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Getting Underway

Posted on Sun Jun 26th, 2016 @ 3:52pm by Captain Claudia Ainscow & Commander Tolan & Lieutenant T'Mia & Lieutenant Commander Soren Himmel & Commander Akiva ben-Avram & Lieutenant Noah Fields M.D. & Lieutenant Elijah "Eli" Dreznik & Major Storr Garlake & Lieutenant JG Imogen Kaz & Lieutenant JG Tora Benjarvi & Lieutenant JG Annie Wilson

Mission: S1E1 - Booby Trap
Location: Deck 1; Observation Lounge
Timeline: Mission Day 2; 12:00

Claudia had decided now was a good a time as any to launch and get underway on their first mission. She left her Ready Room and stood in front of her chair and looked over towards Annie Wilson at the helm position. She took a moment before issuing the order to request permission to depart.

"Mr Tora - open a channel to the Starbase and signal we are ready to depart when they are" Claudia requested.

After a good night's sleep, shower and good breakfast, Benj had done some more checking on the missing rifles, but to no avail. They had either been transferred off the station, or were so hidden on the station that no one could find them. So Benj had transferred the information to the Security of the Station for them to investigate and requisitioned 20 more rifles. He had personally seen to their delivery and counted and tracked each one before signing off on taking the order. Now, he was on the bridge to work his shift. Standing at his console directly behind the XO, Benj had to marvel at the design of the ship and the bridge. He had an excellent view of the main screen, and 80% of the bridge. His only concern was the turbolift in his blind spot.

He was also very close to the XO and CO... close enough to hear their conversations if they spoke in normal tones.

"Aye Captain", said Benj, pressing a few buttons on the console. The familiar beep of a comm channel opening pinged from his console. He submitted the Captain's request to disembark to the Operations/Flight Control station on Unity Station. It was just a few seconds before the response came in that they were cleared to leave. "Permission granted, Captain. They say good luck and good hunting."

"Thank you Lieutenant. Miss Wilson - aft thrusters until we're clear of Starbase Unity and then set course for Trialus - Warp 5" Claudia ordered.

She gave a simple nod to Claudia to confirm that she had listened to and understood her request.

They were finally leaving, and Annie was delighted, she found sitting in star bases very boring. She wanted to get on with their mission, whatever it was, and start repaying the faith that Claudia seemed to show in her. After looking for Trialus in the database, Annie selected that as their destination and engaged the thrusters, which slowly but surely moved the Vindex out of the star base and out into space.

After Annie determined the distance between the star ship and the star base was enough, and it was safe to go to warp speed, she engaged the engines.

Claudia turned to face her Bajoran Security Chief again. She decided to brief her crew on their mission now - especially after Lieutenant Tolan had completed his tasks aboard Starbase Unity allowing for them to depart earlier than Claudia anticipated that they would be.

"Mr Tora - signal to the senior staff to report to the observation lounge in ten minutes for a mission briefing" Claudia said before making her way into the observation lounge.

"Aye Captain." Benj tapped a few keys on the console, connecting his combadge to all of the senior staff.

=/\=Attention Senior Staff, please report to the observation lounge in ten minutes for mission briefing. =/\=

Then Benj shut down his combadge and motioned for Ensign Alvarez to come take over his position. Across the bridge he saw similar transitions taking place.

Ten minutes later Claudia was sat at the top of the table in the observation lounge waiting for her senior staff to arrive for the briefing. Tolan was in her ready room finishing reading over the mission notes having requested somewhere private to study the information before joining the briefing.

Benj entered the observation lounge and looked around. So far it was just him and the Captain. He took a seat 2 down from her on the left side and grabbed one of the glasses on the table and poured some water in it from the pitcher. Settling back, he waited for the others to join.

Lieutenant T'Mia entered the observation lounge and took a seat at the table to the immediate right of the Captain.

Noah followed and took his seat as well. But not before he hung his lab coat on the back of the chair.

Eli Dreznik fell in quickly behind the Doctor. As usual, he had a steaming cup of heavily sweetened black coffee in one hand and a middle-sized PADD in the other. Although he seemed focused on the data display device, he was keenly aware of everybody else. "Afternoon, all," he said, raising his coffee cup slightly in greeting.

Behind Dreznik rolled in Soren. A little less stressed, given that the ship was launching there wasn't much more he could do to prepare. The gel packs and other glitches had been taken care of, all he could do was hold his breath. A cup of hot coffee also accompanied Himmel as he nodded in recognition to those present. He then took his seat at the table next to the Science Officer.

The Marine CO strode in immediately after the CEO, nodding to the group in general as he entered and made his way to the nearest empty seat, which happened to be directly to the left of the Captain.

Annie was next to arrive, she went to the furthest seat she could find away from the others, deciding she didn't feel ready to interact in larger groups, but as she had been ordered to be there Annie didn't have any choice in the matter.

Once again, Akiva found himself fashionably late behind most of the early birds. His eyes swept the lounge from one side to the other and then back again. He cleared his throat, but said nothing. After a moment of awkward silence, he lowered his head and engrossed himself with his PADD to wait for the briefing to be called to order.

