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I'm What?

Posted on Wed Mar 22nd, 2017 @ 9:25pm by Captain Claudia Ainscow & Ensign Asher Maddison MD
Edited on on Thu Mar 23rd, 2017 @ 3:31am

Mission: S1E5 - Unknown Territory
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: Mission Day 70; 13:00

Claudia was pleased to hear a new Medical Officer had been posted to the Vindex so shortly after the last holder of the position had left - and Ensign Maddison's lack of experience didn't concern Claudia one bit. She was inexperienced one and she wanted to show Asher the same faith that the commanding officer of the USS Trident did when she started out on her Starfleet journey. With Rebecca currently on Deep Space 9 searching for dresses for their wedding Claudia decided to drop into sickbay and see how Asher was settling in and to make a start on her family plans.

Walking through the double doors she could see the Emergency Medical Hologram was active and tending to a minor injury whilst a young blonde Ensign tended to another patient complaining of a headache. Walking up to Asher but giving her enough room to work Claudia stood and watched for a few moments before speaking.

"Welcome aboard Miss Maddison. Captain Ainscow - a pleasure to meet you - and this time I'll forego the 'it's customary to report into the CO upon your arrival' seeing as you're doing such a good job treating your patient" Claudia said.

Feeling someone approach her, Asher didn't flinch or think to turn away from her patient to see who was there. She continued to scan the man she was treating with her medical tricorder, checking the results of it before turning back to face her patient again to give him the news.

"Okay, it's nothing serious, but I'm going to give you some pain killers and send you to bed early. Please come back in the morning and then we'll look at how you're feeling again." Asher said, sincerely, but still with her cute reassuring smile.

The man nodded, accepting the pain relief Asher injected into him with the hypo spray. Once her first patient had left, she finally turned around to see a short brunette woman, and almost immediately felt butterflies in her stomach. Sure, she was attractive, but Asher had completely forgotten to report in for duty.

"Oh, hey there Captain. I'm really sorry I forgot to come and check in on you, but I, sort of forgot." Asher said, nervously, although she kept her cool otherwise. Asher didn't plan to make a fool of herself in front of the Captain on her first day.

"It's quite alright. Actually I'm here because I'm sort of a patient too - do you have any private booths available?" Claudia asked.

Relieved, Asher let out a mental sigh of relief, although she made a note to herself to report in to anyone else the Captain said. But then again, the Captain hadn't said she needed to, so Asher decided to carry on as she was and treat Captain Ainscow. She didn't look ill, but Asher knew there were many invisible illnesses, although it could just be a simple consultation.

"I have a few minutes," Asher said, pausing to see if any bays were available. "And there's a few spare treatment bays, too, so I think I can squeeze you in."

"Thank you. Lead on when you're ready" Claudia replied.

After following Asher into the booth Claudia sat on the bed and waited for the Vindex's newest Medical Officer to speak - although by the looks of things she was getting some apparatus ready to tend to Claudia - something which in this case wasn't going to be necessary thankfully.

"'s fine - that apparatus won't be necessary this time around because I'm not sick or overdue for my medial. I'm here because I have something of a more productive nature to discuss with you" Claudia said.

Asher was almost done with preparing the equipment she needed to use, normally she would bite somebody's head off for making her carry out unnecessary tasks, but Claudia was the Captain, and Asher told herself to let it go and focus on her Captain's treatment.

"Oh, okay. What is it I can do for you today, Captain?" Asher asked, standing next to the bed and checking her schedule for the day on the nearby computer console. Postmortems really weren't her thing, but thankfully, she wouldn't have to do them alone.

"Well...I'm planning on having another baby with my partner but it's a little more difficult than simply reproducing. You see - my partner is also female and it's a little more difficult than it normally would be - and we'd prefer to avoid the whole daddy hunting thing. Could you give me the once over in 'that department' to make sure I'll be able to carry another child?" Claudia asked.

Asher picked up the medical tricorder from the equipment tray next to the bed and activated it, and looked down at Claudia. Having children was definitely not on Asher's to do list, because she wanted to help fix people and bring new lives into the world, that was why she became a doctor.

