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Points of Authority

Posted on Sun Mar 26th, 2017 @ 6:06pm by Captain Claudia Ainscow & Commander Akiva ben-Avram & Lieutenant Commander Gareth Tau

Mission: S1E5 - Unknown Territory
Location: Transporter Room 4
Timeline: MD 72; 0900

Swirling blue energy dissipated enough to give form to the environment around him. Gareth identified it immediately as the nondescript transporter room of yet another starship, though he could not help but cast his wandering eyes about it. The Vindex was scheduled to depart for the furthest frontiers of the Gamma Quadrant, and as much as he was loathe to do it, Gareth found himself set toward new horizons.

Akiva stood next to Claudia waiting to greet their new Chief Science Officer. He coughed into his elbow to clear his throat, then extended his hand in greeting.

"Welcome, Commander Tau," Akiva said.

Claudia looked at the man standing opposite them and she gave him a warm friendly smile and extended her own greetings. She was pleased an experienced replacement had arrived to lead the Science department and was looking forward to seeing how Gareth did things.

"Yes - welcome aboard Commander" Claudia said.

Gareth looked at both superior officers and blinked. "Thank you." After another moment of silence, he said, "Well... I suppose I should get acquainted with my department."

"You should know," Akiva cut in before Gareth could turn to leave, "that most of your staff will be made of recent transfers like yourself."

Gareth looked askance at Akiva. "I was aware of that," he said plainly.

"Ah." Akiva glanced at Claudia and raised his eyebrows.

Claudia's smile slowly disappeared but she remained positive in her attitude.

"Once we're repaired and cleared for launch your department will be quite busy. We're going into a new part of the Idran Region which Starfleet have yet to explore properly - but at the moment I don't know any more details - once I do I'll call a staff briefing. I trust you're aware of the scientific facilities on the Vindex?" Claudia said.

"The registry indicates they will be adequate. I am more accustomed to the spacious facilities on DS-5, but I will make do on the frontier." Gareth may have smirked, but his eyes were unamused.

Claudia gave a look that might suggest she was slightly offended - although she tried to keep things professional. Gareth was here because his experience was required to sort out the virtual complete rebuild of the decimated Science department and on the front lines of exploration in the Gamma Quadrant.

"You'd be surprised how spacious the facilities are here Commander. The Vindex having the extra five decks compared to the first Sovereign-class starships from new has its advantages for having more space available for the on board facilities. This ship is only three months old and you could say it's the most modern of its type in the Gamma Quadrant - but you're the Science expert so I'm sure you'll figure things out and...make do with them" Claudia replied.

"That is very impressive," Gareth said with a droning lack of conviction. "No doubt she is none the worse for wear after all the repairs, as well." He looked at his luggage on the transporter pad behind him. "Praytell a member of the crew will be along presently to fetch my belongings."

"Of course," Akiva said with an air of apology. "No doubt you will find your luggage in your quarters before you get there."

"That will be unacceptable I'm afraid," Gareth said. "I do insist on supervising the transportation of my belongings."

Claudia scoffed - this guy was trying her patience although she put her lower tolerance levels down to the fact she still hadn't finished her letters to relatives of the crewmembers who had died. Some had no family left although that still left her with over 400 to do until Commodore Hutchinson stepped in to help her with them. Claudia wasn't far off done but nevertheless all she needed right now were officers who found things either "acceptable" or "unacceptable" without any gratitude.

"I can have it all brought back here if you like so you can carry it all from here back down to Deck 6 if you're so insistent on supervising your many belongings. I wouldn't mind but Operations weren't informed about just how much stuff you were bringing and had to make two trips just for you" Claudia commented - holding two fingers up with her right hand.

"Captain, if Commander Tau is so eager to get to work, then allow me to offer my assistance," Akiva said warmly to Claudia. His eyes drifted to Gareth, and his tone turned pointed. "On the Vindex, we take care of our own."

"You?" Gareth raised an eyebrow to match the spike in his timbre.

"I calibrated the ship computer manually when serving as Ops Chief," Akiva said. "I can handle a few cases of luggage."

"Fine, fine. Just please don't drop anything," Gareth said reluctantly. "My library contains priceless works of antiquity that are irreplaceable."

Akiva smiled at Claudia, though his eyes almost screamed "you owe me" to her.

"Your quarters are on Deck 6 along with some of the other senior staff," Akiva explained while taking up first two, then three, and then all four of Gareth's remaining luggage cases.

