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Let's Make A Deal

Posted on Sun Mar 26th, 2017 @ 4:51am by Lieutenant Kazyah Linn & Mystery Man

Mission: S1E5 - Unknown Territory
Location: Brig - USS Vindex
Timeline: Mission Day 72 - 1021 hours

Kazyan Linn paced in his cell, his mind rolling through the many possibilities that stood before him. With Akiva's recent assistance, intensions be damned, the situation became extremely more complicated. Not only was he being charged with high treason and accessory to murder, now he had Starfleet Intelligence plotting his murder. And he was a sitting duck, caged in place, waiting for them to show up.

The doors of the room opened and Kaz looked up to see the mystery man from before walk into the Brig.

"Excuse me, but no visitors allowed," said Wilkins from behind her desk. "Direct orders."

The Mystery Man offered a commbadge. "Could you please take this for a moment?"

Wilkins accepted it with a crinkled brow. "What am I supposed--" She was beamed away before her sentence came out of her mouth.

Kaz sighed, the last thing he needed was to deal with this guy again. "What the fuck, man," Kaz said, his voice sounding annoyed. He stepped up to the forcefield as close as he dared, "What do you want?"

Mystery Man looked down at Kazyah and strolled over to the holding cell - standing as close as he dared to from the forcefield. He wasn't there to make any offers or persuade him - no - he was here to make Kazyah aware of just how pissed off he was with him. Nobody crossed the El-Aurian man without him letting them know about it.

"You know something? It takes a lot to piss me off but somehow you've managed to do that. My little girl is on this ship and your actions could have seen her in one of those torpedo casings being carried off the ship. You're just lucky she was one of the lucky ones - otherwise you'd be in one as well" the man said.

"Let me guess," Kaz said, walking away from the forcefield. "You're going to come in here and threaten me? Harm me? Kill me? Tell me that you wish I were dead?" The man shrugged, "I'm a bit tired of that song and dance. You're not the first."

The man shook his head and chuckled.

"That's not my style Mr Linn. I know what your orders were but my little girl still got hurt and I'm not really happy about that - although that's not the full story of why I'm here. I'm not going to make you any offers or tell you what to do - I'm just going to stand here and let you tell me your version of events and see if they match up to my inside information" The man said.

Kaz stood there, staring at the man in silence. He regarded the man with disdain, mostly for the fact that he seemed to think he could do anything he want and demand anything he want. And yet, Kaz didn't exactly have a lot of options right now. Even Starfleet Intelligence had turned his back on him. "What is it you want?" he asked, walking back towards the forcefield. "A few days ago you mentioned that you could drop my charges if I did you a favor. What is that favor?"

"You look after my little girl and you make sure she stays out harm's way because I won't be able to - my chances of being assigned to this ship are extremely slim. If you do that for me then maybe I can sort something out for you in return - I don't like owing you would be swiftly repaid" Mystery Man replied.

"That seems like an awfully imbalanced deal in my favor. Why do I have the feeling that there's more to this than you're letting on?" Kaz asked, feeling very suspicious.

Mystery Man sniffed. "There's always more inside the book than what appears on the covers Kazyah. If you don't trust me or feel this isn't something you want to do or feel you can't do then I can always find somebody else to do this favour for me instead - there's plenty of other people in Starfleet who need a lifeline right now. You're the most convenient choice however because as it stands, you're already on this ship. That can change in an instant - but only if you let it - the only one who can decide your fate now Kazyah is you."

"And how would Starfleet Intelligence feel about me taking my position back within their department?" he asked, still not quite sure what to think.

"That isn't going to happen because they're not interested in you - but Starfleet Command however is rather interested in what you have to offer although your recent record rather overshadows their desire to recruit you from Starfleet Intelligence. Captain Ainscow already has a replacement for you lined up anyway so I think it's safe to say your career in Intelligence is finished either way." Mystery Man responded.

"And you think Starfleet has a place for a guy with my...skillset?" he asked, raising an eyebrow.

Mystery Man nodded slowly - he felt Kazyah still had something to offer and he could then use the man to keep a watchful eye over his daughter so no more harm would come to her. At least Mystery Man's allocation to the Idran Region would ensure he was a lot closer than he was previously.

"Absolutely. You're well sought after - or at least you were" the man replied.

"I still am," Kaz said, getting angry. He took a deep breath and calmed himself. With his situation, he couldn't exactly afford to lose his temper...again. "I just mean that this situation isn't my fault. And it's not right that my career is in the toilet for saving this ship."

Mystery Man chuckled. "Oh I don't think so Kazyah - you were sought after until Captain Ainscow submitted a file against you to the Judge Advocate General. Commodore Hutchinson has thrown his weight behind it too so I can't say you'll be wanted for anything more than helping with your share of the chores in a penal colony. Don't forget that you're inside that cell and I'm on the outside - you need to remember who you're speaking to and how much more difficult I can make things for you."

"For this to work, someone's going to have to convince Claudia. Last time she saw me, I'm actually surprised she didn't kill me," Kaz said, thinking back on the situation. "She blames me for this, they all do. And I don't think I'd be effective if no one trust me. Hell, I doubt she'd even let me on the Bridge."

The man nodded. "That can be arranged. Claudia might be angry but she isn't one to kill someone in cold blood - even after what happened - she might look cute but she's got a bit of her father in there somewhere. I know him quite well - I was quite surprised when we discovered we both have a daughter serving on this ship. But maybe she just will let you on the bridge if I cann persuade her enough."

"Alright." Kaz sat there for a few moments in silence. He didn't like this idea, and he knew he was asking for trouble. But he didn't exactly have a choice. "I'll do it," he said, already hating himself.

With his work done he could finally be satisfied that he could have a watchful eye on the Vindex as well as saving the career of someone who even he knew wasn't to blame for the situation. The only one to blame was the crazed Vulcan scientist who had been beaten to death by Nealey Snowdon on Veloz Prime.

Mystery Man grinned. "Welcome to Section 31 Mr Linn. Sit tight - you'll be out of that cell sooner than you think"

With that Mystery Man turned on his heel and exited the brig - rounding the corner just in time as Wilkins came around the other corner and headed straight for the brig to resume her watch over Kazyah Linn in his cell.

Kaz collapsed on the cot with a sigh. "And there it is," he said, suddenly regretting his decision. But with Starfleet Intelligence out for blood, he had no choice. He couldn't protect himself from within a cage. He had no choice but to do what he did. To sell his soul to the devil.

Mystery Man grinned as he walked back towards the transporter room to reunite with his colleague and assistant on Deep Space 9 to confirm their work on the station was done and it was time to head for the Gamma Quadrant.


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