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The Ultimate Challenge

Posted on Fri Jun 17th, 2016 @ 1:44am by Ensign Otoha Takahashi RN
Edited on on Fri Jun 17th, 2016 @ 1:46am

Mission: S1E1 - Booby Trap
Location: Sickbay


Nurse Otoha Takahashi had made her heart's vow years ago. She had tried and failed before, but THIS time... no power in the quadrant was going to stop her. She WOULD succeed. All of her opponents would be defeated and she would reign supreme.

• The Arena of Battle: Sickbay.
• Her Weapons: Only substances and tools that could be found inside a standard Sickbay loadout.
• Time Limit: She must complete her move by June 30th. After that, it would be too late.

Otoha had commandeered OR-2 and sealed it off. It was night shift. Nobody knew that she was there. The room was locked into strict, high security privacy mode. Nobody must see what she was doing or how she did it. Four dozen beakers, one hundred thirty two test tubes, five thermal burners, and six hundred and eleven organic samples were at the ready. She whispered, "You're going down..."

She had trained five years for this. Amassing a library of videos dating back 300 years, she diligently studied masters through the century. Julia Childs, The Galloping Gourmet, Martha Stewart,... she knew all their lessons by heart. The annual Nursing Competition was at hand. The goal: Create a cooking recipe STRICTLY from materials found in sickbay, using tools found only in sickbay.

Sauce would be blended by an ultrasonic tooth cleaner. Bitterness from wound-gel would be extracted by a blood purifier. Hallucinagens and narcotics were not allowed, but there were no rules against neural restoratives. Fine powder shaved from internal bone splints gave sauces consistency. Normally, substances like this would be disallowed as having no nutritional value. However, Otoha's microstructural shavings were made in such a way that the powder now served as a digestive fiber substitute.

Otoha was sure that she would win a place in the annual Cookbook of Nursing Champions. Many competitors went to great lengths to discover who the judges would be. Find out what they like, and that might give you an edge. But not Otoha, she had another plan. She would lay a row of sushi style, bite sized creations, each different from the other. Even if judges didn't like one, another could be very likely be a winner. She was willing to gamble that ultimate pleasure of one item would overshadow lesser pleasures. She had verified the rules. Each entry must be a single recipe, except for cultural dishes that require discrete variety for a synergistic dining experience.

A wise word of warning echoed through her memory, ~Never... EVER reveal what is in your recipe!~ No matter how unbiased and open minded judges were supposed to be, hearing about ingredients like chemically altered hemorrhoid cream and personal moisturizers tended to kill people's appetites.

Otoha smiled as her sickbay franken-sushis neared completion. Browned protein, sweet fruity, aromatic mint, vegan style cellulose, nutty bread consistency, her creations took their war-ready positions beside tiny dip bowls on the stasis plate. This year... THIS year, her creations would be featured in the winning cookbook.

"Bring it on!"


Nurse Otoha Takahashi
USS Vindex
Bravo Fleet


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