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What Next?

Posted on Sun Mar 5th, 2017 @ 12:24am by Captain Claudia Ainscow & Lieutenant JG José Muñiz & Petty Officer 3rd Class Rebecca Ainscow & Lieutenant No Name

Mission: S1E4 - Remnants Of A Lost Cause
Location: The Facility; Holding Cells
Timeline: Mission Day 68 - 1823 hours

The air was cold and tense as Doqqu opened the door of the holding cell, pushing Claudia and Laena into the room. He took a few steps in and dropped the almost lifeless body of Becky on the floor. Without a word, he turned and left, locking the door behind him.

Laena immediately rushed to Becky's side, "Becky, can you hear me," she said through the sobs, her hands going over the woman's body looking for signs of life.

Claudia moved Laena out of the way gently but firmly and slowly moved her partner's body out of the way of the door with the help of José and then sat against the wall caressing holding Rebecca's head and stroking her hair lovingly.

"What happened?" José asked.

Claudia muttered. "That bastard Saalkan hurt her and she's unresponsive but seems to have a faint pulse. I'm going to make sure that bastard dies a painful death for hurting...Becky..."

Laena sat there for a moment, stunned, but crawled around to the other side, "How do we help?" she asked, wiping the tears from her cheeks with the sleeve of her dirty uniform. "What can we do?"

"I don't know...just...kill him. If she dies...then so do I..." Claudia whispered.

José used the scanner in his medical kit to check Rebecca's lifesigns. They were still there but they were weak and realistically she needed to get to a sickbay sooner rather than later.

"She's stable for now but I don't know how long for. We really need to get her proper medical attention"

Claudia then took off the heart necklace she was given by her mother on her 18th birthday and placed it around Becky's neck before resuming caressing her hair gently.

"I don't care who knows any more...I love you my beautiful amazing girl...more than I can ever say" Claudia sobbed.

Laena put a hand on Claudia's shoulder, "She's going to pull through," she said, trying not to join in on the Captain's crying. "We have to stay strong."

Cat moved over to Becky and checked her even though she only had basic medical first aid from the Academy. "One of us needs to keep her from moving around," she said.

"I'll do my best," Laena said, moving towards Becky's head and holding her by the shoulders.

Claudia lay there and kept stroking her girlfriend's hair as she lay lifeless in her arms. It almost felt like a part of her had gone with the feeling that her girlfriend had been taken away from her. Looking at the woman she had fallen so deeply in love with Claudia felt heartbroken that she wasn't going to get the chance to spend the rest of her life with her - and what was worse - Claudia would have to explain to Grace why Becky hadn't come back.

José continued to run scans of Rebecca and although he wasn't immediately concerned he knew that time was going to run out for her if help wasn't found soon.

"I had no idea you were an item Captain" José said.

Claudia sobbed. "Yeah...for two months. She's all I've ever wanted and now she's being taken away from me - it's not fair - it's just not fair...why didn't he take me instead? Becky is beautiful and amazing and she'd never hurt anybody"

"Don't worry...we'll save her Captain. I promise" José replied sincerely.

Claudia continued to sob as she whispered sweet nothings to Rebecca - hoping that she could hear her - but in reality she knew Becky wouldn't be able to hear anything.

"Get a grip on yourself, Captain," Cat said with barely contained contempt in her voice. "We need you more than ever right now and falling apart over a single person isn't going to save the entire crew!"

Claudia scowled. "If you knew what we had then maybe you'd actually understand what I'm feeling"

"Actually, Captain, I do know," Cat responded.

"Come on you two there's no need for this - let's just take a step back and get Miss Fuentes onto the bed. You should get some rest Captain - and I'm not taking no for an answer" José reasoned.

Claudia reluctantly nodded and helped José get the young woman onto one of the free beds to be monitored whilst Claudia took the bunk on top and almost immediately turned to face the wall and almost immediately drifted off.

"Some rest will do her good. In the mean time - shall we break out some of the rations?" José suggested.

