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A Fine Name For A Fine Ship

Posted on Sat Mar 18th, 2017 @ 6:23pm by Rear Admiral David Hutchinson Sr & Captain Isobel Joyce & Lieutenant Commander Rafael Muñiz & Commander Carl Redmond & Lieutenant Ian Tilston
Edited on on Wed Mar 22nd, 2017 @ 2:35am

Mission: S1E4 - Remnants Of A Lost Cause
Location: USS Renown; USS Derbyshire
Timeline: Mission Day 66; 12:30

News had been broken to Commodore Hutchinson that the USS Renown was to be retired from service and turned into a museum in the Gamma Quadrant - a fitting end to what had been a very illustrious and lengthy career for the veteran Excelsior-class starship. The Renown crew had been given a brand new starship to call their home and with the Renown docked at Deep Space 15 for the final time David called his crew into the briefing room for the final time. With everyone present the Northern Irishman stood at the top of the table and looked around the room slowly at everyone present before beginning.

"I have called you all here today because Starfleet has chosen to retire the Renown from service and turn her into a museum out here in the Gamma Quadrant. Rest assured however that we will be given plenty of time to retrieve our belongings and transfer over to our new ship which is in the next dock after being delivered from Utopia Planitia" David said.

Isobel was the first to reply. The Renown had been a fine ship but even with the modifications it was really starting to show its age and now seemed like the right time to change over to a new ship.

"What are we getting?" Isobel asked.

David shrugged. "That I don't know yet Commander - although I'm taking a shuttle to inspect the new ship in half an hour or so - anyone here who wishes to join me is more than welcome to do so. We launch our new ship in three days so please ensure you have all of your personal belongings together by the end of tomorrow"

Rafael was saddened to hear the Renown was being retired but equally he was looking forward to seeing what new ship they would be given to continue their adventures on. He nodded to confirm he was planning to join David on the shuttle to inspect the new ship.

"Here's hoping for something fitting for a Commodore" Rafael commented.

David smiled. "Let's hope so. Even I don't know so hopefully it's a case of a good thing coming to someone who's waited. The last new ship I commanded was the USS Blackburn which was a Sentinel-class - nice ship too. Anyway...any more questions?"

Carl nodded. "Yes - do we get to christen the bar of the new ship later?"

David chuckled - the Liverpudlian Commander had always been keen to add humour and today was no exception. Giving a nod to Carl to confirm this would be the case he replied.

"Bang on the button Commander" David responded.

With the meeting concluded David headed down to the shuttlebay to prepare for the flight over to the new ship. The Renown's location was yet to be decided but for now it was to be partially mothballed at Deep Space 15 with the warp drive kept active for its final flight to its final destination. David was hoping he could offer some input to the Renown's final location - but for now he was more focused on getting to grips with his new ship and hoping the Vindex Crisis could be alleviated sooner rather than later.

With all of the Renown's command team aboard the shuttle with recently promoted Lieutenant Oonias at the helm. Departing the Renown the Benzite man carefully piloted the craft away from the dock and banked to port to get to the next dock where their new ship was waiting.

"My money's on Sovereign" Ian commented.

Isobel grinned. "I think Insignia. What about you Commodore?"

"I'll take whatever's there" David replied - smiling.

A few minutes later their guesses were all proven incorrect. Inside the dock was a state of the art Century-class starship ready to go at Commodore Hutchinson's command. The Commodore couldn't help but let a massive grin spread across his face as it was what he was secretly hoping for.

"A Century-class? Bloody hell that's a surprise" Carl commented.

David nodded. "I love the Renown but this is something else. Take us over the dorsal side Mr Oonias - let's see what she's called and find a docking port so we can have a sneak preview"

"Of course sir" Oonias replied.

Taking the shuttle over the dorsal side the occupants of the shuttle all eagerly looked out the forward window of the craft as the dorsal side of the Century-class starship got closer and closer. A few moments later they had their answer.

"The USS Derbyshire...the fourth to carry the name. A fine name for a fine ship" David commented.

Isobel smiled. "How very British. I like it"

"Likewise. Reminds me of home" Ian replied.

David looked at the Tactical Officer and smiled - not knowing the man was from Derbyshire prior to his comment the Commodore decided to ask Ian about it further.

"What part of Derbyshire are you from Lieutenant?" David asked.

Ian smiled. "Glossop sir - we moved to Warrington when I was around five but I still like to visit home occasionally. Serving on board a ship named after my home county out here is quite something"

"I'm sure she'll live up to the namesake and the previous USS Derbyshires" David replied.

After receiving permission to dock aboard the Derbyshire the Benzite helmsman guided the shuttle into the nearest shuttlebay - even though space was at a premium he managed to find a safe landing spot before powering down the craft.

"Good work Mr Oonias" David commented.

Oonias smiled. "Thank you sir"

Standing on the Derbyshire's bridge the sextet each looked around at their respective new stations. David was extremely pleased with the very comfortable command chair and the excellent view it offered of the bridge. Sat to his right Isobel also seemed pleased with her new station and checked to see which features were available on her chair's right armrest.

"This is some ship Commodore" Carl commented.

David nodded. "She is. We'll have to come up with a motto for her as well - seeing as that's absent from the dedication plaque at the moment. What do you think to adding that on for us Mr Muniz?"

Rafael was sat at the Engineering station and turned to face the Commodore as soon as he heard his name mentioned.

"Not a problem Commodore - say the words and I'll have them added in no time" Rafael replied.

David thought for a moment. He wanted something different but effective - and then it came to him.

"Everyone Is Somebody" David said.

Rafael nodded. "Good choice Commodore. I'll have it done ahead of the launch"

"Thank you Commander. Once we're back on the Renown I want to get everyone ready to transfer over - we're leaving in 36 hours' time and headed for the Alpha Quadrant to assist the Vindex and Endurance with retrieving our missing colleagues. Can we be ready for a launch on Thursday?" David replied.

Rafael, Ian and Carl were all confident with the Derbyshire already partially run-in with her trip from the Alpha Quadrant they could have everything ready in preparation to depart 36 hours earlier than the 72 hour window Starfleet had given them.

"Say the word Commodore. She'll be ready" Carl said.

Rafael nodded. "All we really need to do is transfer everyone and their belongings over and start the basic familiarisation we need to get her out of space dock. The warp core is running as sweet as a nut according to the reports from her shakedown"

"Alright - let's do it. One thing before we do though..." David replied.

Before getting too ahead of himself David wanted to make sure he was actually in command of the starship and wouldn't have to wait for the officer in charge of the shakedown and delivery voyage to transfer the command over to him.

"Computer - who is the current commanding officer of this starship?" David asked.

"The commanding officer of the USS Derbyshire NCC-8399-C is Commodore David Hutchinson"

David nodded - pleased there was no waiting around to do. He decided to head back to the Renown to start packing before moving aboard the Derbyshire later that day to officially assume command of his brand new starship.

"Alright guys - let's get back to the Renown and get the ball rolling. The sooner we do the sooner we can get the Derbyshire out of dock and through that wormhole. Miss Joyce I want you to work with Mr Redmond on organising the transfer of personnel and their belongings. Mr Tilston and Mr Muniz - I'd like you to begin the Renown's mothballing process by deactivating and removing all of the weapons systems" David ordered.

Everyone confirmed they'd understood their orders before the sextet from the Renown left their new stations to return to the Renown and get everything ready to move over to their new home. It was going to be an emotional goodbye to the Renown but they knew their new ship was a fine one and they were going to enjoy many more adventures together on the Derbyshire.


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