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Posted on Sun Mar 19th, 2017 @ 12:36am by Captain Claudia Ainscow & Commander Tolan & Lieutenant JG José Muñiz & Lieutenant JG Anthony Andrews & Sergeant Bella Zaltin & Petty Officer 3rd Class Rebecca Ainscow
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Mission: S1E4 - Remnants Of A Lost Cause
Location: The Facility; Holding Cells
Timeline: Mission Day 69; 10:00

Tolan and Tony made their way to the holding cell containing Claudia, Becky, José, Laena and Bella. They were armed to the teeth thanks to the crate of weapons Nealey and Cat secured for them. Arriving at the holding cell the two men placed the crate down before Tolan deactivated the forcefield in front of the door and then opening it.

After dragging the case inside the two men looked at the surprised occupants of the room.

"Alright...we're getting out of here. Now" Tolan said.

Tony opened the weapons crate and stood to one side.

"There's enough in here for everyone" Tony said.

Tolan nodded. "Indeed. There's a bit of a problem - Saalkan brought in some more reinforcements last night so we're really up against it - however help is on the way and it will be here imminently - but we're going to have to fight our way out"

"What about Becky? She's still in no state to fight" Claudia asked.

Tolan smiled. "As soon as help arrives they will lock onto her commbadge signal and beam her directly into a medical bay. Our way out isn't the most luxurious transport on offer...but it's a way out of here"

"I don't care how luxurious it is. I just want to get out of this hole in the ground and back to the Vindex" José commented.

Tony nodded. "We all do - and we will"

"What about Saalkan?" Claudia queried.

Tolan grinned. "He'll be taken care of. I promise"

"Can you shoot him an extra time for me? And three extra times for Becky," Laena said, picking up a phaser rifle that almost looked bigger than she was

Claudia smiled. "Don't you worry - I'll take care of him. I'd like you to go with the others and get to safety - Tolan and I will take care of him and make sure he knows how many people he's hurt."

José helped himself to a rifle and after testing the aim to ensure it was right for him he gave a satisfied nod and waited patiently for the signal to depart.

"When are we getting this show on the road?" José asked.

Tolan replied. "Soon. Very soon"

Bella groggily shook her head at the sounds of...voices? She was barely able to raise herself to her elbow and look around before being taken by an intensely harsh bout of vertigo and vomited on the floor in front of her. Rolling onto her back and then to the other side, she hugged her sides with fervor, curling into the fetal position for several minutes before the pain and disorientation subsided. With several deep breaths she managed to work her way to her feet in a very unfamiliar place.

"I...where...ugh," she said, throwing her hand up and finding Tony's shoulder for stability as she bent down with her head at her waist before raising back up to a 3/4 stature. "Where are we? What's going on? And how long have I been out?"

"A while Sergeant. We're on Veloz Prime in a former Maquis base but it's alright - we're working on a plan to get out of here. If it all goes to plan the Vindex will have hijacked the Bird-of-Prey we arrived on so the rescue party will be able to sneak in without arousing any suspicion" Tolan said.

Whilst Tolan spoke Claudia helped herself to a Klingon disruptor rifle and a handful of stun grenades. It almost felt like they were going to war - but if they were going to get out of this place alive then they were going to need all the weapons they could get hold of.

José grinned. "Got enough there Captain?"

"You can never have enough weapons Mr Muniz" Claudia replied - smiling.

Eyeing the weapon crate, Sergeant Zaltin found her footing and assumed a kneeling stance next to it. Rummaging around for a few moments, a smile broke her previously pallor appearance. "A Ferengi energy whip? Surprise surprise...looks like things are about to get interesting."

"Good choice. I've seen one of those in action...I'm just glad I wasn't on the receiving end of it" Tony said.

Tony selected the remaining phaser rifle - choosing to stick with a weapon he knew and trusted to do the job. With the crate now almost empty the Tactical Officer handed out the remaining side arms before closing the now empty crate.

