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What I've Done

Posted on Fri Mar 24th, 2017 @ 1:03am by Commander Akiva ben-Avram & Biynah & Captain Claudia Ainscow
Edited on on Fri Apr 7th, 2017 @ 7:24pm

Mission: S1E5 - Unknown Territory
Location: Machine Shop (Deck 23)
Timeline: MD 71; 1400

The Machine Shop was cleared out. A few crewmembers had been milling about, but Akiva sent them packing under no uncertain terms. For all he could tell, Biynah was dead, and he wanted to be alone with her lifeless frame. Weeping alone was a bitter thing, and it fit his mood.

"I'm sorry," he whispered through hands folded in front of his face. They were wet with his tears, but he couldn't bring himself to look upon her fair face. "I know it was the right thing to do. I doubt anyone would've let him walk out of there... heh..." Akiva sniffled before continuing. "I doubt the Endurance would've just let him go either. Who would've blamed me for snaking the antivirus out of him? I could've claimed subterfuge."

Akiva turned away and stared at his feet.

"Me. I would've blamed me." He chuckled wryly at his own dilemma. "The price for saving you was too high," he said. "And it took a Hajji to remind me of that."

Though Ensign Fadil was a Mohammedan, he was a man of the book like Akiva. Clearly they were cut from the same cloth in many respects. What would he have done if the roles were reversed? Would Akiva have given the same advice?

"It doesn't matter."

The statement ended the internal debate, but it also seemed to describe Akiva's feelings about the mission itself. Yes, they had saved a few souls, but so many others had died. Akiva turned back to Biynah.

"Starfleet will be thrilled that we kept control of the Vindex and didn't start a war with Cardassia," Akiva said, forcing himself to gaze upon her no matter how much it hurt. "But who else counts your loss? You weren't even considered alive by anyone who matters."

Claudia looked down at Biynah and rested her hand on her shoulder. She'd never even got to know Biynah properly and now she was lying on this slab in the Machine Shop. It was clearly going to take a lot of work to return her to full function again - even if it was at all possible. Claudia had no idea what the extent of Saalkan's damage was but she found it hard to tell Grace about her sister's situation at the moment - but she had managed to say as much as Biynah was having a 'service' and would be back soon.

"She was alive to me Akiva. And Grace - she adored her...I'm not sure I can bring myself to tell her what's actually happened to Biynah. I said she's having a 'service' and because of the damage it would take a few days to find time to do it. We really can't give up on her...we just can't" Claudia whispered.

Akiva jumped at Claudia's voice and vigorously wiped his eyes dry. "I'm sorry, Captain. I didn't hear you come in." He sidestepped a bit to allow her a more unobstructed view. After a few moments of silence, he finally said, "I don't know if I can do it." It took a great deal to still his quivering lip, but he managed. "I failed to protect her, and we barely got anywhere before she was struck down... and I couldn't save her... just like... just like..." He turned away to hide from them both.

Claudia turned and placed a hand on Akiva's shoulder - squeezing gently and reassuringly.

"We can do it - we have the finest engineers in Starfleet aboard this ship and most of the people who took part in her construction are still here. If it's any consolation I discovered yesterday I'd been lied to my entire life about my parentage and I'm half El-Aurian as a result of what I guess is an affair my mother had - so I'll probably be around longer than anyone else on this ship - and I can be there for Biynah too" Claudia said.

Pausing for a moment to look at Biynah on the slab and take a breath Claudia then resumed talking after turning back towards the direction Akiva was in - although not looking at him.

Claudia concluded. "I know it's hard but if you can't forgive yourself then give her a chance to forgive you instead - it was for the greater good and best of all I'm sure she knew that. Please Akiva - if you can't do it for yourself then do it for the little girl in my quarters who adores her. If you need someone to talk to then our new doctor is someone more impartial than Counsellor Maera and...Dr Maddison has got experience with a close personal loss too. She's helped me a lot already and I think she can do the same for you too."

"She was brave until the end," Akiva said, still looking on Biynah. "So little time, yet so much growth. She deserves the chance to be all she could be. The universe deserves to have one such as her. It would be selfish to deprive her and everyone else just because of my own grief and sense of failure."

He looked up at Claudia. "Her body is repaired. The original formation of her flesh took a fantastically short amount of time by comparison, but I kept the silicon feed low in order to allow her bioneural circuitry to be repaired as well." A lump wrestled in his throat. "All that remains is to try and activate her. I just... I don't know what will happen. She may be a blank slate." He took a breath. "Are you sure you want to be here for this?"

