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Somewhere I Belong

Posted on Sun Apr 9th, 2017 @ 6:51am by Lieutenant Commander Soren Himmel

Mission: S1E5 - Unknown Territory
Location: Main Engineering
Timeline: MD 70; 14:00

The day had finally come. Shadi slithered as much as walked into Main Engineer to report herself to the Chief Engineer of her very first starship assignment. She had spent years on DS-9 repairing the hulls of various freighters, explorers, and warships who passed through its pylon docks. Now she had a tasty, far-ranging starship to call her very own.

A brief search brought her to the CEO's office, but he was not there. No matter. His scent was strong, and she followed it to the warp core terminal that she had passed earlier. Had she walked right by him? How embarrassing.

"Hello, Commander," Shadi said to Soren's back. "Petty Officer First Class Shadi Zatra reporting for duty." She added with a whisper, "It's my first day."

Himmel turned back and noticed the young enlisted standing there. "Petty officer? I didn't know I was receiving a new engineer." He put down his tools and turned around to exit the terminal and swiftly hitting his head on a cross beam. He swore under his breath and rubbed his head as he got out, "Sorry petty officer." He grabbed his PADD that was near by while still rubbing, "Oh, that's right, Ms. Zatra. Structural Environmental Specialist. With what we are dealing with out here I could use a good structural engineer."

"Ah, well..." Shadi turned away for a moment and hissed a jumble of confused noises before returning to actual words.
"I resolve to always do my best." Her tongue flicked out in a nervous gesture. "Sssometimes that hasn't been satisfactory... but I am getting better! Yes, I am!"

Himmel looked at the engineer, "We are all learning and trying to get better out here, Petty Officer. We're all in the same boat... or ship if you rather." Himmel looked around, and walked over to lean on the railing of the warp core. "I noticed you were stationed on DS9 before. You have any starship experience?"

"Starvation, no," Shadi hissed with laughter. "Once I got dumped on DS9, I haven't been able to transfer until now. Your tasty captain was very kind to approve it."

Soren's eye brow rose and he gave a slight smirk, "Okay, well you'll get to know the Sovereign and the Vindex specifically real fast. I'll let you know now, the things we do around here are vastly different from big Starfleet engineers." He let that last sentence hang there for a moment, "Nothing to worry about though. Let me show you around main engineering real quick."

Shadi dipped her head in eager attentiveness and fell into step behind her superior officer.

Himmel pointed to his office, "That's my office, but probably not the best place to find me. There is a coffee pot and you're free to it. Just make sure that you refill if it runs out." Soren turned a corner, "Over here is access to the Jefferie's Tube, better get used to it, you'll be going that way a lot I suspect." He then jumped up the steps to the pool table, "Engineering's morning meeting will typically be held here at the table. Lieutenant Atkinson is the Assistant Chief Engineer, you two will probably get along."

There was a uncomfortably long pause. Soren realized he didn't know what else to really show the enlisted without covering too much. He looked around and then back to Zatra, "Any questions?"

"What equipment am I allowed to use?" Shadi asked. "Chief O'Brien said enlisted engineers aren't allowed to use certain tools."

"Right, follow me over here." He guided her the tool lockers, "we're not so strict with tool and equipment usage on Vindex. In a bind we need all the help we can get. Enlisted are welcomed to use what they need to get done as far engineering equipment goes. As for everything else on board get in touch with me or Lieutenant Atkinson."

Himmel closed the door to the tool room, "What do you think of the Vindex so far?"

"She is a very palatable ship," Shadi said, trying to choose her words carefully. "I am honored to serve aboard."

Soren gave a single nod, "Outstanding!" He grabbed a PADD from the table, "Is there anything else you need, petty officer?"

"No, sir!" Shadi clacked her heels together in a sharp standing position of attention. "Thank you for your piquant introduction. I will report to Lieutenant Atkinson at once."


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