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Kiss And Make Up

Posted on Sun Feb 26th, 2017 @ 3:33pm by Lieutenant JG Nealey Snowdon & Lieutenant JG Anthony Andrews & Lieutenant No Name

Mission: S1E4 - Remnants Of A Lost Cause
Location: The Facility; Security Control Room
Timeline: Mission Day 68; 23:00

Tony made his way to the holding cell and decided now would be a good time to try and get a way into the armoury. With the news of Tolan's apparent death going around Tony felt now was a good a time as any to mobilise the troops - they needed to be armed from the start of the escape attempt. Once at the holding cell Tony kept a tight hold of the case he was carrying and briefly deactivated the forcefield in front of the door before entering the cell.

Spotting Catalina he crept up to her and gently tapped her on the shoulder in the hope it would wake her up.

"Miss Ghatto?" Tony whispered.

A half a second didn't pass before Cat's hand shot up and grabbed the hand that touched her shoulder. She rolled to the left and brought her left leg up and around as she did to to try to kick whoever was there off balance.

Tony managed to dodge the kick and attempted to reassure the young woman that he wasn't there to hurt her.

"I'm not going to hurt you - in fact - we need your skills to get us out of here. You're going to have to trust me on this one but I don't have the time to explain right now - we need to move before someone notices I'm in here" Tony said.

Cat released his hand and came to her feet, watching him. "What do you need?" she asked as she grabbed a few things and remembered to activate her stun gloves the next time someone tried to grab her.

"I need you to break into the security system of this dump so we can get into the armoury without triggering any alarms. Commander Tolan spoke very highly of your skills" Tony replied.

"Let's go," she said as she finished gathering her things and motioned for him to lead the way.

Tony led the way - phaser in hand - ensuring he had closed the door and reactivated the forcefield before doing so. On the way there there was a close call but thankfully the guard was distracted and Tony managed to lead Cat into the room where the security controls were located.

"Alright there's the terminal you need to work at. I'll keep watch at the door until our colleague arrives" Tony said.

Cat nodded and pulled out her Intelligence tricorder, or spycorder in Intel parlance and moved up to the security control terminal. She activated her tricorder and made a preliminary scan before she analyzed the results. "Oh, this is going to be fun," she muttered. "This thing has dual encryption on it. How much time do we have?"

Tony watched as Cat got to work with the encryption whilst keeping an eye on the closed door. He leaned against the deactivated computer terminal behind him and kept his phaser in the direction of the door in case they were disturbed unexpectedly.

"I'd say 45 minutes at this rate - I expect one of Saalkan's friends will be along this way soon to check on things. There is normally a sweep of the sensitive areas every hour on the hour" Tony replied.

"Now I wish I had brought my computer jammer," Cat muttered as she set about tracing the path through the console that would give her least resistance. She propped the spycorder up against the terminal where she could see it while her fingers brought up the interface and began to look for the backdoor program that most Security operations ran.

Tony looked over briefly as Cat worked before returning to facing the door. He dearly hoped that at the end of this he would be able to explain things to Elsie and hopefully rebuild his relationship with his daughter.

"The Consortium were clever but with my time working undercover with them they are prone to making the stupidest of errors that leaves them wide open. That's why they were crushed so easily until this deluded pillock decided to keep the cause going...although there's a more personal reason I'm on the Vindex. I just hope all this is worth it" Tony said.

"All I want is the head of the person who is doing all of this," Cat said as she traced path after path and kept meeting dead ends. "Whoever designed this was a paranoid. There's paths going nowhere all throughout the system."

Tony chuckled. "The head of this whole exercise is that delusional Vulcan scientist Saalkan. Tolan is planning to take care of him but for now at least you'll have to pretend he's dead - he faked his death and went into hiding to make sure the escape plan works. Otherwise one of Saalkan's goons would have done the job for real before the morning arrived"

"What have you heard about Linn?" she asked as she began to do a slow frontal approach after consulting her spycorder again.

"I haven't been told much about him but I now know he's on our side...I just hope he does what Tolan's asked him to do otherwise this whole sorry mess will only end in one way" Tony responded.

Tony checked his chronometer to check on the time. He was worried Nealey had backed out or been caught - but he realised she still had a minute or two to get there.

"I hope our guest isn't late..." Tony mused.

"On our side?" Cat asked without looking up from her work. "He's acting like he's Consortium the way he was keeping me in the dark. I didn't even really know what was going on until Tolan approached me."

"I'd sooner trust what Tolan says than Saalkan so I'll give him the benefit of the doubt..." Tony replied.

Just as he was about to continue talking Tony heard a distinctive knock at the door. He walked over to the door and raised his phaser just in case it was an impostor - but when he opened it he was pleased to see Nealey who was looking much better now she'd managed to snap out of being brainwashed after Tony relentlessly drilled it into Nealey's head what she was doing was wrong.

