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Bringing Good News

Posted on Sun Mar 26th, 2017 @ 8:18pm by Lieutenant No Name & Captain Claudia Ainscow

Mission: S1E5 - Unknown Territory
Location: Intelligence Office
Timeline: Mission Day 71; 10:00

Claudia sat in her office pondering what to do in light of submitting a case file to JAG following Commodore Hutchinson's endorsement - there was now the unavoidable matter of the Intelligence department which was now without a head and in need of someone to steer it through to calmer waters. Collecting a PADD and typing a few things from her console onto it she turned the console off and made her way down to the Intelligence department. She hadn't worn her uniform since returning to the ship after being ordered by Commodore Hutchinson to take a break - normally she would have argued but this time she decided against it.

Arriving outside the Intelligence office she pressed the time and waited for permission to enter.

"Come in," Cat called as she sat at her desk going over reports that had been pouring in. She had no idea where Linn was, or she would have had his head mounted on her wall already. Still, he wasn't there and that was good enough for her at the moment. It also didn't stop her from picking up a Type I phaser that she had hidden under her desk and raising the setting to three.

Claudia entered and made sure the doors were closed before facing the young woman sat behind the desk. Claudia was wearing a black t-shirt with an unbuttoned shirt with a tartan pattern on top with some new navy blue jeans after treating herself to some new clothes from a clothes outlet on Deep Space Nine.

"Ah Lieutenant - glad you're here. I apologise for the delay in getting this to you as I only got the information through today - but I have some news that I think you'd like to hear. Starfleet Intelligence wish to keep their detachment aboard the Vindex on a permanent basis rather than on loan and they've asked me to offer you the role of department head - if you want the position then it's yours" Claudia said.

Cat discreetly palmed the holdout phaser but didn't put it away again when she saw it was the Captain. "Delay in getting to me?" she asked. "I've been aboard the entire time, although I'm glad to see you managed to escape. People don't seem to want to talk to Intel or tell me anything on this ship. It's like I'm a What happened to the bas....Chief?"

Claudia nodded. "The information I wanted to give you only came through earlier - so I wanted to come and see you with some positive news although I'm glad to see you're back here too. The previous holder of the positioned has been interned in our brig pending onward transfer to DS9 and then Earth although I'm told there's currently a 'delay' with the backlog of JAG cases from the Gamma Quadrant which really doesn't surprise me. I'm serious though - the job offer's on the table and Intel can take care of all of your command access codes if you want the job"

"I'll take it," Cat said after a moment. She wondered how she could get to the brig and pull off a murder, but with full access to the tools that came as part of her job, she was certain that she could pull it off. "Thank you, Captain."

Claudia smiled and walked around to the desk and prepared for the next part of the reason she was down here.

"You're welcome - and there's something else too. Starfleet Intel have bumped you up to full Lieutenant so as they can't be here to do it themselves I guess I'll have to do it" Claudia replied.

She reached inside her shirt pocket and pulled out a small box and retrieved the pip from inside it. Taking off the hollow one from Cat's collar she replaced it with the solid one and offered her hand out to the young woman.

"Congratulations Lieutenant. I'll gladly inform Starfleet Intel you've accepted their offer" Claudia concluded.

Cat blinked and looked at the other pip before the Captain replaced it on her collar. "Uhh...thank you, Captain. I wasn't expecting that."

Claudia put the now redundant hollow pip to one side on top of the empty box and smiled. She loved handing out promotions - she'd watched so many performed by Captain Grundy but now she was able to carry them out herself and it was a great feeling.

Claudia replied. "Hey - you've earned it. I think so and so do Starfleet Intelligence - so I'm more than happy to make it official on their behalf. Miss Snowdon gave me a glowing review of your actions in her debrief as well so perhaps you can thank her for getting you some bonus points"

Cat smiled and stood up, switching the phaser from her hand to a hidden pocket and offered the Captain her now free hand. "Thank you again and I'll be certain to let Miss Snowdon know."

Claudia smiled and accepted the hand - shaking it firmly but gently. The young lieutenant had been vital in securing the destruction of Saalkan's modified Dreadnought weapon and saved potentially millions of lives.

Claudia beamed. "My pleasure Lieutenant. If you need anything in the mean time come and find me - and feel free to submit any requests you need to start building that tank of yours. Might as well make the most of the amount of resources available here instead of out in the Gamma Quadrant"

"I will, Captain," Cat said with a smile. "It'll be rolling before you know it."

Claudia nodded. "Glad to hear it - I'll catch you later Miss Ghatto"

Claudia turned on her heel and went back out the door again. It had been a brief catch up but a very productive one to say the least - now with many other things to do before her wedding and the Vindex's departure she decided to make a start on them.

After the Captain left, Cat authenticated her new access codes in the computer and sat down to see what was in the system that Mister Linn had left behind.


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