Claudia nodded. "Of course I do. You're her father - we're her parents and she needs to see both of us. Besides...I've got something I want to tell you both - but I'm not telling you if Biynah isn't awake. I think it's something you should both hear at the same time"

Akiva nodded. "Very well."
He initiated the activation sequence that would allow her positronic matrix to sync up with her newly repaired bioneural net. A soft hum from the console indicated the sensors were reading the activity, but Akiva didn't bother with watching the data. Instead, his hand found Claudia's, and together they observed the reawakening of their unique daughter.

"Did I fall asleep?" Biynah fluttered her eyes open and shut.

"For a little while," Akiva said, quickly moving to unlock the restraining harness. "How do you feel?"

"Rested." Biynah looked around. Her face was serene.

Akiva looked at Claudia and shared her same hopeful expression.

"Biynah... do you know who we are?" Akiva stepped back to allow her to get to her feet.

A look of mixed confusion and amusement crossed her face. "Do you know who I am?" The smirk playing at her mouth was more than Akiva could take.

"Biynah! You are not funny!" Akiva tried to be angry, but the grief and hope combination was just positively too much. He took her into his arms and held her tight. "Barukh Ha'Shem... I thought I'd lost you forever."

"No, abba, I was only sleeping," Biynah said. She returned his embrace. Her eyes were closed fast in savoring the feeling. When she opened them again, she saw Claudia standing over Akiva's shoulder shedding tears of joy and relief as well.

"Amma, do not cry." Biynah showed her hands. "See? I am whole."

Claudia beamed at Biynah and was overjoyed to see she was up and about - the grief was very real but with her synthetic daughter now awake her sadness started to slide away slowly but surely. She then walked up to Biynah and offered her an embrace too - Grace would be delighted to hear Biynah was up and about again.

"I am so happy to see you Biynah. There's something I can't wait to tell you" Claudia replied.

"Oh? What is, amma?" Biynah asked.

Claudia smiled. "Well...remember I said that I was in a relationship with Becky? Well we're taking it to the next level because I asked her to marry me and she said yes. If you're up for it then I'd love for you to be there"

Biynah smiled ear to ear. "And I still get to wear a dress?"

Akiva stood stockstill. At first it had seemed too good to be true, but Biynah had just accessed a memory independent of any coercion or help. His mouth hung open for just a moment. They had discussed marriage and dresses during their picnic on Gavara. And Biynah seemed to recall it.

"I'm sorry, Captain, but--Biynah... how much do you remember?"

Biynah turned solemn. "Everything." She cast a mournful stare upon her hand, turning it around while giving her fingers a flex.

"Please forgive me," Akiva said, hugging her again. "I couldn't choose... it wasn't... I'm never letting you go again."

"Abba, as I told you then, I am sorry I was not stronger." Biynah clutched him for a moment, then pushed away in order to stare up into him with her dark eyes.
"I'm stronger now."

Akiva squinted into a sidelong look. "I don't understand."

"I upgrade myself periodically, and go into hibernation in order to do so," Biynah explained. "When the latent virus was activated within my subroutines, I was unable to resolve its malicious code with my previous software suites. So, I upgraded them."

"You... you created antibodies?" Akiva asked.

Biynah pursed his lips in thought, then nodded. "That's an acceptable metaphor. Saalkan's virus was crafted very well, and against any conventional computer system it would've surely worked. He didn't account for a self-correcting adaptive matrix powered by a quantum subprocessor."

"Well, how could he?" Akiva quipped, blinking rapidly to keep up with the implications.

The quip made Biynah grin. "You designed me too well, abba." She turned back to Claudia. "And you gave me a strong amma who in turn lent me her strength."

"Indeed." Akiva could scarcely believe what he had heard. "You are truly a wonder, Biynah."

The synthetic girl actually blushed. "You aren't so bad yourself. Now..." Biynah turned to Claudia. "Tell me more about this wedding. How does it work? Do I get to pick the dress? How does one pick dresses?"

Claudia smiled. "We'll be getting married in the Bajoran Temple on the station and Commodore Hutchinson - my boss - will be performing the ceremony. It means that Becky and I will be joined in the eyes of the Federation and Grace and yourself will have two mothers. You can pick any dress you like - we can go and choose one once you're feeling better if you like. Grace can come too because she hasn't chosen hers yet either - afterwards we can go for a nice mother and daughters walk somewhere nice. How does that sound?"

"That sounds wonderful," Biynah said. She turned to Akiva. "Have you begun courting Amber yet, abba?"

Akiva gulped. "What? I... I don't know what you mean." He looked to Claudia. "I don't know what she means."

"Oh, nothing." Biynah smirked mischievously.


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