"Ah Miss Snowdon - just on time" Tony said.

Nealey walked into the room and acknowledged Tony before looking over at the Intelligence Officer working on the security control console.

Nealey grinned. "Well hello there"

"You..." Cat said when she saw Nealey and stepped away from the console with murder in her eyes. "You Consortium cow!" she bellowed before she launched herself at the woman with her gloved hands forming fists.

"What? No! He made me do it - I'll even prove it!" Nealey protested.

Tony watched with great concern and kept his phaser handy just in case - he hoped however he wouldn't have to use it. He was more concerned if there was any noise which alerted any possible nearby guards.

"Come on fighting please" Tony said.

Cat tackled Nealey as the woman didn't defend herself and straddled her quickly, her hands going for the woman's throat. "I have some brainwashing for you, Consortium bitch. Stun gloves coming up!"

"Stun my backside you crazy bitch" Nealey snarled.

Nealey leaned up and slapped her right hand hard across Cat's face before tugging on her hair which she hoped would be enough to get the other woman off her. Even so she still found Cat attractive and wasn't going to give up that easily.

"For fuck's sake. Stop fighting and get on with what you're supposed to be doing! Do you want to die here or do you want to get back to the Vindex?" Tony shouted.

Cat's head snapped to the right with Nealey's slap and she brought her own gloved fist hard into the woman's jaw. "Slapping and hair pulling is for pre-schoolers!" she screamed as she grabbed Nealey's arm that had a fistful of hair.

Now increasingly annoyed and fed up Nealey reached into her pocket and produced her flip knife which she then opened and aimed straight at Cat - hoping that this would end the fight before Tony decided to stun one of them instead.

"Get off me you bitch or I will use this" Nealey snarled.

Cat rolled off of the woman and reached behind her to pull out a nine inch long slim rod and activated it to produce a fifteen inch energy blade. "That's how you want it? I'll play your game!"

Nealey grinned. "Oh you know I want it baby"

Nealey grinned and using her agility she aimed her flip knife at Catalina and managed to get a hit before moving back to a safer position.

"Come on what are you waiting for?" Nealey said.

With a longer reach than Nealey and having the length of the energy knife, Cat lunged forward and sliced it through the blade Nealey held and severed it. "Now what?"

Nealey threw the ruined knife at Catalina but in her slightly off-balance stance she was wide of the target.

"Weapons are for cowards - put yours away and we can do it properly" Nealey countered.

Now rather annoyed Tony walked straight into the middle of both women and stood sideways so he could look at each of them with a turn of his head. This had gone from a simple task to a petty argument which he was not pleased with.

"Stop this shit right now or I'll shoot both of you and then leave you behind for Saalkan to do what he wants with you. You're both Starfleet officers - or at least you're supposed to be - and you're both being extremely immature. Put your knives away now or there will be consequences - just kiss and make up or whatever before I really lose my temper" Tony shouted.

"Stay out of this," Cat snarled. "This bitch tried to kill me."

Enough was enough for the usually very patient Tactical officer - after sighing Tony pointed his phaser at the Intelligence officer.

"You started it. Stop this shit and get on with what you've been asked to do or I'll put you back in that brig and make sure you get left behind when we escape tomorrow" Tony said.

Nealey grinned. "Too bad. I'd have kissed and made up - your loss"

"Enough from you as well. Go and wait outside until we're done - I will escort you both to the armoury when we're done here" Tony snapped.

Nealey shrugged and turned on her heel and went outside as she was told. Once Nealey was confirmed to be outside a very irritated Tony pointed his phaser in the direction of the console which was being worked on.

"Work. Now" Tony ordered.

Cat watched the woman go, then deactivated her energy knife and checked the place on her left arm that had been cut. "I'll live," she decided before she ignored it and went back to the console. "If she comes back in here, though..."

Keeping his phaser in the direction of the computer terminal he kept an eye on every move Catalina made. He wasn't entirely convinced Cat trusted anybody here - and she was right to - but Tony felt now wasn't the time for mistrust and petty arguments.

"If you knew half of what that girl's been through then perhaps you might hear her out. I doubt it'll make any difference but I'll say anyway - she was subjected to being attacked and then brainwashed by Saalkan. It would have been worse if I hadn't stunned her...I'd imagine Saalkan thought I was showing too much mercy but even I have limits. Come to think of it maybe I should have stunned that lunatic instead but now I've got a second chance to make it right" Tony replied.

"I haven't been given reason to trust anyone other than the Captain's Yeoman, PO3 Fuentes," Cat said, not giving him any more than that. She turned her attention back to her tricorder and moved her fingers over the terminal once more. "Does this need to be overridden or can I just brute force it?"

