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Try before you buy

Posted on Wed Mar 29th, 2017 @ 7:56pm by Lieutenant Tabetha Relton & Ensign Asher Maddison MD

Mission: S1E5 - Unknown Territory
Location: Asher's quarters
Timeline: Day 73

Asher was in sickbay, finishing off the last of her work for the day before her shift ended. It was Day 3 of her time on the Vindex, and she was enjoying it so far, even if her position was way above what she'd actually applied for. Asher wasn't going to let that bother her though, all she wanted to do was help people get better, and she could do that whether she was in charge or the newest doctor on the block. At least this time around, she was both of those, which was an incredibly steep learning curve.

With what was the last of her work completed and filed away, Asher saw a young woman standing in sickbay, looking around for someone to assist her with what Asher guessed with a medical problem. Grinning, Asher left her office, walking in the direction of the woman in the red uniform.

"Well, hello hot stuff." Asher muttered, not even caring about the lack of self composure while on the job. So far, her luck hadn't been good, but Asher kept reminding herself she wasn't in sickbay for pleasure, it was to work.

Once she reached Tabetha, Asher stood in front of her and smiled, hoping that would get her attention.

"You look a bit lost," Asher said, warmly. "What can I do you for this fine evening? You're lucky, I was just about to hand over to my acting assistant for the night, but I can hang on for a bit longer."

Tabetha was playing tennis on the holodeck, not her usual choice of past time, but she took part to try and get to know members of her department. If Tabbie was honest with herself, she wasn't very good, and now she was holding her right wrist which was aching.

"Oh, good, a doctor." Tabbie said. "I think I've sprained my wrist playing tennis on the holodeck, can you take a look at it for me please?"

Asher giggled, it wasn't the first time she'd treated somebody on the Vindex who'd hurt themselves doing sports, with one patient requiring minor surgery to reset a bone they'd broken playing football after a heavy tackle. Looking for an empty bay she could see all of the medical assessment bays were available, and Asher tilted her head in the direction of the bays before turning around and walking towards them.

"It's not the first sports injury I've had here, but yours wasn't as bad as the man whose leg got broken during a rough game of football. I don't think he'll be playing for a while." Asher said, arriving in the medical bay and setting everything up ready to scan Tabetha's injured wrist. At worst, it would be a sprain, because it seemed like Tabetha could still move it and she wasn't screaming for pain relief.

Asher smiled and pointed to the bed.

"Sit yourself down," Asher said, trying to keep her eyes away from the other woman's rather appealing bust. "I'll start the scan once you're comfortable."

After following Asher into the cubicle, giving the blonde woman's rear end an admiring glance or three, Tabbie sat on the bed and held her wrist out for the blonde doctor to scan it to determine the nature of the injury. What was a great start had now resulted in her injuring her wrist, although knowing Captain Ainscow, Tabbie guessed she wouldn't be as annoyed as other Commanding Officers would be.

"I'm ready," Tabbie replied, smiling. "Doctor"

Asher placed the scanner about three or four inches from the affected area, turning the device on and slowly scanning it. So far the signs indicated Tabetha's wrist was sprained, and a few seconds later the scanner confirmed this was the case.

"Okay...your wrist is sprained," Asher said, placing the scanner away. "So I'm going to get you something for the pain and fit you with a dissolving splint to let the ligaments heal, I'll be back in a few minutes or so, sit tight and don't move an inch."

Tabbie was glad the injury was treatable, and at least she'd be able to go on duty tomorrow morning as expected, saving herself the embarrassment of telling Captain Ainscow she'd sprained her wrist playing tennis.

"Cool, I'll be right here when you get back." Tabbie said, feeling that she was dreaming with the angelic doctor who was treating her, although Tabetha had no idea of the other woman's interest in her, at least for now anyway.

Asher came back with the equipment she needed, and administered Tabetha with an analgesic for the pain. She then reached around to close the curtain to begin the minor procedure, which was a lot more preferable to the many autopsies Asher had performed during the quiet spells in sickbay.

Picking up her scanner again, Asher started to measure the dimensions of Tabetha's wrist to make sure the splint would properly support the affected area. With the dimensions acquired, Asher took those and replicated the splint, which she inspected to ensure it was what she programmed into the replicator and took it back into the assessment bay.

"Okay," Asher said. "If you can pop your arm onto the machine for me, we'll have this in and you can be on your way in no time."

Tabetha placed her forearm onto the machine Asher asked her to and waited patiently. Ten seconds later, the splint had disappeared and her wrist now felt more supported, meaning the procedure had been successful.

"Wow," Tabbie said, looking at her wrist. "That feels really good, you're a star."

Asher smiled cutely, she loved those types of compliments and Tabetha's had made a difference to what was quite a dull and boring day. At least now Tabetha's wrist was sorted, Asher could at last go back to her quarters and relax and have a soak in the bath.

"Oh, I prefer 'angel'," Asher said. "But you're welcome though. I didn't get your name, I'm Asher, but Ash is fine, seeing as it's you."

Tabbie grinned, and gladly took the bait Asher offered her.

"Okay, angel, I'm Tabetha, and as it's you I'll let you call me Tabbie." Tabetha replied, deciding to stop concealing her interest in the young doctor, hoping the signs weren't misread and making a first rate fool out of herself. Either way, Tabbie found the young doctor to be very pretty, and could imagine a queue of people behind her wanting to ask for a date.

Asher gave Tabetha a cute smirk, glad she'd caught on to her subtle flirting.

"Tabbie, eh?" Asher replied, finding herself all too happy to flirt with the other woman, even if they were still in sickbay. Nobody was around to hear them anyway, so it didn't really matter. Her assistant was on a message, and most other members of staff who'd just come on shift were in the on call room, waiting for any calls to come.

