with Saalkan.

Tolan grinned. "It wasn't the most enjoyable cruise I agree. You've got ten minutes to get all of your things together and to report to the transporter room to beam down to the planet. I will take the prisoners along with a couple of our Klingon friends. Any questions?"

While Tolan issued instructions to the pawns, Saalkan sidled up to Kazyah. "Please find your way to my office once we beam to the surface," he discreetly whispered. "We have matters to discuss."

Kaz stood there for a moment before gently nodding his head forward, not saying a word.

Doqqu was pleased that the Klingons were joining them. "Iwl'Ij jachjaj," he said to the nearest Klingon. He was met with stony silence, to which he responded with a knowing nod.

Saalkan scoffed at the Klingon exchange before tapping his commbadge. =^=This is Director Saalkan to Sanctuary Base. Prepare for my imminent arrival.=^=

=^=Acknowledged, Director=^=

The Vulcan nodded at the rest of his allies. "We will convene in the main hall on the hour."


A blue swirl of energy dematerialized Saalkan and carried him to the planet below.

Doqqu looked a little startled at being left behind by Saalkan. He stood a little closer to the other Klingons, who in turn shifted their weight away from him.

Tony, John and Nealey headed for the transporter room and once Kazyah and Doqqu had arrived they were beamed down to the facility that Tolan had arranged for them all to hide at until it was safe to move on.

Tony looked around at the rather dull and dark looking facility which didn't look as nice as he was initially told it was.

"Well - I guess it's better to be here than stuck on the Vindex" Tony commented.

Nealey shuddered. "This place gives me the creeps"

"Let's go. I'm sure we'll find somewhere to continue our game of poker before we were interrupted. What do you both say?" Tony replied.

John nodded. "I don't see why not"

"Yeah...might as well. Even if I was losing" Nealey responded.

"The future had better hold more than games and standing around," Doqqu growled. "My blade thirsts for the blood of my enemies."

"There will be time for games later," said a voice. It was a holographic projection of Saalkan. "You have been beamed into the cargo bay, whose scanners will clear you for entry into the main facility. Follow the lighted corridors toward the central hall. I will meet you there." The hologram disappeared.

Tony shrugged. "Alright guys let's go"

Tony led the group into the lighted corridors and into the central hall which was indicated to them by the holographic image of Saalkan. Tony was starting to have doubts about who was really in charge here - or at least who thought they were in charge. One thing he was wondering however was where Tolan was.

Once they were in the central hall Tony waited patiently.

Doqqu looked around at the support columns which upheld the vaulted ceiling. A banner hung down from the central rafter between them, its display visible from all sides.
"What is that?" he wondered aloud.

"That, Mr Doqqu, is the emblem for the Womb of Fire on Vulcan," Saalkan said. He stood near the opposite door panel across the central hall. "A fitting choice of decor, as I'm sure you would agree." He upheld his hands. "This is the central hall which connects the various modules of this facility." He pointed to an adjacent doorway. "That corridor leads to the research module. Mr Doqqu and Mr Andrews will kindly escort our other 'guests' to its sublevel for indefinite detainment." He pointed to its opposite doorway. "That corridor will take you to the dormitories. There are a number of private suites still available in the upper level to which you are invited, or you may bunk with the rest of the personnel if you so desire." He pointed to a third door diagonal from him. "And that corridor will lead you to the mess hall, recreational area, and main armory. Do not attempt to access the armory." He smirked at them, then continued. "Back the way you came, of course, is the terminal which houses the shuttle bay, maintenance area, and cargo storage."

Then, for perhaps the first time, Saalkan smiled. "Welcome to Veloz Prime. Please refresh yourselves as needed. I will take the same liberty in the administrative suite overhead." He turned back to the door. It opened to reveal a turbolift which took him to his private quarters.

Doqqu looked around. "Why is there never anything to fight?"

"Is that all life is to you, Doqqu, a fight?" Kaz asked, walking forward.

"There is only honor." Doqqu turned haughty, as if that not only explained everything but was also self-evident.

Kaz rolled his eyes, "Sometimes I'm surprised your race has continued to survive all this time," he said.

Tolan arrived from the door his colleagues had entered and he was pleased he'd missed Saalkan's introduction. He entered and looked around at those present before whispering into Tony's ear.

"What did I miss?" Tolan asked.

Tony looked and replied in a low tone inaudible to anyone other than himself and Tolan.

"Lord high and mighty introducing himself to us and telling us where we can and can't go. This is ridiculous - whatever that crazy bastard is planning I'm not prepared to go along with it" Tony replied.

Tolan paused for a moment before replying.

"Meet me in my quarters in an hour. Come alone" Tolan said.

Tony nodded and then deferred to the Suliban to lead the team out of the room they were in now.

"Alright everyone - let's find out what's waiting for us in the wonderful recreation room" Tolan said.

Nealey shrugged. "It beats waiting here I suppose"

"Dare I ask what sort of things he considers recreations?" Kaz stated, smiling at himself. "Probably nothing but sex swings and assault rifles for us to shoot each other with. Maybe a rabid vole or two."

"Probably a table and some chairs around it and maybe a few books at best. I don't think there's much else in store...unless anyone is up for an attempt to enter the armoury against Mr Saalkan's wishes?" John offered - the latter part of his statement in jest.

Tony sighed. "I suppose we'll find out in a minute. Whatever it is as long as I've got my pack of cards and the books in my holdall then I'm happy"

Nealey wasn't sure what was going on exactly - this wasn't how it was explained to her by Saalkan when she first became brainwashed by the crazed man. She followed the rest of the party into the recreation room and looked around it - it wasn't as sparse as John had suggested it would be but there wasn't exactly a massive amount of things for them to occupy themselves with.

"Well...this isn't so bad" Nealey said.

Doqqu grunted his disapproval. "If anyone needs me, I will be outdoors with my bat'leth."

As Kaz watched the man leave, he leaned towards Tony, "He sure doesn't smell like he ever spends time outdoors..."

Tony laughed. "You can say that again. I had to share living quarters with him on the way here and the smell wasn't very pleasant...I hope I'm not sharing with him again..."


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