As they sat waiting patiently the call they were waiting for finally arrived - they were on time - but the suspense of waiting for the trojan horse to arrive was just too much and it felt like an age.

=/\="Cusack here. We're in orbit and ready to receive Miss Fuentes when you are"=/\=

"Alright...I think it's time to get this show on the road" Tolan said.

=/\="Acknowledged. Lock onto her commbadge signal"=/\= Claudia replied.

Just before Rebecca beamed away Claudia kissed her partner on her forehead and whispered 'I love you' into her ear. Once Becky was confirmed to be on the Bird-of-Prey the Tolan looked at the team who had assembled.

"Mr Andrews - I want you to lead Miss Laena and Mr Muniz to the surface to secure the Bird-of-Prey. Mr Muniz will be able to provide Miss Fuentes with the medical care she needs in the dedicated facility aboard the ship. Miss Zaltin - you're with the Captain and I" Tolan instructed.

Tony and José nodded to confirm they understood their instructions.

Bella nodded to Tolan. While she would be the subject matter expert when it came to small unit tactics, she also recognized that there was already a plan in place and she was playing catch-up at the moment; regardless, if there was to be action, she knew that she would be at the front of it.

Laena looked between Anthony and José, giving them both a weak smile. "I'll be honest, my only time with phasers was in Basic Training, so...I'll do my best," she said, hoping the guys wouldn't see her as too much of a burden.

"Not at all" Tony replied.

Tolan and Claudia led Bella towards where they believed Saalkan would be hiding - presumably his personal laboratory which was on another level. Armed to the teeth the trio carefully slipped through the shadows - carefully looking around each corner to ensure the coast was clear until proceeding.

"This is where your expertise comes in Sergeant - do you think we should go for a head-on attack or try and sneak into the lab?" Tolan asked.

Sergeant Zaltin thought for a was the classic conundrum. "Well, given what you've told me about this psychopath and his extra-sensory capabilities, he more than likely will know that we're coming so any sneaking on our part would only be frustrating and potentially put us in a poor position timing and position-wise," she said to the Suliban as they walked down the dark corridor, their footfalls echoing louder than she would have liked.

"Besides," she continued, "if we go 'up the middle' and initiate the confrontation, his attention will be on us, hopefully letting the others move into a more tactically advantageous position." Left unspoken was her desire to be 'first in', as she wasn't about to pass up the opportunity to have the 2/5 be the ones launching the first-stike on Saalkan. That, and it would chafe Storr's hide something fierce that his First Shirt was the one to get her licks in before he could arrive.

Tony and José led the way out of the facility - opting to take the longer way round to try and avoid the guards who were protecting the shorter route between the holding cell and the access ramp to the landing pads outside of the base.

"Alright Miss Laena - you go in the middle as the middle is usually the last target so we'll be able to offer you a bit more protection. I'll take the rear" Tony said.

Laena did as she was told, walking between the two men. "You don't have to call me miss, by the way," she said. "You both actually outrank me so it's actually a bit weird."

"I'm just being polite - but as you insist" Tony replied.

José led the way towards the exit and so far it was all clear - but he wasn't going to rest on his laurels for too long. This facility was heavily guarded and there was no way the trio - or the others - would escape very easily.

Having not realized the man in front of her had stopped, Laena ran into him, the rifle falling from her hands. "Oh my gosh," she said as the rifle clanged to the floor with a loud noise. In her fear, she had grabbed onto José, her arms wrapped around his shoulders.

José was surprised to hear the loud noise of the clattering rifle and also feeling the young woman's arms wrapped around his shoulders. He wasn't complaining - but they needed to keep moving as best as they could to avoid being spotted.

"Are you alright senorita?" José asked.

Tony could see the young woman was anxious and he gave her a few moments to compose herself - keeping watch to the rear and ahead of his colleague while he tried to reassure Laena so they could keep moving.

