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Helping Hand

Posted on Sat Feb 25th, 2017 @ 3:08am by Captain Graham Holmes & Lieutenant Commander Martha Cusack & Commander Akiva ben-Avram

Mission: S1E4 - Remnants Of A Lost Cause
Location: Captain Ainscow's ready room
Timeline: Mission Day 67; 20:30

Graham was pleased that the Endurance had managed to dispatch the Vindex's enemy so easily - although it was safe to say his ship was in much better fighting shape and had a full crew complement. He had been escorted to the bridge by Lieutenant Cusack who then took him to the door of the ready room.

"The Endurance has changed a lot since I left it seems" Martha commented.

Graham nodded. "You could say that Lieutenant. Captain Grundy retiring and then his replacement being reassigned within a month of his arrival did give me concern. I don't see why they didn't offer me the position first time around - but I'm sure they have their reasons"

Martha then pressed the chime and waited for a response.

"You'd have thought least someone who knows the ship inside and out is in command now" Martha responded.

Akiva met them at the door after assigning the bridge to Commander Himmel. He tried not to feel like a fish out of water on his own vessel. "The Endurance is a fine ship," he offered. "Won't you come with me."

"Of course. I will catch up with you later Miss Cusack - thank you for escorting me here" Graham replied.

Martha nodded. "No problem"

Martha then left and went back to her post before Graham looked at Akiva. Clearly the man was relatively inexperienced in the command department but in the circumstances Graham was in a similar boat - up to first officer and then commanding officer within six weeks was something beyond his wildest dreams.

"I'm just glad we could be of assistance. Are we going to have a chat in the ready room or somewhere else?" Graham asked.

"The ready room is fine," Akiva said. He allowed Graham to enter first and then followed him inside.

He sat behind Claudia's desk and took in the senior officer for a moment. The man looked distinguished every inch of his face and uniform.

"I want to personally thank you for your assistance," Akiva said. "We put down a mutiny, though we lost more than half our crew. When made pursuit on the traitors to reclaim Captain Ainscow and others, we were set upon by the Hunters. Between our fatalities, our missing captain, and the Hunters, it seems to invoke the saying that misfortunes come in three's."

Graham nodded and took a seat in the ready room in front of the desk Akiva sat behind. He listened for a few moments before nodding to show he'd understood before responding. Graham sympathised with Akiva and was keen to offer any help he could.

"It's no problem. It sounds like you guys have had a tough time - if there is any way whatsoever the Endurance can help then all you have to do is ask. By the sounds of it you guys could do with a helping hand here to keep things going. If you like I can ask Commander Kaufmann to find some volunteers to come over here and help out?" Graham replied.

"That would be ideal," Akiva said. "Normally I'd put in for a resupply, but... honestly, we just want our people back. And we're not waiting for orders. You're welcome to tag along, but we're going off the path with this one -- to the end of the line."

Graham nodded. "We're here to help you out now and we'll be there - as you say - until the end of the line. Plus I think it's safe to say the Endurance is in better fighting shape at the moment. Who knows what we might find when we get to where they're being held?"

Akiva sighed. "At least we've made peace with the Hunters. It's my understanding that their expedition leader has promised reparations to the Task Force for their mistaken attack on us. No doubt our traitorous Vulcan Science officer was to blame for the false Tosk biosign that lead them right to us."

"That's something at least. Hopefully you didn't suffer any further casualties - by the sounds of it you guys are doing a fantastic job in the circumstances. Captain Ainscow would be proud I'm sure" Graham replied.

"I think we fared rather well under the circumstances," Akiva said, perking up under the compliment. "Which is to say, I don't think we suffered worse than we already have. Once we're done here, the Vindex is heading straight through the wormhole. It's unlikely our target doubled back back the way they came, and Lieutenant Kevran's contacts in the Dominion suggest against our mutineers going to ground in any of their sectors. Hopefully DS-9 will provide a log of any cloak-capable vessels entering the Alpha Quadrant within the past day." He shrugged. "That will just have to do."

"Let's hope so. I'm also thinking if we pool our resources together we might be able to come up with something - if we can find out whether it definitely did go through the wormhole or not then we're onto something. I doubt they've gone too far though - fleeing mutineers don't usually get the most high tech transport solutions" Graham responded.

"You don't know these people," Akiva said. "Tolan is well-connected and cunning. He took down a power plant in enemy territory single-handedly and then hijacked transport back to the Vindex, all without being discovered. And... Saalkan. Don't get me started on him. He constructed a Romulan cloaking device underneath our noses and we had no idea until he offered to let us use it. Then he nearly killed everyone on board, but not before taking the time to boast about it."
Akiva nearly mentioned Kazyah as well, but his last interaction with the Intel Chief gave him pause. That man was a wild card. Akiva figured it was best to leave him separate from the other two, at least for now.
"These aren't your regular traitors, Captain. They're backstabbing bastards who pretend to be your friends only to blow up your ship with smiles on their faces."

Graham nodded. "Then let's find them and give them hell for what they have done. I do sympathise though Commander - it does appear like the Vindex has been the target of an awful attack which is unlike anything I've ever heard of before and the Endurance will be alongside the Vindex every step of the way"

"We are obliged," Akiva said. "I doubt we'll garner any other support. We could use all the help we can get, but I don't think our friends will survive any delays. That means we're off-grid on this one."
Akiva neglected to mention his emergency order to shoot Consortium agents on sight. What Captain Holmes didn't know wouldn't hurt him.

"I think we'll be alright. At least with two ships we've got twice as much chance of finding them - and I'm very confident we will find them Commander. If I know Captain Ainscow - and I do - I don't think she'll go down quietly or make life easy for the bastards that took her and the others" Graham offered.

"You're probably right." Akiva wryly chuckled. "Let's get confirmation from the brass at New Bajor regarding any imminent departures through the wormhole and be on our way."

Graham nodded. "Absolutely. If you want to speak to them I'll speak with Commander Kaufmann about sending some volunteers over to help out here - so when everything's cleared by the senior staff on New Bajor we should be ready to go - unless you'd prefer me to speak to them instead?"

Akiva hung his head. "It might be better coming from you. Sir."

Graham had already guessed Akiva would say as much and had prepared himself for that answer. He nodded slowly and gave confirmation he would contact Commodore Hutchinson on Akiva's behalf.

"I'll speak to Commodore Hutchinson for you that's no problem. I'm sure he'll offer whatever help he can as well Commander. I promise you the Endurance won't give up until we find your missing colleagues and get them back to you safely" Graham confirmed.

"We are much obliged." Akiva scratched his neck. "I cannot imagine that there is anything we can do to assist you, but we are stronger together, so please make it known at anytime."

Graham smiled. "Don't worry about that Commander - we're here to help and I never expect anything in return. You're in need and I'm always happy to help anyone who needs it"

"You're a good man," Akiva said. "Let's go get our people back, and finish off the Consortium once and for all."

Graham nodded. "Thank you - and agreed - let's get to it"


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