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For All Intents and Purposes

Posted on Fri Mar 31st, 2017 @ 10:57am by Captain Claudia Ainscow & Major Storr Garlake

Mission: S1E5 - Unknown Territory
Location: USS Vindex (Deck 1)- Captain's Ready Room
Timeline: Mission Day 72: 1430

Storr pressed the chime on the door, he and the counselor standing patiently for Captain Ainscow to acknowledge them. The MCO wasn't sure if Jaya was as nervous as he was but Garlake pushed the thought aside and flashed the counselor a bright smile just as they were called inside.

Feeling her fiance's nervousness, Jaya slid her hand into his and intertwined their fingers. She felt the rush of his emotions and adrenaline at her touch, yet the soothing calm she emitted on a subliminal level cooled his jets a little. A smile pulled at her lips. Humans still had so much to learn.

Claudia smiled and gestured for the two visitors to sit down at the two vacant seats ahead of her desk. Truth be told she was glad to be out of uniform and on very light duties - although her time to relax would soon be over with the Vindex due to leave Deep Space 9 in just over three days' time. She was certainly going to make the most of it - that was for certain.

"What can I do for you two today?" Claudia asked.

"Thanks for taking a few moments to see us, ma'am, especially on your...time off," Storr said, looking over Claudia in her jeans and shirt. She looked relaxed and well put-together in them though clearly still working at her regular pace. Stealing a look into his intended's warm gaze, he turned back to the Captain. "As you might recall, I came to you a couple months ago about my intent to begin a relationship with this lovely woman at my side. Now...we're coming to you with our intent to wed."

They had agreed to let Storr take the lead as the superior officer, but Jaya could not help but return Claudia's grin.

Claudia was really pleased to hear Jaya and Storr had decided to go to the next level - she beamed at the happy couple and walked around to the other side of the table to offer her congratulations in the form of a hug for Jaya and a handshake for Storr.

"That's amazing news - congratulations to you both. If you're asking for approval then the answer is yes - and better still you have a practice run because I'm marrying Becky Fuentes in two days' time so make sure you're both there" Claudia replied.

The MCO shook Claudia's hand and smiled widely, dividing his attention between the Captain and his intended. He was happy that Ainscow was happy for them but was still somewhat apprehensive about the rank disparity. When the Captain mentioned her upcoming wedding nuptials to her yeoman, however, he cringed slightly; he thought HE was the on borderline of fraternization issues! Regardless, he nodded and replaced his hand near-instinctually into Jaya's. "We wouldn't miss it, ma'am, and again, thank you for your blessing."

"As you may well be aware, Captain, I am in somewhat of a predicament," Jaya said with a timid smile. "My Oath of Celibacy is on record, and while I can technically forswear it through a Terran marriage vow... it would still go a long way toward our case if my commanding officer supplied a sworn deposition to the Deltan Ambassador of my... chastity." She tittered, then added, "and, if it's not too much to ask, that I played hard to get?"

Storr couldn't help but chuckle. "That last part is an understatement, shouldn't lose any sleep over the veracity of that report."

Claudia smiled. "Of course Counsellor - consider it done. I'll make that a priority to ensure that when the time comes for you two to get married then it should all be above board. I'll be sure when you pick a date that we can try and be somewhere nice to drop you off for a honeymoon - Becky and I are looking at New Bajor although that might be a little way down the line"

"Actually, we were thinking Earth," Jaya replied. "I've never been, save for the Academy, and Storr has deep family roots on the other side of the planet. We were hoping to squeeze it all in before our next 'adventure'."

Claudia's face did drop a little - there wasn't much chance of the Vindex being sent to Earth because they were due back at DS11 in a few days' time. However, she did have an idea that could offer a solution to that.

"Well, unfortunately we're expected at DS11 in three days' time - but I do have a solution. I'm willing to reserve one of the holodecks for you both and have it represent anywhere on Earth of your choosing if that's something that may be of interest. I just don't know when we'll be in the Alpha Quadrant again and it'll take a good few weeks to do the round trip. If not then I can always see about arranging some shore leave for you and onward transport there? You can rejoin us at your own leisure" Claudia replied.

Jaya frowned. "Do you want to wait?"

Storr furrowed his brow. He did not want to delay their nuptials any longer but he also didn't want to be away from his family and homeland when it happened. Looking to Jaya he shook his head nearly imperceptibly and turned to Claudia.

"I would be best if we go to Earth ourselves and meet up with you as soon as we can. I'd rather delay our honeymoon than miss a chance at being home for the wedding."

Jaya squeezed his hand with a mischievous smirk on her face. "I can live with that."

Claudia nodded. "Once we've finished our next assignment we'll arrange for you to head over to Earth at your own leisure. It might be a while but that's the best I can offer you. I'm sorry I don't have better news but the Commodore is keen to send us on our way once the ship's been repaired - but if you do change your mind - all you have to do is ask. Just as long as we know a date then I can go present shopping for you both"

Major Garlake only had to cast a quick glance at Jaya to know that their minds were of one accord. It helped that they shared an emotional link that seemed to strengthen as time went on, but the Marine still found himself more and more comfortable with their shared outlooks. Comfortable and terrified.

"We'll have the rest of our lives for a honeymoon," Jaya offered. "That's literally the philosophy of Deltan culture anyway. I suppose we'll need to find transport to Earth immediately so we can rejoin the Vindex as soon as we're wed. Thank you for your understanding, Captain. Hopefully the ship won't be in need of its chief counselor or MCO for the next few weeks."

Storr risked a wide grin. "I'm sure that Bella will keep the men in order and even help break in the new MXO...if he can take Zaltin in for two weeks and still want to be here, he's good as gold."

Claudia smiled. "Consider it done - I can't be there unfortunately but if you like I can put you in touch with a friend of mine at Starfleet Command who can officiate for you - Rear Admiral Joyce - unless you have someone else in mind of course. If not then let me know and I'll have everything arranged for you. In the mean time - get yourself packed and I'll come and see you off before you go"


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