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Getting Affairs In Order

Posted on Sat Feb 25th, 2017 @ 3:13pm by Commander Tolan & Lieutenant JG Anthony Andrews

Mission: S1E4 - Remnants Of A Lost Cause
Location: The Facility; Tolan's quarters
Timeline: Mission Day 68; 11:30

Tolan had decided to take refuge in his quarters and relaxed on his bed after ensuring that everything he wanted to get done before Tony arrived was completed. Just as he closed his eyes and began to think about how he was going to get word out to the Vindex the Suliban heard a knock on the door - and instead of going up to answer it - he decided to ask who was there first.

"Who is it?" Tolan asked.

Tony whispered. "It's me - Tony"

"One second" Tolan replied.

Tolan got up from the bed and walked up to the door and unlocked it before looking up and down the corridor and then letting Tony into his room. Once Tony had stepped inside Tolan closed and locked the door behind them again.

"Thank you for coming Tony. I trust you weren't followed?" Tolan asked.

Tony had made sure he wasn't followed and shook his head to confirm that Tolan's assumption was correct.

"Nobody followed me. What can I do for you?" Tony responded.

Tolan replied. "I've got no idea what we're even supposed to be doing now. This was supposed to be a case of making a demand to get what The Consortium wanted but now it's turned into his delusional desire to dominate the galaxy or whatever he wants to do - however it's not something I'm prepared to go along with anymore. I'm planning to help the hostages escape and I already have an insider in the holding cell - Miss Ghatto's equipment case is stored under my bed - and if I don't make it I will need you to give it to her in my absence"

"I'm with you on that. I'm not even here because I want to be - I'm here because I was told to infiltrate this cell and bring it down before all this garbage happened. I don't exactly know what to do but we need to act before Saalkan decides to carry out whatever his plans are. However you have my word that I will deliver that case to Miss Ghatto if necessary - however I'm hoping it won't get to that. What's your plan to get us out of here?" Tony asked.

Tolan was grateful for Tony's cooperation and understanding. Clearly he'd had a lot of time to think about a way off Veloz Prime - however he wasn't entirely sure if his plan would work. Nevertheless he planned to give it a try.

"Alright - another contingent of Consortium sympathisers is arriving tomorrow morning aboard a Vor'cha-class starship and I am hoping to be able to mobilise enough support to be able to take control of a transporter room and beam aboard that ship whilst its shield and cloak are deactivated. Once aboard then it is my plan for us to seize that ship - or at least take control of it for long enough to destroy this facility from orbit" Tolan responded.

Tony nodded slowly and knew that they would need a large amount of support if they were going to successfully take control of a Vor'cha-class starship.

"Well I know Snowdon is with us - even if Saalkan brainwashed her she isn't buying into his plans. Three of us won't be enough - and I know for a fact Henley won't join us. We'll have to release the hostages from the holding cell and then we might be able to hold them off for long enough to get up to the ship" Tony said.

Tolan nodded. "It's worth you knowing at this stage Tony that I came to you because even before you just told me I know you were placed here by Starfleet to infiltrate The Consortium cell on the Vindex"

"How?" Tony asked.

Tolan smiled. "I was working for Starfleet Command as an agent tasked with infiltrating The Consortium - however I was also informed about your arrival on the Vindex in a similar but less dangerous role. Before we go any further I need you to give this to Captain Ainscow in the event I die - and if I do die - then I want you to kill Kazyah Linn because I know for a fact he's been wanting to do so for the past two months"

Tolan reached for a data module on his desk and offered it out to Tony.

Tony accepted the offered module and placed it safely in one of his inside pockets. He was relieved that he had someone that was on the same side as he was and someone to help him bring down Saalkan once and for all.

"I'm glad we're on the same side - and I will ensure that both of your wishes are carried out to the very best of my ability. You have my word on that sir" Tony replied.

Tolan nodded and was glad that he and Tony had an understanding they were both on the same side - but had to keep the facade going for just a little while longer. He was also pleased Tony had agreed to deal with Kazyah in the event the Intelligence officer turned agent decided to kill the Suliban officer before he could complete his mission.

"Thank you Mr Andrews. Now the Vor'cha is scheduled to arrive at around 11:00 tomorrow morning so we have around 24 hours to mobilise enough strength and go over the plan to ensure we're ready to go at a moment's notice. It is my plan to beam aboard when the additional 'reinforcements' are being down to the surface so we have the element of surprise. One thing we do need to do is get into that armoury without Saalkan noticing - although that may be a lot more difficult than I anticipated and it would be very unwise for me to do it" Tolan said.

Tony nodded. "I think that plan is good - however we could get into the armoury without him noticing if there's a ventilation or access shaft running through or near to it. I'm willing to bet there are proximity alarms so we will need somebody to get into the system and disable those for us before we even attempt to get into the armoury"

"Ah I've already thought of that - it's why we have a cryptologist sat in the holding cell. I'm very confident in her abilities to break into the system and disable any proximity alarms and sensors which may hinder our task. That's why I'll need you to give her that equipment case if my number one fan decides to kill me beforehand. I need you to discreetly work on getting Snowdon onside while I conduct a proper study of the area around the armoury before deciding a plan of action. I feel it may be wise to go into the armoury as we're heading into the transporter room tomorrow - that way we aren't hiding any of the weapons in our quarters" Tolan replied.

Tony again nodded. "That sounds like a plan to me. Is there anything else you want to go over at all or shall I get to work on convincing Nealey to join our cause?"

"Work on Miss Snowdon please - the longer we're in here the more people might get suspicious something is going on. Thank you for coming Tony and - well - good luck. If I don't see you again then I want to thank you for your understanding and your help in getting this plan to work" Tolan said.

Tony smiled. "My pleasure Commander. I'll see you tomorrow morning"

Tony then let himself out of Tolan's quarters and headed back to the recreational area whilst Tolan closed and locked the door of his quarters behind him. Now he decided it would be best to try and eliminate his rival before Kazyah could eliminate him - there was no way the Suliban was prepared to jeopardise the success of his mission and the safety of the hostages.


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