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Crossed Wires

Posted on Sat Feb 25th, 2017 @ 8:12pm by Lieutenant Kazyah Linn & Commander Tolan

Mission: S1E4 - Remnants Of A Lost Cause
Location: Tolan's Quarters - Veloz Prime
Timeline: Mission Day 68; 13:00

The air was quiet as Kaz stood in the pitch black darkness of Tolan's quarters, his phaser in hand. He could feel him, the egotistical Suliban was coming close to the door. This was the moment. This is what he'd been waiting for for months. The pesky bug of a man was finally going to be squashed and Kaz was would be there to witness the life drain from his body.

A moment passed and he could feel the man's hand reaching for the door. Kaz held his breath, willing his body to remain completely still.

The door opened slowly, an arc of light shining on the floor from the corridor beyond. Tolan took a few steps into his quarters but stopped.

"Good afternoon," Kaz said, softly, having taken the steps towards Tolan. His phaser was now resting at the base of the man's skull. With one foot, he kicked the door closed, leaving the two men in the darkness. "I wouldn't try to fight this, my phaser is set to kill." As if to drive his point home, Kaz pulled a knife from his belt and placed it against the man's throat. "I think its time you and I had a little chat."

Tolan sighed and began to prepare himself for the end. He knew he wasn't going to survive the mission - but he had already ensured that his affairs were in order with an individual he could trust.

"What's he offered you Kazyah? Not that I'm offering to make a better proposition of course but I'm just wondering how delusional that man has become ever since Captain Ainscow put him in his rightful place" Tolan replied.

"Trust me, Tolan. I need no offering to partake in what will be a pleasure kill," Kaz said. "But if you must know, he is able to give me back my sight. Something I've been without for far too long."

Tolan smirked. "A pleasure kill? I doubt you'd enjoy it for very long with the amount of people I've made aware of your desire to kill me ever since I arrived on the Vindex. For what it's worth though I wouldn't believe any of his bullshit - he'll just use you until he gets what he wants and then he will dispose of you just like he plans to dispose of all the hostages."

"No one on the Vindex will trust you. You're a traitor to the Federation and you deserve no mercy in our vengeance." Kaz pulled the knife just a hair closer, putting more pressure on his hostage. "Part of me wishes you could see your and Saalkan's grand scheme going down in flames. To know that I had betrayed you all in my service. But alas, you won't. When I am through, every last one of you will be dead at my feet."

"You really think that Kazyah? I have the trust of Captain Ainscow and you will never have that - and if you kill me then you will be facing a charge of murdering a Starfleet officer in cold blood. Kill me and you'll be confined to a holding cell for the rest of your life" Tolan replied.

"You betrayed your oath to Starfleet the moment you began working for the Consortiuum!" Kaz yelled into the man's ear, his anger boiling. "You don't deserve to call yourself a Starfleet Officer."

The blind man took a deep breath, regaining his emotional balance. "I have the honor of calling myself a Starfleet Officer. I do! Because I work in service of the Federation. I lay my life on the line for the Federation and I will die for the Federation. My mission here will bring me honor that even the Klingons would envy. For I, Kazyah Linn, Officer of Starfleet Intelligence, was the hand that brought down the Consortiuum threat. That you and your pesky band of rebels never had a chance at taking the Vindex with me working against you."

The yelling down his ear angered Tolan and he finally snapped and he finally lost his temper with the man who had now twice held a knife to him.

"I'm under orders to infiltrate The Consortium you stupid man - clearly you aren't as clever or in the know as you think you are. If you kill me then Starfleet Command will be hauling you in front of a judge on the charge of murder of a Starfleet officer. If you don't believe me then we'll go and ask Captain Ainscow right now because if you kill me then you'll have her and my superiors to answer to" Tolan snarled.

"I don't believe you," Kaz seethed into his ear. "Starfleet Intelligence had me infiltrate the Consortium. They made no mention of any other double agents working in our ranks. I would recommend you speak to my superiors, but you won't live long enough for that."

Tolan sneered. "Well I'm very sorry to disappoint you but I'm telling the truth - you kill me and you're as good as dead. Why the hell would Starfleet Intelligence know about any other double agents on the Vindex or tell you about my posting there if I'm working for Starfleet Command?"

Kaz stood there for a moment, suddenly unsure of himself. His empathic abilities told him that the Suliban honestly believed what he was saying, that he wasn't lying. But that could be easily faked. He needed more. "If you're telling the truth, you will not fight me when I drop this knife," he said. After a moments silence, he let go of the knife and it clattered to the floor.

