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Something Beginning With M

Posted on Sat Feb 25th, 2017 @ 8:28pm by Captain Claudia Ainscow & Commander Tolan & Lieutenant JG José Muñiz & Petty Officer 3rd Class Rebecca Ainscow & Lieutenant No Name

Mission: S1E4 - Remnants Of A Lost Cause
Location: Veloz Prime
Timeline: Mission Day 68; 10:30

Claudia and Rebecca remained in their restraints in the cargo bay of the Bird of Prey. Tolan had ensured the other hostages who had removed theirs weren't noticed by the rest of his colleagues - and thankfully he'd managed to keep it that way throughout the journey between the Gamma Quadrant and Veloz Prime.

"I'm getting sick and tired of counting the containers in here...anyone want to play I spy?" Claudia suggested.

Muniz chuckled. "I will if we've got someone else to play it with"

"I'm not sure I'm up for games," Laena said, still leaning against the cell walls.

Cat looked around her after she double checked the last of her gear. "Well, here goes nothing, I guess."

Claudia was surprised seeing as she meant it in jest. Nevertheless to try and boost morale she decided to get it underway and pass the time a bit better. It's not as if there wasn't much to look at in the cargo bay they were held in.

"I spy with my little eye...something beginning with M" Claudia said.

Rebecca wasn't really in the mood but she decided to play along with it anyway.

"Marshmallows?" Becky asked.

Claudia sighed. "I wish there were some in here I'm really hungry..."

"Manifold? It says there's one in that container over there" José offered.

Claudia nodded. "That was easy - your turn Mr Muniz"

"I spy with my little eye...something beginning with...S" José said.

Tolan had silently entered the cargo bay as José was speaking and it seemed like a good time to announce his presence. He just hoped that none of the hostages without their restraints had changed their mind and tried to attack him.

"Suliban?" Tolan offered.

Claudia looked over at Tolan.

"I didn't hear you coming in" Claudia said.

Tolan grinned. "I apologise Captain. Anyway - we've arrived at our destination so we'll be beaming you out of this rather...unpleasant...cargo hold in a few minutes. I'll make sure the others have beamed down before I beam down with you all"

"Question - why are you doing this?" José asked.

Tolan smiled. "If I told you Ensign - with the greatest respect - you wouldn't understand. Rest assured I will keep you all safe. Just keep an eye on our crazy Vulcan scientist - he's starting to get a little...overconfident...shall we say"

"Don't you worry. I'll be keeping an eye on him" José replied.

Becky shuddered. "That guy is creepy and freaks me out"

"I'm sure you aren't the only one he has that effect on" Claudia said.

Cat watched Tolan and remembered what he had done for her and what she had been able to do for the others. She still didn't trust him and prefered to keep her ears open and her mouth shut. When the time was right, she'd make her move.

Laena scooted closer towards Claudia and Becky, moving her body as much behind them as possible. She did not like Tolan and he had this creepy affect on her. But she was more afraid that he'd take her to Saalkan, a man she didn't want to see ever again.

=/\="Tolan to Henley. Are you on the surface?"=/\= Tolan asked.

=/\="Yes Commander"=/\=

"Alright...I'm going to beam you down to the surface in a minute. Once we're there then I'll start working on a way to get us the hell out of here" Tolan said.

=/\="Tolan here. Lock onto me and the hostages and beam us into the holding area"=/\=

Moments later Tolan stood with the hostages in the holding area which was a dark and square room which had only one door. He looked around the room to ensure everyone was safe and present before speaking in a whispered tone to prevent being heard by anyone outside.

"We're on Veloz Prime in Cardassian space. For now I'd like you all to stay here but rest assured once things have calmed down then I will be working on a way to get you all out of here. I'll make sure that crazy Vulcan bastard doesn't get near any of you either" Tolan said.

"You better had Commander. That man is a psychopath and needs arresting immediately" Claudia replied.

Becky spoke. "Arresting? More like erasing from existence...that guy is a nutcase. You'd better be telling the truth Tolan otherwise it won't just be Starfleet you have to deal with..."

"I am telling the truth. Trust me or don't trust me - I have nothing to live for anyway. I'm here to get you back to the Vindex safely and that's it. I'll come back and check on you all later...I have a meeting to attend" Tolan responded.

After Tolan left Claudia looked around.

"Alright...once he's arranged transport off this planet and back to safety I am ordering all of you - including you Miss Fuentes - to take your chance to get out of here. I need to see what this bastard is playing at and bring him down once and for all" Claudia commented.

Becky sighed and had given up arguing with her secret girlfriend. There was no chance she wanted to leave Claudia all alone with Saalkan but there seemed to be little Becky could do to change Claudia's mind about letting her stay.

Laena gently placed her hand on Becky's arm in silence. The news that Claudia would be staying behind would be hard to hear for any significant other. And no matter the situation, she would need her friends to be there for her.

Becky looked at Laena and gave her a small smile - it almost felt like she was about to lose Claudia forever. She wanted to confess her love for Claudia right now but Becky didn't think Claudia would appreciate their relationship being revealed to José and Bella.

"Thank you Laena" Becky whispered.

"Everything will be alright," Laena whispered back, leaning her head against Becky's as she put her arm around her shoulders.


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