"I beg your pardon, Commander, but surely you don't intend to carry those under your arm all the way to Deck 6?" Gareth's smug superiority deteriorated into panic.

"Of course not," Akiva said, hobbling over to the luggage cart behind the transporter console. "I intend to carry them all the way over here."

Once he carefully stacked the cases and secured them to the cart, he nodded to the door. "Ready to go?"

"Quite." Gareth turned to Claudia and dipped his head. "A pleasure, Captain."

Claudia nodded and watched as Akiva spoke to Gareth and then turned to face the new Chief Science Officer after seeing he had turned to face her in her peripheral vision. The first encounter had been less than cordial but she'd had far worse when she was Executive Officer of the Endurance.

"All mine Commander. Let's get this show on the road - I've got some more letters to write as well as various other crap to be getting on with. We'll go through the ship's protocol including the chain of command later" Claudia replied.

Claudia led the way as Akiva started to push the trolley with Gareth's belongings down to the turbolift. Deck 4 was usually reserved for senior officers but Tolan's now vacant quarters were locked and not up for reallocation to preserve it as a shrine for Grace to visit if she felt upset. The loss of the Suliban man who Grace called 'Uncle Tolan' had deeply affected her and Claudia wished she could have done more to stop the Suliban's brave sacrifice to save her life.

" should speak to Ops about changing the bulkhead light colours in these corridors - I fancy something a bit less original to brighten the place up a bit" Claudia said.

"I'll pass it along, Captain." Akiva edged the cart to one side, as Gareth seemed to insist on walking the center line in the corridor.

"I prefer brightly lit spaces as well," Gareth offered. "Darkness is the universal constant. Light is our only means of controlling it."

Akiva glanced at Claudia, raised both brows, and shrugged. "Light plays a prominent role in Hebron culture as well," Akiva replied. "It's a symbol of life, wisdom, and--"

"Hebron Colony?" Gareth interrupted. "As in the world of regressive throwbacks? Pishtosh. I didn't mean to appeal to an archaic philosophy. I just made reference to the simple pragmatism of illuminating a dim environment."

"Indeed, Commander, as was I." Akiva smirked as they arrived at the turbolift. He entered first with the cart and allowed Claudia and Gareth to follow behind. "Deck 6."

Claudia didn't say anything and watched as the two men spoke in the lift. She was still processing Gareth's initial comments towards her and Akiva and wondered whether this was how it was going to be - hopefully not.

Gareth sniffed, whether at the turn of conversation or at the close quarters was impossible to determine. Akiva preferred to think that it was both.

"Do you have any long-term projects that you intend to bring aboard?" Akiva asked.

"Naturally." Gareth stared straight forward with no other response.

Claudia's expression remained neutral but she turned her head in Gareth's direction. Science was one of her weaker departments but she certainly admired the work they did that was for sure.

"I look forward to seeing the results of your efforts Mr Tau" Claudia said.

"I'll look forward to explaining the many nuances," Gareth said warmly.

The turbolift doors opened to reveal a mostly empty corridor.

"Well, here we are," Akiva said, rolling the cart out to Gareth's quarters. "I hope your luggage was conveyed to your satisfaction."

"It was satisfactory," Gareth said with a bow. "At this time, I must beg your leave. I require privacy while unpacking my belongings."

"But of course," Akiva said politely, then gave an eyeroll to Claudia.

Claudia shook her head and rolled her own eyes and turned away and out onto the corridor - calling over her shoulder that she would see the Lieutenant Commander at 09:00 the next morning to discuss protocol and the command structure. She then paused at a position about five metres away from Gareth's door and waited for Akiva to join her.

"Yes, yes, very good. Good day." Akiva backed away from the doorway and let it slide closed. He turned to Claudia.
"Can you believe that man had the audacity to talk about others not showing proper respect for the 'points of authority' as he put it?"

Claudia chuckled. "Oh we'll see how long that lasts here. I don't know how they do it on Deep Space 5 but we don't take that crap on the Vindex. I'm sure he'll prove a worthwhile addition to the crew though that's for sure"

"He does seem devoted to his work," Akiva said. "That would be a welcome change from the constant paranoia and intrigue that seemed to plague our previous Science Chief."

Claudia tittered. "Oh for sure. Commander Tau is from an extended Science background which will definitely help - I think my experiment to convert an Operations officer to a Science officer worked but at least now we have someone else on board. You should drop in and see Doctor Maddison as well - she's fresh out of the Academy but I'm being honest in saying don't let that worry you"

The two officers then walked to the nearest turbolift to head along to their next task.


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