"There's only one way to know if you are telling the truth. It won't be painful," the man said as he touched the exposed area of Tolan's skin. With this touch, the Suliban's mind was laid open before him, a novel of a life just waiting to be read. But that wasn't what Kaz was looking for, he didn't want to completely destroy Tolan's privacy. He was looking for one thing. And then he found it, exactly what the man said. Secret meetings with Claudia. Secret communications with Starfleet Command. His orders to infiltrate the Consortium. Kaz took a deep breath as the realization hit him. This entire time, the two men had been working against each other in vain, when the real threat was still out there.

Kaz let go of the man's neck and took a step back, lowering his phaser. "It seems my hatred for the Consortium and what they've done was...misplaced in you," he said, taking a deep breath as he slid the phaser into its holster. "When I received my orders, it never occurred to me that I may not be the only one. Two high level organizations working against each other without even realizing it." He shook his head, "What a mess we've made."

"It is a bit of a mess but I was under orders to reveal my mission to nobody other than Captain Ainscow. If I could have told you I would have - but at least now we can try and take down this delusional moron once and for all. I've got plans in place to get the hostages out of here but we'll have to wait until tomorrow" Tolan replied.

Kaz turned towards the doorway and ran his finger along the panel near the doors, bringing the room lights up slightly. "I'm sure you'd like to be able to see, now. Sorry for the theatrics. I figured the dark would make you less likely to fight back, as you wouldn't be able to see."

"Sometimes I wish I did have the enhancements so many members of my species received in the 2100s...but I suppose you're just doing your job. I have already started to put the wheels in motion to get the hostages out - I have a couple of...assistants...who are prepared to help me out if my plan is going to work. If you want to join in then feel free" Tolan replied.

"It seems our missions have aligned." Kaz pulled a small device from his pocket, holding it up for Tolan to see, "I've been in contact with Commander Avram. Told him of our location, the Vindex is under his control and is on its way here now. If we're going to survive, we're going to need them."

Tolan nodded. "We will - because another ship is on its way here and we won't be able to take on the strength of both of them without assistance from Starfleet. I'm going to ask Lieutenant Ghatto to help us take the internal sensors offline on the lower level so we can break into the armoury without his royal highness finding out. My plan is to beam aboard the Vor'cha-class starship from one of the transporter rooms on the upper level and destroy this place from orbit - unless the Vindex arrives first of course"

"Beware, Ghatto is going to try to convince you that I'm lying to you about my mission," Kaz said, his hands going to his hips. "My mission has forced me to keep her in the dark on many things and even work against her at times. I'm sure she's convinced to her core that I'm evil. I pray you'll keep her from trying to kill me as I'd hate to have to kill her in self defense. She's a valuable asset."

Tolan smiled. "I've got her on side - even if she doesn't trust me which I don't think she does. It may be useful for you to stick close to Saalkan and find out what you can before tomorrow morning - any change of plans with the expected arrivals will be fatal. For now however I feel we should lay low and do things as covertly as possible. I'd imagine Saalkan has eyes and ears all over this damned place."

Kaz nodded, "Agreed. But I won't earn his trust without killing you. And if I don't kill you, he'll have me killed. Of that I am sure. We need to find a way to convince him that you are dead without..." the man smiled, "Well, without actually killing you. Ideas?"

"I've been anticipating that Lieutenant. He is a clever man so it would take a very clever ruse to deceive him for long enough to keep us both alive. I will fake my death somehow and then I will lay low until tomorrow morning when we start getting the hostages out of this hole. I'll think of something..." Tolan said.

"Alright, then." Kaz began to pace the room. "So I'm going to keep close to Saalkan, hopefully put some distance between him and that Klingon dog of his. That man is dangerous and mentally unstable. Once you release the hostages, what do you need me to do?"

Tolan nodded. "I'll need you to keep him distracted while we're beaming aboard the Klingon cruiser. Once that's done then we'll beam you aboard. I'd do it myself but at the end of the day Saalkan wouldn't trust me for one minute or let me distract him - and I'm going to have to pretend to be dead if this is going to work."

Kaz took a deep breath, then nodded, "Consider it handled."

"Excellent. I will leave it in your capable hands and arrange via my assistant to meet you closer to the time. For now however I shall leave you to it - I'm glad we're at least fighting for a mutual cause if nothing else" Tolan replied.

Tolan then made his way to the door - hoping that his plan would work out.


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