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Let's Play A Game

Posted on Wed Mar 22nd, 2017 @ 7:31am by Lieutenant Kazyah Linn & Captain Claudia Ainscow

Mission: S1E4 - Remnants Of A Lost Cause
Location: Brig - USS Vindex
Timeline: Mission Day 69; 16:00

Kazyah Linn sat in his holding cell, his legs pulled to his chest with his arms wrapped around. His head lay on his knees with his eyes closed. So far, the day wasn't going well and he was ready to fall asleep and not think about it.

Claudia knew that Kazyah had been visited by an unknown Commodore - presumably one of those posted to the Gamma Quadrant - and her right hand man Akiva ben-Avram. Deciding that she wanted to pay the man a visit herself Claudia entered the brig and ordered the on duty brig officer to lower the forcefield so she could enter by using gestures. With the forcefield down Claudia entered and gestured for the forcefield to be raised again.

Walking up to Kazyah she stood over him - seeing the man was broken and fed up of everything - although Claudia had no sympathy for him and wanted to watch him suffer. Before talking however she dismissed the on duty officer from the brig by pointing to the door. With the surprised woman outside Claudia started speaking.

"What the fuck have you done? You hid all this bullshit from me and caused 431 people to die instead of telling me which would have avoided every single one of those deaths. It's evident you aren't going to help me write the 431 letters I need to write to their thanks for landing me with the hardest thing I've ever had to do" Claudia said.

Kaz looked up at the woman, and without a single word, laid his head back down on his knees and closed his eyes.

"Don't ignore me you ignorant bastard - I'm here because I've signed off the report to the Judge Advocate General which will see you hauled before a judge - but I haven't sent it just yet. I was going to see if you had anything to say before I sent it although judging by your silence I guess that means you're just going to continue being a coward" Claudia said.

Claudia's fist was clenched ready to smack the man across the face although she knew that probably wouldn't help and it wasn't going to bring back any of those 431 people. Instead she decided to try a different approach to the situation.

Claudia snapped. "Get up"

The man gave no indication that he was intending to move.

Claudia's patience ran out and she grabbed Kazyah's collar and pulled him up before pushing him into the wall - drawing her Type 1 phaser from her trouser pocket and digging it into the lowest part of Kazyah's back - whilst continuing to pin the man against the wall with her left forearm.

"I'm holding you personally responsible for this and I'm going to make sure you rot in hell. You've offered no evidence to either me, the Commodore or Commander ben-Avram to suggest otherwise so unless you do - then I don't think there's going to be a living occupant of the cell waiting for you on Deep Space 9. So - this is what's going to happen. You're going to tell me everything or I'm going to shoot you in this cell. What's it going to be Kazyah - your way or my way?" Claudia snarled.

Kaz stood there, his breathing calm and rhythmic. He rested his head against the wall that he was being pushed into and waited. The truth was, he could easily fight this woman off. He could probably even kill her faster than she'd even notice. But he had no more fight in him. He left everything on the table at Akiva's feet and he refused to waste his time talking with someone who had no chance of believing him.

"You wouldn't," he simply stated, not bothering to resist.

Claudia's finger pressed the trigger very slightly as she dug the small weapon further into his back and positioning her right leg between the taller man's legs as a pivot to throw him into wall to their left. Her patience had finally run out and she was looking for a release for her emotions and anger - and right now Kazyah was the easiest target.

Claudia replied. "Oh I fucking would. You're unarmed, you're weak and you're pathetic - who would miss you? Nobody. You don't have a shred of remorse inside you - you don't even care about this ship or those who died on it because of your pathetic secret keeping. Just because I'm smaller than you doesn't mean I can't tear you apart Kazyah. You're at fault for 431 people dying on this ship...and it was your fault that your younger sister died too. What would she think of her big brother right now?"

Kaz just stood there, his breathing remaining unchanged. "You can't threaten someone who's ready to die," he simply said, calmly.

Claudia's anger had risen more and she kept her left arm firmly pressed against Kazyah's back with the phaser starting to dig painfully into the man's back. Claudia knew this wasn't who she usually was - but she wanted closure for those whose relatives she was about to start writing letters to.

