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New Divide

Posted on Fri Mar 24th, 2017 @ 7:58am by Lieutenant Kazyah Linn & Commander Akiva ben-Avram

Mission: S1E5 - Unknown Territory
Location: First Officer's Office / Brig
Timeline: MD 71; 1200

Even though the Vindex sat in dock at DS-9 for repairs, something resembling a routine began to return to her damaged decks. Akiva found himself comfortably slipping back into his pre-mutiny duties. He could almost pretend most of the paperwork didn't involve personnel changes. Just when he was about to break for a midday meal, his comm screen warbled to signal an incoming message.

"Commander ben-Aram here. Go ahead."

On the screen sat an elderly man in a grey collared uniform, his lapels featuring a single boxed pip each. He cleared his throat as a hand smoothed his light gray beard. "Commander, I've been informed you have made an inquiry into Starfleet Intelligence personnel files. I would like some information on this," the man said in a grizzled voice, not caring to exchange pleasantries.

"The information should be in my request," Akiva said with a scratch to his head. "I have an Intelligence officer standing accused of treason, and his only claim to innocence is, well, in his files. We need to know what his orders were pursuant to his role on the Vindex."

"Doesn't tell me why," the man said, continuing to stroke his beard. "Has this officer made some sort of claim?"

"He claims he was under orders to act as he did," Akiva said carefully. "I have reason to believe he might be telling the truth, but I need confirmation. Can you at least confirm he was given mission orders from Starfleet Intelligence?"

The Commodore leaned back in his chair, "He did, did he?" He sat there for a few moments regarding this new information. "Lieutenant Kazyah Linn was under no orders from Starfleet Intelligence for...whatever he has done. But let him know that we will be eager to see the results of his trial."

Akiva stared at the Commodore with nervous determination. "Respectfully, Commodore, I would ask what interest Starfleet Intelligence would have in the trial of their officer who did not act under their orders?"

"I believe you answered your own question, young man," the man said with an evil smirk. "One of our officers is being charged with high treason for mutiny and assisting in the murder of over 400 people. Starfleet Intelligence takes this very seriously and will do everything in its power to remedy the situation." The man leaned forward, his face coming close to the screen. "Everything in our power."

"I didn't realize the purview of Starfleet Intelligence included the JAG office," Akiva replied in a low tone. He did not like the turn this conversation was taking.

"The purview of Starfleet Intelligence is quite vast," the man said, almost like he was lecturing Akiva. "But anything dealing with one of our officers is a high priority. One of the pillars of the Intelligence community is trust. We have to trust each other to follow orders, we have to trust each other to do our job and we have to trust each other to not spill our secrets. It seems your Lieutenant has violated the trust we have in him. That trust is not easily won back, if at all."

"If he had no secrets, then presumably there would be nothing to tell," Akiva said. "Thank you, Commodore. You have been most helpful." His bitter tone and icy stare said otherwise. "Vindex out."

Akiva cut the transmission before the commodore could reply, then exhaled deeply and strummed his fingers against his desk. That had felt suspiciously like tripping into his own grave. Hopefully it was worth the non-answers he now had. A moment's hesitation between standing and sitting passed before Akiva made up his mind.

Lunch would wait a bit longer.

The Security officer guarding the Brig nodded at Akiva. Wilkins, he recalled. A lot of people had been down to see Kazyah Linn in the last several days based on the security log, and there was about to be one more.

Akiva deactivated the field on Kaz's cell and walked inside without reactivating it.

"Good morning, sunshine."

Kaz opened a single eye and looked at the Commander, rolling his eye as he closed it again. He rolled over on the cot to face away from the man, not saying a word.

Akiva uncrossed his arms, walked over to Kaz's cot, and kicked it out from under him. "I said, 'good morning.'"

Scrambling to his feet, Kaz shoved the man into the nearest bulkhead, "What, the Captain didn't threaten me enough, you've come to get some licks in?" He grabbed the man by the uniform, pulled him away from the wall and shoved him into it again. "I swear to God, Akiva, I'm not in the mood!"

"Quit your whining," Akiva said. "You're too smart to expect anything else." A brief moment of silence passed between the two men. "I just got off the horn with Starfleet Intelligence. They didn't sound happy."

Kaz's eyes went wide with horror as his hands fell away. "You did what?" he asked, his voice becoming quiet and meek.

"I think you're a lying sack of chara," Akiva said, "but you did give me the subspace transponder. Maybe you were just covering your bases, and maybe you were telling the truth. I had to find out." Akiva studied him with a critical eye. "Care to guess what they said?"

The man ignored the Commander's words as he stumbled back to where the cot was, turning it over and taking a seat. "What did you tell them, Akiva?" he asked, his skin starting to become pale.

"I checked to see if you were under orders as you claimed," Akiva said. "They decidedly reported that you were not under any orders of any kind, yet--" Akiva gave him a sidelong stare. "The commodore will take a personal interest in your trial."

"Akiva." Kaz was back on his feet. He walked over towards the man and put his hands on the Commander's cheeks. "Akiva, do you realize what you've done? You've just admitted to Starfleet Intelligence that I divulged classified information to you. Information that goes against their mandate. I was running a black ops mission against Starfleet!"

"If that's true, then the commodore lied to me while obstructing justice," Akiva said, brushing Kaz's hands away from him. "He can't prosecute you without incriminating himself. I imagine it will all come out in your trial."

"Trial? You think I'm going to be alive long enough to get to trial?" Kaz walked away and began to pace the room.

"That would be another act of self-incrimination," Akiva replied. "Either way, your name would be cleared."

Kaz flopped back onto the cot and put his head in his hands. "Just...just go, Akiva. You said it yourself, the Commodore said I wasn't under orders. Even the transponder isn't enough to get me cleared of the charges. Thanks for trying," he said, looking up at the man again. "I appreciate the intent."

"Let's get one thing straight: I don't like you," Akiva said with a shake of his head. "I am after the truth. This Consortium bullshit got started because the left hand didn't know what the right hand was doing." He raised one hand after another. "You are to blame for your part, but if you really were acting under orders to forfeit the Vindex, then there will be hell to pay for whoever issued those orders. If that means I protect you in order to make you stand trial and put others to account, then so be it. This will not go away quietly."

"Sure, thanks," Kaz just said, his voice somber and quiet. "You can leave now."

"In that case, you can lakek et hatahat sheli, you hatichat hara mizdayen batachat." Akiva spat on the floor and backed away from Kazyah without turning around. Once he was clear of the holding cell, he reactivated the forcefield.

"Nobody in or out," Akiva said to Wilkins. "And I mean nobody. If an admiral comes in with orders to see him, then you detain them until either I or the captain come to review said orders. Understand?"

"Yes, sir."

"Very good." Akiva cast a final scoffing glance at the disgraced Intel chief's cell before heading back to his regularly scheduled day.


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