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Window Shopping

Posted on Mon Mar 27th, 2017 @ 1:13am by Captain Claudia Ainscow & Petty Officer 3rd Class Rebecca Ainscow

Mission: S1E5 - Unknown Territory
Location: Deep Space 9
Timeline: Mission Day 72; 12:00

With Grace in the care of Paul who was more than grateful for the extra help in the kitchen Claudia and Rebecca made their way to Deep Space 9 to do some shopping for their upcoming nuptials. The older woman was still going with her more youthful style and donning a t-shirt with an open shirt on top and her new navy blue jeans. Rebecca loved her wife-to-be's new look and felt it made her look as young as she looked.

"What's the bet we get ID'd if we go for a drink?" Becky asked.

Claudia giggled. "You know how to flatter me Becky - but remember - I'm not drinking anymore until the baby is born and we're celebrating his or her birth. Until then it looks like I'm the designated driver who's drinking OJ"

"Aww poor Claudia. I'll have make sure to have an extra couple for you" Becky replied - grinning.

Claudia loved Becky's sense of humour and how much of a difference she'd made to her life. As they walked hand-in-hand along the promenade towards the shops they were looking for Claudia couldn't help how excited she was to be shopping for accessories for their wedding as well as the initial baby things. Asher had said yesterday morning that they wouldn't know if Claudia's IVF session was successful or otherwise for another week - but surely a few babygrows wouldn't hurt.

"I know it's early but I really want to go and get some baby things sweetie. Just a couple of babygrows - we can use them to tell Grace the good news - when we get it of course" Claudia said.

Becky beamed. "Aww that's cute I bet she'll love it. It's just a pity we won't know if the baby is blue or pink for ages yet - I bet there's lots of neutral colours though so they can be worn by a boy or a girl"

"You just know Grace is going to want a little sister. She's always wanted one and she was even asking me about it this morning - I can't wait to see her face when we tell her. We'll keep the names a secret until the baby's born though so we can say something like 'Say hello to insert name here - your baby brother/sister'" Claudia replied.

Becky loved how they were going to be a proper family with the same name - although she knew Claudia secretly wanted another daughter Becky would be happy with either as long as the baby was healthy. At least with the discovery of Claudia's part El-Aurian heritage she knew the older woman would be around for a bit longer than the 24th century human life expectancy.

"Do you think there'll be any more? I mean...would you like any more after this one?" Becky asked.

Claudia nodded. "I'd love to - but age isn't only side and I think if I am pregnant this time around then it'll be my last pregnancy. But if you're willing to have one yourself then we can always have another one after this one"

"Of course I would. We're getting married and I'll do anything to make us complete - if it means having a baby myself then I will. The great thing is I've got at least 10 years or so on my side so if we want a bit of a gap between number 2 and number 3 then we can. I can't wait for the news though - which is kind of funny really because I never really imagined having any kids until I met you" Becky replied.

Claudia smiled. "You're sweet Rebecca. I'm the luckiest woman alive to have you as my partner and even luckier that you're marrying me in a couple of days' time. Oh look - here's that shop Asher recommended to us when we asked about wedding accessories. On the face of it she wasn't wrong about how much stuff is available"

The two women entered the shop and started looking for decorations for the temple they were getting married in on that very starbase. They'd decided to go for a more vibrant theme and chosen red as the theme colour - although it had to be admitted that Grace had chosen the colour because it was her favourite.

Rebecca picked up some deep red ribbons and showed them to Claudia - thinking they would go well on the chairs for their guests as well as around the temple.

"Hey these look nice" Rebecca said.

Claudia nodded. "Yeah they do - they'd look nice in the temple and add a bit of contrast to the walls"

Becky picked a few up and kept hold of them whilst following her fiancée around the shop into the next aisle. There Claudia picked up a pair of champagne glasses which she thought could be engraved with their names and wedding date so they could use them after the wedding in their quarters - although Claudia's would probably have orange juice in it rather than champagne.

"So...we've got those ribbons and these glasses. What about some little ornaments for the tables to tie the balloons to? Nealey has said she'll organise the decorations in the private room at Quark's so we should probably give her something to stop the balloons floating up to the ceiling" Claudia commented.

Becky nodded and looked at some beautiful gold coloured hearts which had been shaped out of latinum. The only thing was they'd probably cost a lot of credits and Becky didn't want Claudia to end up paying for everything and using up her allowance.

"They look so nice...but so expensive" Becky said.

Claudia tittered. "Starfleet Captains earn more than you think beautiful. We'll grab some of those and then something sparkly to go over the tablecloths and I think we're done"

With the accessories chosen and paid for Claudia put them into Becky's backpack and they headed towards the nearest store for baby accessories. She didn't want to tempt fate but at the same time Claudia wanted their child's first things to be proper and not something from the replicator. Once there it seemed that Rebecca had changed her tune and was picking out quite a few more items than she initially suggested they got.

"These booties are so adorable Claudia - we have to get them" Becky insisted.

Claudia giggled. "You didn't want us to get too much now you want to buy the whole store. They are cute though - so we'll have them - and this cute outfit along with these babygrows I picked up..."

"Look who's talking. They are cute though...and they're all pink...that's not very neutral" Becky replied.

Claudia mumbled something about when she became pregnant with Grace she bought a lot of pink items for her whilst not knowing what gender she was - again letting slip her secret that she hoped for a little sister for Grace.

"Are you sure that's not just luck?" Becky asked - giggling.

Claudia beamed. "I don't believe in luck Becky - but I'm sure if it turns out they're blue then I'm sure there's another one or two couples who might find a use for them if we don't"

"Yeah that's true. I kinda get the impression Martha and Lucia are having 'a talk' about that sort of thing right now - because I've noticed both of them have gone from drinking wine each time they're in D15 to drinking orange juice. Or maybe that's just me looking into it a bit much" Becky replied.

Claudia knew how Martha had always wanted her own child and thought she would make a wonderful mother - and this was proven after she adopted Elsie earlier that year. If this was the case then Claudia would offer Martha and Lucia all the support and advice she could.

"They're wonderful parents. I know Martha said to me a while ago she would like to have a child of her own so maybe that's the case - but I'm sure they'll take that step when they're ready to. I just don't think Dr Maddison wants too many born at once" Claudia replied.

With rather a lot more than they intended to buy in the first place the two women then dropped in to Quark's for a bite to eat and to confirm the final arrangements for their reception. Surprisingly Claudia found Quark to be quite amiable and was more than agreeable to the plans the two women had for the private room - or rather what Nealey would be doing. Despite what she'd heard about the Ferengi bar owner Claudia had always liked him although there were a couple of occasions she'd caught him in a bad mood in the past.

After their delicious lunch was eaten they opted to take their shopping back to the Vindex and plan a family afternoon out with Grace down on Bajor - although Claudia would need to be back early because the dress she ordered from the dressmaker on Deep Space 9 would be ready for a final fitting and collection that evening. That was something she wasn't planning to miss - and she was delighted that Martha had agreed to come along to offer her opinion too.


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