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Clear Eyes

Posted on Fri Mar 3rd, 2017 @ 6:00pm by Lieutenant Kazyah Linn

Mission: S1E4 - Remnants Of A Lost Cause
Location: Kaz's Quarters - Veloz Prime
Timeline: Mission Day 69 - 0121 hours

Kaz sat on the couch in his quarters, a tumbler filled with a dark red liquid in his hand. He took another sip of the liquid, feeling the burning sensation as it slid down his throat. In front of him was a mirror, leaning against the wall. The moment he saw his reflection, he was immediately obsessed. But rather than stand in front of it in the bathroom all night, he decided to rip it off the wall and put it in a much more comfortable place.

He kept staring at himself, his eyes gazing over the curve of his lips, his pointed ear, his strong jaw. This wasn't the reflection he remembered, the young gangly boy who was nothing but smiles and big ears. At least he grew into the ears.

Kaz tried to smile, but it quickly faded. While his sight was a beautiful thing, it came at a deep price. His mind wandered to Becky, the young Captain's yeoman. Even now, her life hung in the balance and he had himself to blame. He closed his eyes, trying to feel her presence. Hoping, for nothing else, that he would know if she was still alive. But the hostages were too far away, and he couldn't feel any of them.

He sighed, his fingers going to the rod that now hung around his neck. This mission was fucked, and even if he got off this planet, he was sure a court martial was in his future. Disobeying your orders from Starfleet Intelligence was something that came with a price. But he didn't care what their orders were, he wasn't going to leave the Vindex to its captors. As much as he despised admitting it, he'd become attached to this ship and its crew. And he was going to do everything in his power to save them.

But as he thought about it, he realized he wouldn't be getting off this planet. A calm understanding set in. There were more than a few people who hated him and his role in this situation. Tolan was on his side, but he doubted anyone else would even listen. No, he already knew. If Claudia didn't kill him, Catalina would. And he couldn't blame them for it.

So he sat there, taking another sip of his drink. The reckoning was coming and he was ready. He served Starfleet with honor and he would lay down his life in service of the flag. And he was fucking proud of himself.


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