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Precarious Situation

Posted on Sat Feb 25th, 2017 @ 7:29pm by Captain Graham Holmes & Rear Admiral David Hutchinson Sr

Mission: S1E4 - Remnants Of A Lost Cause
Location: USS Endurance
Timeline: Mission Day 67; 22:30

Graham had returned to the Endurance and assisted Commander Kaufmann with the temporary transfer of some crew over to the Vindex to help out. He'd had another meeting with Akiva before deciding to get in touch with Commodore Hutchinson about what had happened and for permission to head into the Alpha Quadrant to get the missing crewmembers back and crush Saalkan's plans once and for all.

Sitting down comfortably in his chair he set up the console and then sent a communications request to Commodore Hutchinson on Deep Space 11 - hoping the Task Force Executive Officer was still awake at this time of night. A few moments later Graham was pleased to see the Commodore answer the communications request.

"Ah Captain Holmes. What can I do for you this evening?" David said.

Graham thought for a moment before speaking. This wasn't a call he was going to enjoy making but it was necessary - and Akiva had made it a personal request that Graham contacted the Commodore rather than himself.

"I wish I had better news for you but I don't. A mutiny has taken place on the USS Vindex and before leaving the mutineers deactivated life support across large parts of the ship - Commander ben-Avram informs me a total of 431 personnel have died as a result - and the mutineers took six crewmembers hostage and also stole a runabout which has since been recovered after being abandoned" Graham replied.

David was deeply horrified to hear about the tragedy which had occured aboard the Vindex and he immediately felt a deep sense of dread and sadness in his stomach.

"Any leads on where they've taken the hostages and how they've got there?" David asked.

Graham nodded. "That's what I've called you for - we need you to look at the sensor logs for the sensor array near the wormhole and see if any cloaked starships have passed through in the past 24 hours or so. An analysis of the area around the USS Clyde indicates a cloaked vessel was used"

"What kind of cloak? That would be useful to know so we can narrow down what we're looking for Captain" David replied.

Graham checked the PADD on the table briefly before responding.

"We have reason to believe it was a Klingon device" Graham said.

David nodded. "Alright Captain - I'll be back as soon as I can confirm anything for you. If I can I will get in touch with Deep Space 9 and see if they can give us any further leads"

"Thank you Commodore - Holmes out" Graham concluded.

A couple of hours later Graham had consumed a few cups of tea and was eagerly awaiting a response from Commodore Hutchinson. Just as he was about to make his next cup of tea a beep echoed around his ready room to indicate a communication was coming in. He turned to face his console and pressed the button to confirm he wished to accept the incoming transmission.

"There you are Captain - I'm surprised you're still awake. Anyway our analysts have managed to confirm a cloaked vessel went through the wormhole about 12 hours ago. We have reason to believe it's your Klingon friends so I've instructed Deep Space 9 to analyse its logs and relay further information. I will dispatch the Renown to the Alpha Quadrant in readiness to retrieve the hostages" David said.

Graham nodded. "That's a lead we need - thank you. However with respect Commodore the Vindex and Endurance are both ready to go right now and are both faster than the Renown. With your permission sir I'd like to take both sips through the wormhole to Deep Space 9 to continue the search there"

David thought about it for a moment and decided Graham's request was a logical one and would make more sense - the Sovereign-class was indeed a faster ship than the Renown and would be able to cover more ground and a higher speed. He decided to grant Graham's request and nodded to confirm this.

"Alright you have my permission to go through the wormhole Captain. I want progress reports every hour until the hostages are found - I will instruct Deep Space 9 to expect the Endurance and Vindex within the next 24 hours or so" David responded.

Graham was pleased his request was granted.

"Thank you Commodore - and understood. We'll keep you up to date on the search and return to the Gamma Quadrant once it has been concluded" Graham replied.

David smiled. "Good luck Captain"

"Thank you sir. Holmes out" Graham concluded.

With the call ended Graham sent a message through to Akiva to inform him of the development before deciding to get some much needed sleep before the start of their search first thing in the morning. Now there had been a much needed development in their mission to retrieve the hostages Graham was confident the search could be concluded sooner rather than later.


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