"I don't trust anyone on that ship apart from my daughter - but she and I aren't on good terms. Do whatever you want to Catalina - just get that security grid bypassed and those alarms deactivated. Then we can go and get some weapons and hide them in my quarters" Tony replied.

"So why are you trusting me to do this?" she asked him as she continued her work on the encryption. She thought about Snowdon and what she was saying and the fact that Andrews didn't stun her. She also thought about the kiss and makeup part of what Nealey had said...she shook her head. "No."

Tony shrugged. "You're the only one who can break into a computer with this level of encryption. It isn't a case of who I trust or who I want to do the job - it's what Tolan believes and wants to be done and I will always trust his judgement. After this you will probably never see me again anyway so I doubt it'll make a difference what you and I think of one another"

"It would actually affect me a lot more than you think," Cat said. "I still don't have a reason to trust you." She bypassed the first layer of encryption and started on the second.

"Well I'm glad that's been made clear. I don't plan on giving you a reason either and I certainly don't plan on making an effort to trust you either - but I will be sure to pass on a positive report of your work to Tolan when I see him next" Tony responded.

"Tell him I said thanks for my kit," Cat said without looking over at him, but her voice was no longer filled with suspicion. Now she was pissed that she had let herself get cut by that...that...Snowdon. She muttered something under her breath and focused on getting the second layer of encryption decrypted.

Tony nodded. "As you wish. However I'd suggest you hurry up as the hourly sweep is due soon and we still have to get to the armoury. Either you can go with Miss Snowdon and I or I can escort you back to the holding cell and I'll go with her - your choice"

"If you think I'm going to a holding cell, you're nuts," Cat said and meant it. She turned her attention back to the terminal. "Ensigns think they rule the damned quadrant the moment they have a phaser."

"Well in that case then you can go to the armoury with Nealey when you're done here and I'll go and get some sleep. I'm also taking your case with me when you're done as well - so when you're ready put everything back in there and I'll leave you to get acquainted with your best friend out there" Tony replied.

Fifteen minutes later, Cat finished with the encryption and while she had been working, she slipped the ring attachment of the spycorder off and into her pocket without him seeing. At last, she packed up the case while leaving her gloves on and made a show of putting the energy knife in. "There."

"Thank you. See you in the morning" Tony replied.

Nealey watched as Tony disappeared carrying the case and looked over at Catalina. Clearly they shared a mutual dislike of the other but there was a task to be completed and Nealey wasn't planning to let Tolan down.

"Let's just get this done with so we never have to see each other again" Nealey said.

"C'mon," Cat said and headed down the corridor. "Name's Ghatto, Catalina," she said as a start.

"Nealey Snowdon. I'll lead the way" Nealey replied.

Nealey led the way to the armoury and once they reached it Nealey took a quick look around before opening the door and walking inside. With Catalina inside Nealey activated the lights and closed the doors behind them to reveal a large choice of weapons from hand phasers to tetryon pulse launchers.

"I wondered why he told us to stay out of here. There's enough to weapons to equip the Vindex twice over in here" Nealey commented.

Cat walked over to a squad assault phaser and ran her hand over it. "Continuous or three-shot bursts, weights twelve kilos empty, fourteen with the eclip, and can fire one hundred shots before it needs a new cell. Do you think he'd mind if we took this?" she asked.

Nealey shrugged. "Take what you want. As long as we can shoot someone with it I don't think he'll really care what we take"

Nealey looked up and found a Cardassian disruptor rifle - hardly a surprise considering the facility's former use. She gave it a quick once over to check it was working and aimed it at the wall to check if it was comfortable to use.

"I like this - I might just keep it as a souvenir if I get off this horrible planet alive" Nealey commented.

Nealey placed the rifle in a crate to carry them back to her quarters for storage before examining a few other weapons to take for the others.

Nealey sighed. "I don't expect you to trust me or hear me out but can we at least be civil until we're done with this mission? After that I might just put in for a transfer and find an assignment somewhere less...dangerous"

"I can live with that," Cat said as she put a strap on the SAP, then loaded a tactical belt up with two stun grenades, a gas mask hanging off the back, four pairs of restraints and six energy cells.

She put the belt on and adjusted the weight disbursement a bit, then hefted the SAP. "I they have exographic targeting sensors in here?"

Not even responding Nealey opened a cupboard and stood aside - pointing to the contents of the cupboard which included exographic targeting sensors. The room had turned out to be full of a wide range of weapons and Nealey was beginning to wonder why she chose Operations instead of Tactical and Security.

"Are these any good to you?" Nealey said.

"Very," Cat said as she went over and put one on her tactical belt and one over her right eye. "Now can I see through walls."

