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Reviewing The Blueprints

Posted on Thu Mar 9th, 2017 @ 6:19pm by Lieutenant Commander Martha Cusack & Major Storr Garlake

Mission: S1E4 - Remnants Of A Lost Cause
Location: USS Vindex (Deck 25)- Marine Barracks
Timeline: Mission Day 68; 15:30

Martha took the plans for the K'Vort-class Bird of Prey down to Storr's office for them to both go over ahead of planning to disable and seize the enemy vessel as part of the plan to use it to infiltrate Veloz Prime. With the PADD in her hand containing the plans Martha reached for the chime next to the door and pressed it - waiting for permission from the Major inside to enter.

The chime from the door was not unexpected. The MCO saved the draft he was working on and closed his console before checking his appearance in the mirror aside the door and running a quick hand through his hair and beard.

"Come," he called, his voice reverberating in the small office.

Martha entered the room clutching her PADD and stood in the middle of the rather small room for a brief moment to analyse her surroundings before moving right up to the desk and placing the PADD on it in front of the Major.

"Here's the blueprints you asked for" Martha said.

Storr smiled at the comely, petite blonde as she sat across from him. Her English accent reminded him of his Sandhurst days and...he stopped his mind from wandering too far and extended his hand.

"I know that we've been thrown together lately but I'm not sure we've formally met. Major Storr Garlake, Marine Commanding Officer of the Two-Five."

Martha extended her hand to meet the Major's and shook it firmly before retracting her hand and introducing herself.

"Lieutenant Martha Cusack - a pleasure" Martha replied.

"Well, I suppose we should get down to business. First of all, what experience, if any at all, do you have with Klingon designs or ship boarding actions?"

"I have some experience of Klingon ships - although this particular design isn't one I've had a great amount of time to study. If they'd chosen a K't'inga-class then I could probably tell you were everything was but unfortunately they had to be a pain in the arse and decide otherwise. My plan is to disable the shield generators so we can board it using the phasers on a rotating modulation until it goes straight through their shields and takes out the shield generator - or until their shields collapse anyway. If you want to link that PADD to your console we can go over the internal layout together and work out a boarding plan" Martha said.

Garlake nodded and did as Martha recommended, the blueprint now displaying under the table's overlay. "Brute force, but I don't see another way given the lack of time and preparation that we have. That, and I always have to smile when thinking about that much firepower," he said with a grin before turning back to the blueprint. "Now, I asked for the shaded glasses because every Klingon cruiser I've seen pictures of or the one I've been on have all been very low lit. I'm not sure if Klingons are sensitive to bright light or just don't prefer it but I'm betting that it'll be just enough to distract them for immediately after we arrive."

Drawing several circles and lines emanating from them, the Marine Major continued. "This will obviously be a contested boarding action and we'll need to take engineering immediately...we can control the transporters from there if necessary, and prevent a self-destruct if necessary. The crew compliment is six to twelve but I would be that it's on the lower side, being as how they're mercenaries to the Consortium rather than a fully-equipped front-line Klingon ship. It'll be tight in there, too...I don't think that we can bring any more than eight with us and two as backup," Looking up and across the table at the Security Chief, he met her eyes with deadly seriousness. "That means five Marines and three security members. If you or they haven't gotten into a bad-breath-distance fight with a Klingon, this will be a do-or-die situation...and we haven't even gotten to the complete unknown of the base on the surface."

Martha nodded in agreement and listened - she had practiced CQC with Klingon opponents on the holodeck and it took some getting used to - but this was the real thing and it was going to be a very tough encounter.

"I would suspect there could be a few more people on board considering the circumstances - I'm not sure a dozen Klingons would be enough to keep that thing flying, watch over the hostages and also take turns at having a break - I think there could be as many as 18 on board but I could be wrong. I think your plan works - if we can take Engineering then I think we've got a few options to subdue our opponents...but yes...this is going to be tough. I think it would be wise to disable communications as soon as we beam aboard so they can't call for any backup" Martha replied.

Storr nodded solemnly. "I understand where you're coming from, but I'm going with no more than 12; it's the maximum normal crew compliment and if they indeed have any extra, they would have beamed planetside in order to guard the prisoners. Regardless, even if there are more, if we brought any more along we'd be tripping over each other and the possibility of fratricide would be very real." Looking back over the blueprint, the size of the Bird of Prey truly struck him as he shook his head. "You're right about communications, though I think we need to talk with comm or engineering on the Endurance to see if we can't jam them as soon as we drop out of warp."

Leaning back, he steepled his fingers, his eyes shading as he looked past the desk. "I think that that's as good as we're going to get for now, Martha. Do you have anything else?"

"Yeah...true. Of course that's not to say I don't think we can manage with eight in our party though - I'm just hypothesizing about the possibilities as I usually tend to. However, I do think we should speak with Captain Holmes once we're aboard the Endurance so we can put your plan to him and give us the maximum amount of time to prepare. If we can jam communications before we beam aboard then great...I just hope he'll let me at that Tactical console of his to target that shield generator. This is the sort of thing that I like to do myself...especially as it'll be leading us to getting our own people back. I guess you could say I owe Captain Ainscow a favour or two" Martha replied.

Storr nodded. "Fair enough, Martha. I'll speak with Commander ben-Avram and get us on Captain Holmes' schedule after our arrival to get you on that console for the initial attack. I'll speak with Marine Captain Wilcox to see if we can't arrange for some support from the 3/1 'Thundering Third'". The imposing Marine stood and shook her hand again. "Thanks again for coming by and remember...hope isn't a strategy," he said with a wink and a grin.

"I look forward to working with you Mr Garlake. For now however I shall leave you to it and make the necessary preparations at my end - thank you for your time" Martha replied.

Martha collected her PADD from the desk and made her way out of the Major's office and back towards her own to start devising who she was going to be taking with her. In her mind there were only two choices anyway - her wife Lucia and Warrant Officer Lee - as both were the only ones who had experience with close quarters combat with Klingons and that was going to be crucial if their mission was going to be a success.


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