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The New CFCO Arrives

Posted on Tue Mar 28th, 2017 @ 12:40am by Captain Claudia Ainscow & Lieutenant Tabetha Relton

Mission: S1E5 - Unknown Territory
Location: USS Ribble; Main Shuttlebay
Timeline: Mission Day 71; 17:30

Claudia decided to head down to the main shuttlebay to go and meet the new Chief Flight Control Officer who was apparently already hard at work in the main shuttlebay. Lieutenant Relton came with the personal endorsement of her former Commanding Officer so Claudia was more than happy to accept her request to take over the vacant Chief Flight Control Officer role on the Vindex.

Once she arrived in the main shuttlebay Claudia asked if anyone had seen Lieutenant Relton - and after being pointed in the direction of the new Danube-class runabout to replace the Clyde the Vindex's Commanding Officer found herself face to face with Tabetha Relton.

"I see somebody else has forgotten to report into see me when they come aboard Lieutenant - but I'll forgive you this time. I trust you arrived safely Miss Relton?" Claudia said.

Tabetha jumped out of her skin, even though the other woman's approach was audible, she wasn't expecting her to speak so soon. Putting down the tool she was using to give the brand new shuttlepod a check before passing it for service.

"Oh," Tabbie said, apologetically. "I'm sorry Captain, but yes, I did arrive safely, thank you. I was just checking this shuttlepod over before letting the rest of my underlings use it, but it's all good. It keeps asking for a name though, do you want to do that while you're here, Captain?"

Claudia tittered and helped herself to the nearest seat. She turned it to face Tabetha and was pleased to see she'd already got a head start on her work like Asher had in sickbay. At least this time Tabetha knew what role she was here to do - Asher was a last minute but so far wise choice to lead the Medical department.

"Don't worry about it Miss Relton - you've got straight to work so I can forego the formalities. As for a name for this shuttle as a matter of fact I do have one - the USS Ribble. The Clyde has been sent to the Endurance as sadly your predecessor took her own life aboard it and it doesn't feel right to keep it on board" Claudia replied.

Tabbie sat in the chair opposite and typed away on a console, starting a diagnostic that would take a few minutes to complete, or at least she hoped. The thing Tabbie found is just because something was new didn't mean it was working properly, and this had been the case more than once on the Ben Nevis.

"I heard about that," Tabetha responded, turning back towards Claudia. "I'm so sorry. If it's any consolation, I'm not going to try and replace her, but carry on where she left off. I don't think there's any such thing as 'replacements' in Starfleet, how can you even replace somebody's life with someone else? It doesn't work with me, Captain."

Claudia nodded solemnly. Annie's loss was tragic and she wished she could have saved the young woman - but sadly it was too late and Claudia felt like Annie could have gone on to be one of the best flight control officers in Starfleet - but at least now she was with Anastasia and they could be together on the other side.

Claudia replied. "I feel the same way. In the sense of if people in a department head leave the ship for a new assignment then a new department head is a replacement yes - but a department head or any other officer coming in to replace somebody who's died - it doesn't sit right with me calling those replacements either. I'm glad we're on the same track - it's been really hard to come to terms with what happened on the Vindex but we're tough and we'll come out of it"

Tabbie admired Claudia already, she seemed like someone who wanted to keep things together when she could quite easily crumple under the weight on her shoulders. From what Tabetha knew of Claudia she was new to command, but from their conversation, Tabbie would have guessed otherwise if she didn't know Claudia only became the Captain of the Vindex just under three months ago.

"We will," Tabbie said. "I've heard great things about this ship and her crew, I want to help out in any way I can, that's why I came here in the first place. If there's anything I can do Captain, please, just name it."

Claudia smiled - she decided it was best to move onto a more positive topic - and that was the Vindex's new compliment of auxiliary craft which had been delivered. Two of the Type 11s had been transferred to the Endurance to boost its depleted shuttlecraft complement and in return four Type 8s had been allocated to the Vindex.

"On a more positive note we've managed to boost our shuttlecraft fleet by a net amount of two - we sent a couple of our Type 11s to the Endurance and we got four Type 8s in their place. The Type 8s and the Ribble are brand new so hopefully that'll balance the age of our auxiliary fleet a little bit. We're sticking with the World War II RAF pilot theme and two of the Type 11 names have been transferred to two of the Type 8s. I was thinking of naming the other two Allard and Stephens. The Work Bees and Work Pods haven't arrived yet but they're due tomorrow - I think engineers would be a fitting theme for those" Claudia commented.

Tabbie was rubbish with choosing themes for naming things, but she thought the Captain's choice of themes for the Vindex's shuttlepods suited the ship, which Tabetha understood to be named after an aircraft carrier.

"They sound good, Captain. I'm sure the Chief Engineer will be happy to get those to play with too, I can't imagine the engineering department gets presents all the time." Tabbie said, grinning slightly.

Claudia chuckled and hauled herself out of the brand new chair she was sitting on and stood up to offer a handshake to Tabetha. On the face of it Claudia found Tabbie to be a good choice for the Chief Flight Control Officer role and hoped that the recommendation that came with Tabetha's application turned out to be as good as they looked on the PADD.

"Well Miss Relton I shan't keep you from your work. It's a pleasure to meet you and please - if there's anything that I can do for you - don't hesitate to come and find me. I'm here for everyone whether they've been here from the start or they've just arrived" Claudia said.

Tabbie turned and stood up to shake Claudia's hand, feeling the move to the Vindex had so far been the right one. The Gamma Quadrant was a big wide place she'd never seen before, and it would be daft to turn down such a rare opportunity.

"Thank you, Captain." Tabbie said, smiling. "I look forward to serving with you and everyone else here."

Claudia gave Tabbie one last smile before she turned on her heel and headed out of the Ribble to find something else to do. Tabetha seemed like she knew what she was on about and had the qualities to reunite a broken department - the Flight Control department had been heavily hit and to add salt to the wound Ensign John Henley - who Claudia had trusted with her life more than once - was one of them too.

"At least he and the rest of the bastards were gone now anyway" Claudia thought to herself as she headed out of the main shuttlebay and towards the nearest turbolift.


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