"Okay Captain, can you lie on the bed for me and lift your shirt up for me please?" Asher asked, looking back up at the computer console and getting Claudia's patient records up on the screen. Looking at her age, Asher was surprised by how good Claudia looked for it, but didn't want to give her false hopes.

Claudia lay on the bed as requested and waited patiently for Asher to start the examination of her reproductive system - watching as the young woman got her file up on the monitor.

Asher smiled and placed the scanner over the right and lower left quadrants of Claudia's abdomen, commencing the scan.

"Okay, this won't take a minute or two."

Asher watched as her tricorder filled with information about Claudia's reproductive system, tapping a few keys as she moved the tricorder across Claudia's ovaries and uterus. So far, so good, although with Claudia's age, there was always a risk of there being complications with the mother and or the baby.

"It says here you're 36, and your last pregnancy concluded in 2380. Have you not considered another pregnancy before now, Captain? I'm not saying there's anything wrong with it, but you should understand there could be complications. There's also your position aboard this ship, as well." Asher said, although not in a way which would seem hostile.

"Well yeah...but I feel healthy and I don't see that being 36 and a commanding officer is going to be a problem" Claudia responded.

Asher looked at the data on her scanner and it answered why Claudia looked so well for her age, in Asher's mind she looked at least a decade younger than she was.

"Well, your El Aurian side must be keeping you looking younger than you are, Captain. I'd put you at 26, but, I can't see there being any 26 year old Captains in Starfleet." Asher said, totally unaware that Claudia didn't even know about it.

That hit Claudia like a ton of bricks - was she really half El-Aurian? That presumably meant Claudia's parents hadn't been entirely honest with her about her parentage - and Heidi's previous goading about her being "adopted" and "second favourite" seemed to now be more than just malicious and snide comments.

"Wait...what?" Claudia asked.

Asher gave Claudia a confused look, surprised Claudia didn't know. Instead, she placed her tricorder next to the monitor and transferred the data from the scan to it for analysis.

"You're half El Aurian, Captain. Didn't you know that?" Asher replied, confused, but sympathetically. This must have been a real shock to the system, and looking at Claudia, Asher's assumption was correct.

"Holy shit. So what's your guess on where it came from? My mother or my father?" Claudia asked.

Asher nodded at Claudia and after collecting a hypospray, she took a sample of Claudia's DNA for analysis. Taking it away to the lab a few minutes, Asher came back with the answer to Claudia's question. Getting straight back to the computer console, she started studying the results of Claudia's scan.

"It would appear your father is El Aurian, Captain. If you like, I can search the database to see if there are any DNA matches." Asher said, with her eyes still firmly fixed on the 3D representation of Claudia's uterus and ovaries on the screen.

"Why doesn't that surprise me? I always got the impression she was hiding something when I was little - at least now I know even if it's somehow been missed. Doesn't say much when Starfleet just took my then assumption of 'human' as the answer to 'your species' on my application form. I was tested to see if I was actually a corporeal being and not a shape shifter...twice actually" Claudia replied.

After a few more monents, Asher turned the computer screen off and closed the medical tricorder.

"Okay Captain, do you want to know now or do you want to wait for your partner to arrive?" Asher asked, pleased for Claudia and looking forward to helping her along the way to having another baby.

Claudia nodded. "Sure - go ahead"

"Sorry, just wait a second. I need to take a second look at something." Asher said, apologetically. She turned the computer back on and paid particular attention to an area to one of Claudia's ovaries, with an uncertain look on her face.

Forgetting to do so after the examination was completed Claudia lowered her shirt back into place and waited patiently for what she hoped was going to be positive news for her family plans with Rebecca. What was concerning was the long pause as Asher analysed the information on the console - which she had now turned away to ensure Claudia couldn't see what she was looking at.

"Doctor?" Claudia asked.

Asher decided she could give a solid judgement, and once again, turned the computer screen off.

"Okay Captain, sorry about that. Everything appears to be working normally, although I would strong advise you start the process as soon as you can. Preferably within the next few months, for your safety, as well as the baby's." Asher said, smiling.