"I'm sorry," she said a few different times, bending down to pick up the weapon from the floor. Laena pushed a few locks of hair from her face, tucking them behind her ear as she cradled the weapon. "I'm so sorry."

José was concerned for Laena and after placing his weapon to one side he held the young woman at arm's length reassuringly and decided that perhaps this wasn't the best situation for her to be in right now.

"You shouldn't be doing this. Come on - I'll give you a ride out of here on my back. I insist" José replied.

"No," she said, mustering all the courage she could to put into her voice. "I'm fine, I just got startled. I can do this," she said, her resolve convincing herself of her own words.

José nodded after collecting his rifle the Spaniard started to continue down the corridor - with Tony still bringing up the rear. He was still concerned for the young Stellar Cartographer but there was little they could do if she was insistent on carrying on herself.

Just as they thought they were in the clear two guards stood in their way of the door they needed to travel through. The duo spotted then and thinking quickly José pulled Laena to safety as Tony lay down cover fire and took a position to fire from opposite José.

"We need back up down here!"

"Shit. Looks like we're fighting our way out of this one..." Tony cursed.

Laena hid behind the bulkhead, phaser fire flying past her and hitting the opposite wall. She took a deep breath, holding the rifle close to her chest. She closed her eyes, she had to get through this. Cocking the weapon, she waited for a lull in the phaser fire and slid her rifle out, pulling the trigger as fast as she could.

With the phaser fire exchange becoming deadlier by the minute it was clear the trio had a fight on their hands to get past the growing numbers of enemies approaching them. José decided the best way to get out of this would be to make use of the stun grenades Tony and himself had picked up from the box in the holding cell.

Silently getting Tony's attention he pointed to the stun grenades on his belt and Tony nodded to confirm he understood. Seconds later the two men were ready and had primed two stun grenades - one each - before throwing them and successfully taking out half of their opponents.

"Damn it. We need back up!"

"Oh no you don't" Tony snarled.

Tony fired at the man about to call for help with his communicator and made sure there would be no call for back up whilst José continued to lay down supporting fire. The exit was so close but the Spaniard could almost feel the air from the planet's surface - all they had to do was take out the trio still shooting at them whilst trying to recover their colleague's communicator.

"Where is the destination?" Laena asked, her voice yelling in hopes the other two men heard her over the phaser fire. She ducked back behind the bulkhead as another volley of phaser fire shot past and impacted the wall across from her.

"We're nearly there...take it easy Laena" Tony replied.

Tony lobbed another stun grenade before laying down some relentless phaser fire. After what was a long and fierce firefight the last of the enemies were subdued.

"Right...on we go" José said.

José led Laena out of their firing position whilst Tony brought up the rear again - scanning for any potential ambushes. With the exit door already open it looked like the away party had made it into the facility. After scanning the outside perimeter Tony gestured for the others to follow him and ran towards the Bird of Prey.

=/\="Andrews to Lucia Cusack - we're outside. Beam us aboard"=/\=

Lucia had been left aboard the Bird of Prey to hold the fort and keep an eye on Chris to ensure he didn't deteriorate as a result of his injury.

=/\="One second"=/\= Lucia replied.

A few moments later Lucia beamed the trio aboard the Bird of Prey's bridge. She turned to face them and smiled - happy to see Tony, José and Laena were alive and appeared to be well.

"It's good to see you again" Lucia said.

Laena nodded, obviously fighting back tears. "It's good to see you too," she said, leaning the phaser rifle against the wall. If she never had to use one of those again, it would be too soon.

Lucia stood up and gave the young woman a hug to reassure her whilst Tony took position at the Tactical station and José the helm. Preparation was going to be key if they were going to get everyone out of this situation alive.

"Come on sweetie. You're safe now...nobody's going to hurt you again" Lucia whispered.

Laena nodded, swallowing hard. "Where do you need me?" she asked, taking a deep breath. "We have a lot of people down there who need to be rescued. Let's go get them."


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