"Good. Look - I'm sorry I got you with my knife. Let me take a look at it for you when we get this lot back to my quarters - I have a first aid kit in there. After that I'll find you somewhere a bit more comfortable to sleep tonight. There's plenty of empty rooms for you to use" Nealey replied.

"It's fine, but you can take a look at it," Cat said. "Are you sure you trust me in your quarters?"

"You'll never see me again after all of this is over Catalina so I don't think it makes a difference. Let's go before we get too carried away" Nealey replied.

"Sounds good to me," Cat said as she finished loading up another tactical belt complete with exographic targeting sensor likes hers had, but removed the energy cells and added four more stun grenades. When it was does, she handed it to her. "You might need these and you have nice hips to carry it."

Nealey ensured the the armoury was locked and the door was closed before carefully wheeling the crate to her quarters. Once they were outside Nealey opened the door and pushed the trolley inside and offloaded the crate onto the floor before wheeling the trolley into the empty room opposite hers. Returning to her quarters Nealey reached for the first aid kit which she opened and then pointed to her bed.

"Sit on the bed so I can take a look. It's the least I can do for hurting you in the first place" Nealey said.

Cat set the SAP down on the bed beside of her before she pulled her uniform top off with a bit of difficulty on her left arm to reveal just a black bra. She held out her left arm where the cut was visible and had blood caked halfway around her arm. "Here you go," she said.

Nealey held Cat's arm delicately and started to wipe the blood off it with a couple of disinfectant wipes. She then ensured the area around the small wound was thoroughly clean before rubbing in a cream to treat the wound and lastly applying a sterile bandage to the affected area. After tying a knot into the bandage to keep it in place she looked up at the other woman.

"Does it hurt? There's a hypospray in here with some pain relief if you need it" Nealey asked.

Cat hissed when Nealey applied the cream to it and nearly pulled back when she put the bandage on it. "There's no dermal regenerator in there?" she asked as she looked at her arm. "I do have to get my uniform back on."

"Sadly not - it appears Ensign Muniz removed that and either forgot to put it back in or kept it to treat your colleagues in the holding cell. I'm sure you'll manage to get it back on though - if not then nobody else is around to notice you cross the corridor into the opposite room. I promise I won't look" Nealey replied.

"There's safety in numbers," Cat pointed out as she inspected her arm and looked at her SAP. "I can hold off a battalion with that thing alone."

Nealey picked up Catalina's uniform shirt and jumper before offering them to the other woman.

"What do you say we take down that bastard Saalkan ourselves? He's got plenty of guards including that Klingon brute - so there'll be plenty of target practice before we take him out - unless you have other ideas of course..." Nealey replied.

Cat took back her uniform shirt and jumper even though she didn't put it on and sat it aside. She looked up at the brunette woman and gave a small smile. "Did you mean what you said earlier and about kiss and make up?"

Nealey got a little nervous and played with her hair with her left hand before giving Cat a small cute smile. Nealey had found Cat attractive since they carried her from her office to the Clyde a couple of days ago - their confrontation earlier had made Nealey's desire for the other woman even stronger. Sitting on the bed next to Cat she turned and whispered into her ear.

"I won't tell if you don't" Nealey whispered.

Cat turned her head, the feel of Nealey's warm breath in her ear erotic; when she met the woman's eyes, she closed her and leaned in for a soft kiss.

Nealey closed her eyes and placed her left hand on Catalina's right leg and caressed it gently as their lips touched. She then placed her right hand behind Catalina's head and continued to kiss the other woman sensually and sweetly. It felt special as it was her very first kiss - Nealey had never felt comfortable enough to share an intimate moment with anyone before but now it just seemed right.

After a long minute, Cat pulled back and smiled. "Now that is what I call a make up kiss," she said. "Now I'll have to keep picking fights with you to get more."

Nealey beamed. "I might just hang around if that's going to be the case - and I've got room for one more in this sure beats spending the night alone...if you're up for it"

"I think I can handle that," Cat said. "We need to barricade the door for the night, too. I'll rig up a stun grenade to it if someone tries to breach it. We'll be protected from the blast in your room."

"I'm glad to hear it. I'll let you do that and I'll get myself ready for beautiful woman" Nealey replied.

With Cat outside Nealey disrobed and got into bed in her underwear patiently waiting for the other woman to return. To say the evening had taken an interesting turn would be an understatement - but for now at least they could get some rest and start helping the others to escape in the morning.

Cat came in and set her uniform shirt, jumper and SAP near her side of the bed. She took a moment to get the tactical belt, her boots and pants off, then slid under the covers with Nealey. Trying to kill her one minute, she mused. Kissing her the next. Man, this Consortium business is going to kill me. "Goodnight, Nealey," she said.

"Goodnight Cat. Sweet dreams" Nealey whispered.


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