"Oh I'm sorry - I'm afraid that's the wrong answer. Oh and by the way don't you dare think for one second that you can hide anything from me anymore because I've just been given express permission to see all of your files from your superiors. Is there anything you're going to tell me about what I might find in them before I go and read them? Or...are you going to explain why the fuck you decided to hide your Vulcan friend's twisted plans from me instead and spare yourself a worse punishment? I really don't care if you're ready to die either - I just want answers for those who did die and weren't ready to" Claudia replied.

The man shrugged, "You have too much honor to kill me, Captain," he said. "Despite the fact that you haven't submitted the charges against me, it's on record that I was given medical attention in Sickbay and am a prisoner of the Brig. There's no way for you to kill me without people knowing that you did. And the Federation is built on a system of justice that prevents you from taking the law into your own hands." He continued to stand there, unmoving, "The point is, as much as you want to kill me, Captain, and as much as I want you to kill me as well, you won't. And so, I'm afraid, neither of us is going to be satisfied this day."

"Commodore Hutchinson is in my ready room reviewing them right now so I wouldn't be so sure about me not submitting them. You were treated because you were captured alive and then placed in here because this is the place where people who break the rules end up - especially traitors. However this is my ship and I don't care if you're 'on loan' from Starfleet Intelligence - you follow my fucking rules unless I tell you otherwise. As for this little incident there's no witnesses - and who's going to believe a word you say about me taking the rules into my hands? That's right - nobody - because everyone on this ship thinks you're a traitor" Claudia hissed.

Keeping her firm grip on the man she continued - hoping what she was going to say next would make the man feel even worse than he did now. Claudia never liked making people feel bad - but Kazyah was the easy target she needed to vent her anger right now.

"Oh no - I'm not going to root through your files because that's beyond even my level of clearance much to my disappointment as I'm sure I'd have enough there to put you away for the rest of your life - but the one thing I am going to do is let you live with the guilt of 431 deaths for the rest of your life in a penal colony. I'm not going to let you get off that easily" Claudia concluded.

"And at the end of the day, I was right. You aren't going to kill me," he said. "File the charges against me, throw me in a penal colony, kill me if you'd like. Either way, you can't scare me, Captain. You can't scare someone who's already dead inside."

Claudia laughed - ensuring the grip on Kazyah remained strong so he couldn't try and turn this on her. Whether he was genuine or just putting on a facade to try and get Claudia to let her guard down she didn't know - but it was a chance she wasn't willing to take - not with Kazyah or anybody else.

"Don't worry - I'll make sure you get what's coming to you. Just never forget how much blood is on your hands - because it's more than you'll ever be able to wash off. Oh and by the way - say hi to Saalkan for me" Claudia said.

Pulling the trigger of the phaser - set to heavy stun - she watched as the tension in Kazyah's body disappeared and he crumpled to the floor in front of her. Staring down at Kazyah for a moment or two Claudia decided to order Ensign Wilkins to return to the brig to resume her watch duty - although now there was nobody in the brig who was conscious to watch over - at least until Kazyah woke up again. Quickly ruffling her hair up and making her uniform look like a scuffle had taken place she tapped her commbadge.

=/\="Miss Wilkins - come back - quickly"=/\= Claudia said.

Wilkins returned and looked at the Claudia who held her phaser whilst staring down at Kazyah who was now lying on the floor in a stunned state. She heard Wilkins deactivate the forcefield and enter the cell - but continued to keep up the facade that Kazyah had attacked her in the cell.

"He attacked I stunned him" Claudia whispered.

Wilkins nodded. "It's alright Captain - I'm here now. Let's get you a cup of tea and get you to your quarters"

"That sounds like a good idea" Claudia replied.

As Wilkins looked away to re-activate the forcefield after they exited the cell Claudia turned around and smirked at Kazyah before Wilkins led her out to the mess hall. Claudia knew what she just did was way beyond what she would normally do - but the situation had led her to become determined to get the answers the loved ones of those who died aboard the Vindex - no matter what it took.


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