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Posted on Sat Mar 18th, 2017 @ 11:56pm by Lieutenant Kazyah Linn & Commander Tolan
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Mission: S1E4 - Remnants Of A Lost Cause
Location: Private Lab
Timeline: Md 69; 10:00


The Klingon was patrolling nearby and stormed his way into Saalkan's private lab within seconds. He quickly assessed Saalkan writhing on the floor, pulling at his own ears and screaming about Tolan--and then the maintenance hatch on the adjacent wall falling into place. From there, the maintenance corridor could lead to a supply area, and conceivably throughout the entire complex via ventilation ducts.

Without missing a beat, Doqqu left his Vulcan master and took chase. He was through the hatch in a heartbeat, then down the corridor in another. A pair of black boots were just disappearing down a shaft when he stuck his beefy arm inside and yarded out a lithe little Suliban.

"You are supposed to be dead," Doqqu said through gritted teeth.

Tolan grinned. "I'm really sorry to disappoint you. I can still smell you as well - I got your odour from all the way down the corridor"

Doqqu shot out a hard fist which he fully expected the much smaller and leander Suliban to block with both arms. He took advantage of the opening and brought his free hand down against the base of Tolan's neck with a meaty clap, then threw the stunned Suliban upside down against the wall.

Although slightly dazed Tolan reacted quickly and took out his d'k tahg which he held above his right shoulder ready to strike his much larger and stronger opponent with. After feigning an attack the more agile Suliban went the other way and slashed his opponent across his torso before moving out of the way of the Klingon's next attack.

The slash was quick but telegraphed in advance. Still, Doqqu barely evaded a critical wound. He rubbed his chest and came away with a faint trickle of blood. Snarling, he licked his own fingers before removing his bat'leth. With Tolan's successful strike, Doqqu abandoned his vigorous approach and adopted a measured stance.

"It is a good day to die," he said as he circled around in slow precision to block both the shaft and the distant doorway.

The bat'leth edges whirled in a rowing motion, first the left side, then the right. Doqqu stamped his feet in fine tuned rhythm with his advance. Tolan's d'k tagh gracefully deflected each strike to one side, angering Doqqu. He stepped back, swung the bat'leth over and behind his head, and brought it down to the ground in a vertical slash.

Tolan easily evaded, though he had to jump out of attack range to do so.

With his opponent nearly cornered, Doqqu flung his bat'leth at Tolan, forcing him to duck. Doqqu then lunged forward right behind his airborne blade with a savage kick aimed for the crouched Suliban's head. Tolan attempted to slash his foot, but the counter was too slow. Rather than strike Tolan in the head, Doqqu's boot found his knife hand. The d'k tagh flew free and clattered on the ground a couple meters away.

Doqqu put his hands close together above one shoulder and brought them down in a combo chop.

Tolan swivelled out of the way of Doqqu's attack and with all his strength the Suliban punched the Klingon square on the chin with his right fist before quickly striking again with his left fist and finally his right fist. He then ran to collect his d'k tahg from the floor and sprinting away down the corridor as fast as he could. His cover was now blown but that didn't matter - the uprising had already begun and it was only going to end one way or another.

Doqqu tumbled and rolled across the cold, hard floor. He tried to spring back to his feet, but his balance just wouldn't allow it. The best he managed at first was one knee, then back to all fours until he finally got both feet underneath him.

The door had not opened, of that Doqqu could be certain. The d'k tagh near the shaft, though, was missing.

"Ha'DI bah k'pect!"

Tolan, of course, was long gone. Doqqu collected his bat'leth and returned it to his back as he ran back to the lab.

Kaz walked, quickly, into Saalkan's private lab, a place he wasn't a big fan of anymore. Though the argument could be made that Kaz was never a fan of this room, the possibility of ever having a fondness for it went out the airlock when he almost killed a woman. But despite his feelings, he had a mission. Tolan's orders were to stay by Saalkan's side and that's what he was going to do.

"Father?" Kaz asked upon entering the room, grimacing internally at the show he was being required to put on. As long as he didn't have to kiss the man again, he could get through this.

"Tolan!" The Vulcan was stomping about the room, shouting at corners and jumping at shadows. "Show yourself!"

Kaz scrunched his forehead in confusion, "Father, Tolan is dead. I told you that last night." He walked up to the Vulcan and put a hand on his shoulder, "Are you feeling alright?"

"P'taQ!" Doqqu entered the lab while Kazyah spoke and then leveled his disruptor at Kazyah's back. "Tolan lives! What have you done to Saalkan?"

Turning around, Kaz put his hand on the side of the disruptor and pushed it aside, "First, Tolan is dead. I pushed him from a very high drop and checked his pulse before I left. Second, I haven't done anything to Saalkan, I just got here!"

"Liar! I just fought with Tolan hand to hand before he ran away like a coward." Doqqu dropped his disruptor and pulled his bat'leth in a swift arc against Kaz's throat. "Tolan is not dead," Doqqu said to Saalkan without looking away from Kaz. "My eyes do not lie as this one does."

Saalkan began to return to his senses. "My son, explain yourself."

"The last time I saw Tolan, he was dead," Kaz said through gritted teeth, his eyes looking at Saalkan, ignoring the Klingon man in front of him. "His heart wasn't beating."

"Then how is it I heard his voice?" Saalkan asked, his face rent between disbelief and wrath.

"And I tasted his blade?" Doqqu barked, gesturing toward his torn garment.

"I don't know," Kaz said. "But I can fix this, father," he said, still not looking at Doqqu. "He will not interrupt your plans."

Saalkan regarded the man with a deep, penetrating gaze. His eyes narrowed. "Failure is for the weak," the Vulcan said. "You will fix this. Now."

A boom rocked the ground beneath their feet. All three men tottered about, fighting for balance.

"What in Gre'thor was that?" Doqqu barked.

Realization settled over Saalkan. The Vulcan paled in horror. "It was my Vorl-tak."

"Your what?" Doqqu scowled in his ignorance. He did not like it when knowledge eluded him.

"Something terrible has happened," Saalkan said breathlessly as he assessed his multi-screens. "My ladder to heaven... gone."
Tension filled the room along with a charge of undefinable telepathic energies. His eyes were wroth.
"Tolan is the least of our concerns, it would appear." He turned to Doqqu. "Assemble security. We have infidels to purge."

The Klingon snarled in contempt before setting off to follow his orders.


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