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Another New Arrival

Posted on Wed Mar 22nd, 2017 @ 12:57am by Captain Claudia Ainscow & Commander Akiva ben-Avram & Lieutenant JG Skot Petryr

Mission: S1E5 - Unknown Territory
Location: Captain's Ready Room (DS-9 dock)
Timeline: Mission Day 74; 10:00

Akiva sat across from Claudia's desk and admired the way she chewed the end of her stylus as they assessed the fiftieth personnel report that day.

"It's good to have you back, Claudia."

It was the third time he'd said it that day. What's more, the statement had interrupted a few moments of silent concentration where they were supposed to be focusing on replenishing the ranks. Still, it didn't matter. Despite everything that had happened, there was some semblance of normalcy with Claudia back behind her desk.

"Thank you Commander. I wish it was in better circumstances but I guess it's a blessing that most of us on Veloz Prime made it back. At least The Consortium threat is ended once and for all..." Claudia responded.

Before Akiva could respond, a communication came through.

=/\=Transporter Room 2 to Captain Ainscow. We have a new arrival eager to report in.=/\=

Claudia replied. "Fancy meeting our new arrival Commander?"

"Here we go again," Akiva quipped.

Skot tugged his collar up a little for the third time in fifteen minutes, both a nervous tick and an attempt to hide the rash from his allergies. It wasn't where it'd show too obviously yet, but he knew from experience that it'd get there soon, and the last thing he wanted was to get lectured on it.

Akiva got to the door of Transporter Room 2 a few steps ahead of Claudia, so when it opened before him, he stepped aside and said, "After you."

Claudia entered the transporter room and waited patiently for the new arrival to beam aboard. There were a lot of arrivals expected over the time they were expected to be docked at Deep Space 9 - although with the amount of losses caused by the mutiny and the resulting combat Claudia was grateful Starfleet were able to be so forthcoming. Thankfully most of the remaining Alwanir survivors had agreed to remain aboard so the shortage of personnel wasn't as severe as it could have been.

"Energise Chief" Claudia instructed.

Skot appeared on the transporter pad, coming to attention after scanning the room. "Lieutenant Petryr Skot reporting for duty, sir." He used the traditional Bajoran naming scheme.

Claudia smiled and stepped forward with a hand extended to Skot. She was aware of a part Bajoran officer coming aboard to reinforce Operations and the gentleman who had just arrived must be that officer.

"A pleasure Lieutenant. I'm Captain Ainscow and this is Commander ben-Avram. Welcome aboard the Vindex" Claudia replied.

"Welcome," Akiva repeated as he extended a handshake.

Skot shook both of their hands, and he frowned when he saw that his rash was visible whenever he moved his arm to do so. Dammit. Spreading faster today.

"Shall we go somewhere a bit more comfortable to continue our little chat? Chief - please take the Lieutenant's bags to his designated quarters" Claudia instructed

The chief nodded and walked up to Skot and offered to take his bags from him.

Skot handed him his bags, "yes, let's."

The transporter chief took Skot's bags and headed off to his quarters. Claudia then gestured for both men to follow her and soon enough they were sat in the Observation Lounge. This was likely going to be her last "welcome aboard introduction" before she got married later that day - in fact it was only a few hours away and she hadn't had time to get ready...yet.

"Can I get either of you gentlemen anything to eat or drink?" Claudia asked.

"No thanks, I ate on the station." Skot said, taking a seat.

"Turkish coffee would hit the spot," Akiva said. "But allow me. Tea for you, Captain?"

Claudia smiled and sat down. Akiva knew her well enough by now that tea had always been her choice of hot beverage and it nearly always made a difference to how she felt.

"Yes please Commander" Claudia replied.

Despite knowing better, since he was currently considered on duty, Skot asked for his favorite, "I'll take a Bajoran Ale if that thing makes it."

Akiva raised an eyebrow and headed to the replicator. "Turkish coffee, hot; English breakfast tea, hot; Bajorane Ale, virgin." He brought Claudia her tea first, then returned for the Bajoran Ale and coffee.
"We're on duty, of course."
Akiva handed off the mug to Skot before seating himself and sipping from his own.