Claudia was pleased to hear the news - it meant that she and Rebecca could have the baby they were now so set on having together. She nodded and gave the young woman a grateful smile to show that she understood what was said and her gratitude for the information.

"Thank you Doctor - that's amazing news" Claudia replied.

Asher smiled, happy for Claudia.

"Okay, so when you two are ready, come down and make an appointment so we can start the IVF process. I've got some postmortems to do later, so the best time would be in the morning, before 12 o'clock." Asher instructed, hoping those times would be suitable for Claudia and her partner.

Claudia swivelled up from lying on her back and sat up on the bed before hopping off onto the floor. The young woman was about an inch taller than she was but Claudia was glad she didn't have to tilt her head up to look at her.

"There is one other thing before I go Doctor" Claudia said.

Asher was just about to open the curtain, but stopped in her tracks and paused, turning back to Captain Ainscow.

"Oh wait, did I forget something again? Today really isn't my day, Captain, I'm sorry." Asher asked, in a serious and humorous way.

"No - it's nothing you've done Doctor. Our Chief Medical Officer left in the wake of the mutiny - and we're currently without an occupant in this role. It does put us in a rather tricky situation as I'm sure you can understand" Claudia replied.

Asher gave Claudia a look as if to say she wasn't best pleased to come to the Vindex and find the last Clinical Lead had left, but she nodded to let Claudia know she'd listened and understood.

"I know right, at least there's a surgeon here to do the more gruesome stuff, but that's besides the point. Carry on, Captain." Asher replied.

"Well - as you're here and I'm rather impressed with the tools in your box of skills I'd like to offer you the role of Chief Medical Officer on a trial basis to see if you're up for taking up the role permanently - but only if you're happy to. What do you say?" Claudia asked.

Asher's draw dropped open slightly, wondering if she was actually hearing this. She was a brand new doctor, and she'd just been asked to step up and take over the whole department. It was a trial, so at least if for nothing more than the experience, it was probably worth having a go at.

"Err, okay. I'm glad my skills meet your standards too, but, I'd imagine if they weren't then I'd still be in Medical School. I'll give it a shot, thank you, Captain. I won't let you down." Asher replied, thinking she'd possibly either shot herself in the foot or made the best decision of her extremely short career.

Claudia beamed. "Great! As of now you're the Acting Chief Medical Officer but you can continue to offer counselling if you so wish to. For the time being however you'll be required to attend all senior staff briefings but for the first few weeks the first officer and I will give you a hand drawing up the rotas"

Asher nodded, still letting the news sink in. She couldn't wait to tell her parents later, but there would be more time later to celebrate, for now it was time to get to work with her new role as Acting Clinical Lead and prove she'd made the right choice to accept Claudia's out of the blue offer.

"Okay cool," Asher responded. "I can roll with that."

Claudia nodded and offered her hand out to Asher for a handshake - remembering that she hadn't offered one when she first arrived in sickbay.

"I almost forgot - here's your formal welcome aboard handshake" Claudia said.

Asher smiled cutely and shook Claudia's hand, admittedly disappointed the other woman wasn't available, but that wasn't going to spoil the day or the mood. Asher knew there would be a time for pleasure, but now, it was a time for work.

"I'll see you tomorrow, Captain." Asher said, enthusiastically.

Claudia smiled. "I look forward to it. I'll come and drop in on you tomorrow to see how you're doing and book an appointment. Until then or at any other time you need some help then come and find me or the XO - and I'm sure your new colleagues will be more than happy to help out too"

"Thanks, Captain." Asher replied. "I really appreciate your kind gesture, and just drop in and we'll start the process straight away. If we start now, the more chance we have of you becoming pregnant successfully."

Claudia smiled and turned on her heel - heading for the door to hopefully meet up with Rebecca and share her news with her wife to be. Truth be told she was extremely excited about the prospect of having another baby - but Grace would need to be told first - although Claudia was sure her daughter would love the idea of having a baby brother or sister to help look after.


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