Benj watched them all enter with some level of interest. Something in his mind said "Deja vue". It was just like it was yesterday that they were all meeting to talk about their mission... oh wait, it was. Looking at the time, it was almost time for the Captain to get started.

Imogen was one of the last to arrive, taking one of the empty seats, looking around at the rest of the assembled crew.

Tolan had finished reading the mission notes and he made his way to the observation lounge. The Suliban entered and took the seat to Claudia's left and placed the PADD he was clutching on the table's smooth glass surface.

"Thank you all for coming. This is Lieutenant Tolan who will be acting as our Mission Advisor for the duration of our assignment - he will be conducting the briefing. The floor is yours Mr Tolan" Claudia said.

Tolan gave a single nod before walking up to the console behind Claudia and activating it. He brought up the trajectory of the missing ship and turned to face the officers assembled in the room to give them the details of their first mission.

"Good afternoon, all. We've been tasked to track down a missing starship that the task force's senior staff are very keen to locate and bring back to Starbase Unity. The vessel in question is the USS Renown which left around a week ago and hasn't been seen or heard of since. It's a refitted Excelsior-class starship equipped with the same torpedo and phaser systems as the Vindex and has a crew compliment of 880. It was headed for the Rakhar system to conduct a survey - so we've been instructed to start looking there. We are however under orders to destroy the vessel if it has fallen into enemy hands and it is irretrievable" Tolan said.

"What is known of the Rakhar system?" Akiva asked. "I admit to be less than familiar with this quadrant."

"Not a great deal unfortunately Lieutenant. We're hoping that if we find the Renown and it's still on our side we can find out more about the Rakhar system without having to commit our already limited forces to conducting another survey. Initially the survey was carried out on the orders of a different chain of command - however given the current situation I think the circumstances warrant finding out as much as we can ourselves" Tolan replied.

Claudia sat taking in the mission briefing that Tolan was giving them. She knew what they were in for but she felt it was important her senior staff knew exactly the same information as herself and Tolan did. She agreed with his point that it would be more beneficial to retrieve the information the Renown would have collected instead of using vital resources to undertake another the Rakhar system.

"Have they gone silent," Noah asked. "Or are they just beyond where subspace communications can reach?"

Tolan knew it was likely down to the Renown's commanding officer opting to maintain radio silence to avoid detection for as long as possible. Knowing Captain Hutchinson from having read his profile the Suliban knew he wouldn't be foolish and give away the Renown's position by attempting to contact Starbase Unity again.

"My guess is Captain Hutchinson has opted for radio silence. A clever move - but a worrying one at the same time" Tolan replied.

"Perhaps there is a way to trace their warp signature?" Akiva suggested, looking first to Eli and then Soren. "If only to give us a starting point."

Tolan nodded. "Although it's likely they've masked it upon going into hiding there's a good chance they won't have masked it for the entire journey length as the wormhole was still in our hands when the Renown departed Starbase Unity - so that's something we can go off and hopefully work out their next move. The Renown isn't as fast as the Vindex so we should be able to "

Claudia agreed that given the circumstances the Renown's commander will more than likely have taken whatever measures necessary to protect his vessel and crew.

"I'd like Mr Dreznik, Mr Himmel and Mr ben-Avram to work on tracking the Renown as best as possible - Mr Tolan will be available to assist you - Miss Wilson it might be beneficial for you to assist as well when possible. Mr Tora I'd like you to work with Mr Garlake and Miss Kaz to formulate an attack and defence plan once we get there just in case the need arises. Mr Fields - we could have some casualties if the Renown decides to turn on us so keep sickbay on standby" Claudia said.

Soren spoke, "It shouldn't be too much trouble to track the trail. If we have all the correct information of Renown and her crew, than we can possibly theorize what method they used, perhaps pick up faint ion signatures. It's worth some fiddling to get on the right track." He gave a nod to Lieutenant Dreznik and ben-Avram.

"Agreed," said Eli with a slight nod. He tapped a control on the table and the holographic projectors above hummed to life. It showed a regional map, with a point highlighted by a red flashing Starfleet chevron. "This is the last reported position of the Renown. Grid seventeen-two, at coordinates 28 mark 12 mark 47."

Storr nodded to the Bajoran Tac/Sec officer and the new Operations Officer who must have arrived just at the buzzer, having not been at the previous meeting. She was...quite pleasing to the eyes, as her black hair and blue eyes framed a youthful face with the distinctive trill markings down the edge of her neck to below her neckline. Being as how this phase of the briefing was not one aimed towards his specialties, the Marine CO stayed quiet and simply observed, taking in as much as he could.

Lieutenant T'Mia had sat in silence, tapping away on her data PADD and making notes of all the Captain's orders. If she was going to support her leader and her subordinates, the Executive Officer would have to be fully versed on everything that was being expected of them.

Claudia was happy that her crew were keen to get going on their mission. She noted T'Mia's silence but it seemed more of a positive silence rather than a negative one. She smiled her crew and stood up behind her chair - resting her hands on the top of the headrest.

"If nobody has any questions then let's get to work. Thank you all for coming - I will call a briefing again soon to let you know a bit more about who we're facing" Claudia said.


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