Cat watches Jose get Becky up onto the bed and watched the Captain act as if there were no care in the world before she went to sleep, but elected not to say anything to her. Instead she looked at her friend Becky and silently hoped she would pull through.

After José opened the box of rations that Tolan had given them earlier he looked at Catalina and stood to one side so she could see inside. There was a generous amount in the circumstances but it wasn't going to last very long - a couple of days at most.

"Ladies first - there's plenty of choice" José said.

"Ration bars?" Cat muttered as she took one. "So much for living large. What's the next plan?"

José took one for himself and shrugged before closing the lid. He was a mere helmsman and his only assumption for them taking him hostage was as a back up pilot. But now he was there with his colleagues José couldn't help but wonder what they were all a part of and if they were going to get out alive.

"I guess now we have to take any chance we get to get out of this place so we can get Miss Fuentes some proper medical help. I know Tolan said he'd help us escape but I can't help but think it'll either go wrong or he's lying - I've never really thought he was trustworthy and he was a bit...unusual. What do you make of him?" José replied.

Cat shrugged. "He got me my kit," she said as she unwrapped the ration bar and took a bite of it. "Someone who wasn't on our side wouldn't do that."

While Cat spoke José reached into the box and helped himself to another of the ration bars. They weren't so bad but he'd much prefer a proper meal cooked by Paul or Bovek back on the Vindex instead of eating rations in a cold and dark cell.

"Maybe you're right...although it would have helped if he left it in here with you rather than wherever he's left it. It's just this situation seems more and more like one that's not going to end in a not very nice way. I say we ambush the next person to come in here and make a break for it - at least for Fuentes' sake" Jose said.

"I don't know why, but I think we can trust him," Laena said, leaning against the side of the room they were in. Her legs were pulled up against her chest and her arms were wrapped around her knees with her chin resting on her arms.

"No matter where he left it at, I still have it and that means we're armed and prepared," Cat pointed out.

Muniz nodded. "I'll give him the benefit of the doubt...maybe I'll even buy him a drink if he does keep his promise. As long as we're ready I guess the only thing to do now is just sit and wait for our opportunity to get out of this hole. I wish I could say it was the first time I've been taken hostage but that was nothing compared to whatever that crazy control freak has planned"

"The one I want is Linn," Cat said as she took another bite of the ration bar. "He's been blocking me since I came aboard and making me look like a fool or keeping me in the dark and I'm tired of him. He needs to be put on an unnamed rock in a sector of space that isn't on any maps and left to die."

José paced from one side of the room to the other. Intelligence had never been top of his "departments to trust" list although as Captain Ainscow clearly believed in their skills then José would defer to her decision to have Starfleet Intelligence on the Vindex.

"As he's evidently a part of this Consortium lot while being in a position of extreme trust then that seems fitting. I sadly doubt that any of these bastards will be arrested willingly or alive if help does arrive...then again that wouldn't be a bad thing either" José offered.

"He doesn't seem that bad to me," Laena stated, her head still leaning on her arms. "Saalkan has crazy telepathic powers, what if he forced him? What if he forced them all?"

Muniz shrugged. "I'm not going to be trusting any of that lot until they offer solid proof that somehow Saalkan persuaded them to do what he told them to do. I just don't believe he can somehow persuade all of the people out there to do what he wants them to just doesn't add up to me"

"I don't know and I don't care," Cat said after she finished up her ration bar. "The moment I get the opportunity, he's mine."

Finishing his second ration bar the Spaniard pondered for a few moments whether he had it in him to kill someone wearing the same uniform as him if the need came up. After a few more moments' thought he decided that if it was necessary then he could live with it.

José grinned. "Remind me not to get on your bad side Lieutenant"

"It's not a matter of getting on my bad side," Cat said. "It's a matter of not being a traitor."

"I wonder just how many of them there are. I heard rumours there were something like 12 people on the bigger ships - but there must have been more. How did they manage to take down a starship with 820 people on it so easily? It''s just unbelievable...and cruel" José responded.


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