"How is Bajor these days?" Akiva asked between sips.

Skot took a long swig of the drink, and smiled, "the usual." He chuckled, "this was my first time back since I joined."

"I understand that," Akiva said, turning solem and glum. "It's been awhile between visits home myself."

"I have to say, when I first saw Earth it was much more beautiful than I first thought. I'd only heard the accounts from those who'd visited or who knew the Emissary, so it was nice to learn so much about it while I was there." While he knew Starfleet were ones to refer to Sisko by name, Skot couldn't bring himself to do it.

Claudia smiled and accepted her tea from Akiva before taking a slow sip. Bajor was where she'd considered buring Commander Tolan however she was made aware by Grace that Tolan wanted to retire in the Gamma Quadrant and decided to keep his body in the mortuary until a suitable place was found on New Bajor.

"Bajor is a wonderful world. I've visited it so many times...I'm thinking of heading down there after the wedding if my wife to be is agreeable to it. It might be nice for us to get away for a few days or so before we set off through the wormhole again" Claudia said.

"I've only seen a spaceport or two unfortunately," Akiva said. "Never seemed to have enough time to get off the beaten path." He cleared his throat and set his mug down. "On to business, though. I'm a former Operations man myself, Lieutenant. May I ask what your philosophy is when it comes to tasks and duties?"

"I work as hard as I can at whatever I am assigned, no matter how minor." Skot said.

Claudia smiled. "In fact all three of us are Operations people - unlike me throwing Mr ben-Avram in at the deep end I had a bit more time to work my way up. But nevertheless I admire your philosophy as it is one that I also share. I'm sure Lieutenants Kaz and Snowdon will be glad to have you on board to help them out"

"I look forward to working with them." Skot replied, taking a small sip of his drink.

"Don't believe any of the scary rumors you might hear about me," Akiva said. "The truth is probably worse."

Claudia grinned. "Oh I already know that from experience Commander. I've known you for long enough"

Akiva's cheeks slightly reddened despite his own joke. "Yes, well, I figured the lieutenant here deserved fair warning."

Skot chuckled, "Noted, Commander."

"Don't worry. The Ops Chief will take good care of you." Akiva jostled his mug and set it down empty on the table.

"Well there's quite a few new arrivals so you won't have to worry about being the only new person aboard. Even so I'm sure you'll fit right in and please feel free to come and ask either myself, the Commander or your department heads if you need any help" Claudia said.

Skot looked between the two, before speaking to Claudia. "Can I read your Pagh?"

Claudia nodded in response to Skot's unexpected and surprising request. She'd never been asked that before but she supposed it wouldn't hurt.

"Please do. I'm sure the Commander will let you read his too" Claudia replied.

Akiva skeptically nodded.

Skot got up and moved to the Captain's side, grasping her ear firmly. After a few moments he let go with a sigh. "Why must the Prophets hate me!"

"Is something the matter?" Akiva asked.

Claudia was a little perplexed with the man's reaction and turned to face him with her face accurately showing her perplexed feeling.

"What's the matter?" Claudia asked.

Skot ran a hand through his hair, "couldn't get a read, I must've done something to upset the Prophets."

Akiva cocked his head and held back a teasing grin. "I hope it was not the captain who offended them."

Claudia returned the grin and gave Akiva a knowing look. She then looked up at Skot and smiled.

"Don't worry about it - as long as I can get married later I don't mind" Claudia said.

"That I wouldn't know. The Prophets aren't letting me get a read." Skot muttered.

Claudia was relieved to hear that was the case - although it was a little concerning that Skot couldn't get a read of her pagh. Nevertheless she felt good in herself after consulting in the services of Counsellor Maera again. The Deltan had proven her worth to the Vindex crew and Claudia was more than happy to secure her services permanently.

"I'm sure we can try again at some point Lieutenant" Claudia replied.

"Of course," Akiva said. He masked his insincerity with relief that he had been overlooked.

With the meeting going on for another ten or fifteen minutes the three officers went about their business - with Claudia heading off to prepare herself for her wedding. It was a nervous time for her but nevertheless she was excited about marrying the love of her life - and sharing their special day with everyone they served with.


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