Turning the console off, Asher thought about her next move. Flirting was something she did extremely well, and it was clear Tabbie was going to entertain her very flirtatious nature.

"Okay," Asher said, still smirking. "Tabbie, this angel is going to disappear, but you can come and join her for a trashy evening of chocolate and films right away, because she's got nothing better to do. If you're game for that, come and meet me in Room 18-001 in about ten minutes. I'll be waiting."

Asher quickly dashed out of sickbay, unsure whether to be pleased with herself or not. Yeah, Tabetha was definitely attractive, but she'd been here five minutes and had already flirted with one of the other senior officers on the ship.

Back in her quarters, if Tabetha did arrive, then Asher had every intention of skipping the starter and the main, and going straight for the dessert.

Without even thinking about the cute doctor's offer, Tabbie knew what she was going to do. Once the woman had left sickbay, Tabetha took the long way around before going to a turbolift and setting Deck 18 as her destination. Tabetha couldn't wait to get Asher to herself in the privacy of her quarters, and almost to the nearest second, Tabetha pressed the bell and waited for Asher to let her in.

Asher grinned the second she heard the bell ring, and she almost ran to the door to let Tabetha in. Taking only a few seconds to calm herself down, being quite giddy at the prospect of having company that night, Asher took one big, deep breath and opened the door to face Tabetha.

"Well, hey there." Asher said, almost seductively, and glad nobody else was around to see or hear their exchange. "Get yourself in here, dessert is waiting for you on the table."

Tabbie grinned and sat down on Asher's sofa, and looking around, Asher's meaning of dessert clearly wasn't food eaten after an evening meal, because there was no food to be seen.

"So, where's the dessert Asher? I don't want to sound like a rude house guest, but I'm pretty hungry right now." Tabetha asked, not really bothered either way, because she'd already eaten and just wanted to get a reaction from Asher.

Asher grinned and sat herself down on the table where she usually ate, taking the ribbon from her hair and allowing it to drop down before leaning back slightly.

"Oh, I'm the dessert baby." Asher said, putting on her most seductive voice possible and hoping it would be enough to seal the deal. She wanted Tabbie, and was going to get her.

Asher then opened her uniform jacket, followed by a slow and teasing partial undoing of her shirt.

"Why don't you come and get it if you're so hungry, Tabetha?" Asher whispered, huskily.

Tabbie didn't need asking twice, she lifted herself off the sofa and quickly marched over to Asher, placing both of her hands on either of Asher's cheeks and placing her lips against Asher's, leaving them there as she slowly moved her hands down to rest on Asher's shoulders. Half an hour ago, Tabetha didn't even know Asher existed, and now she was kissing her in her quarters.

"You're a beautiful kisser." Tabetha whispered through the kiss, feeling so alive after being seduced by the Vindex's most senior doctor, and wanting to take it all the way.

Asher rested both of her hands on Tabetha's ample bust, gently continuing to kiss Tabbie as delicately and sweetly as she could, losing herself in the kiss and feeling unbelievably lucky she was the one to assist Tabetha, and not one of the other on duty doctors or nurses, meaning Asher would have missed out on the company she had cruelly denied herself for so long.

"Thank you, Tabbie." Asher said, continuing to kiss Tabetha sweetly and sensually, doing that while reaching for her uniform jacket and taking it off, then undoing Tabetha's red uniform shirt as far as it would go.

Tabetha loved Asher's soft and tender kisses, and returned them with equal tenderness and sensuality, briefly pausing the kiss to reach for Asher's shirt and taking it off, throwing it onto the sofa. This was getting serious, and Tabbie was ready for it to head to the finish line.

"Why don't we take this to your bedroom, beautiful?" Tabbie said, not really minding where they were and happy to carry on wherever Asher was comfortable. It wasn't the most unusual place Tabetha had been intimate before, but Asher was certainly the most beautiful woman Tabbie had been seduced by.

Feeling ready to let Tabbie take her all the way, Asher lifted herself off the table slightly and took her trousers down to her ankles before lying with her back on the table, with her skin resting against the cold glass of the table she was now lying on.

"No, let's do it here, and Tabbie...take me all the way to heaven. Please." Asher said, in the hope Tabetha was happy to continue where they were, because Asher wanted to feel loved, and she didn't want to wait any longer. Asher had never even kissed another woman before, and now she was so close to allowing Tabbie to show her the affection she had desperately longed for.

Tabetha was happy to grant Asher's wish, and she tugged the doctor's trousers the rest of the way off, throwing them across the room and undressing herself too. She then climbed into the table next to Asher, lifting her up slightly and passionately kissing her, wrapping her left arm around Asher's waist to support her weight and using her right hand to gently caress Asher's body.

Passionately kissing the brunette woman, Asher held the back of Tabbie's head, gently and slowly running her fingers through Tabetha's hair. Asher's free hand found itself resting on Tabetha's attractive rear end, allowing a few satisfied groans to escape from her lips as they took brief breaths. Never feeling as alive as she did now, Asher rolled onto her back and pulled away from Tabetha, smirking cutely.

"Do it, take me all the way." Asher whispered, admiring Tabetha's beautiful eyes, which were looking directly into her own.

Holding Asher in her arms on the sofa under a spare duvet sheet, Tabbie's face said it all, she'd been seduced by the Vindex's doctor and she'd loved every second of it. Stroking Asher's beautiful blonde hair gently, Tabbie couldn't deny she wanted to see Asher again after tonight, and she hoped Asher felt the same too.

"How was that, angel?" Tabetha asked, thinking that might be a silly question to ask.

Asher loved being held by Tabbie, it felt so sensual, and she loved having her hair caressed even more. Her first time had been everything she imagined, Tabbie had made her feel incredibly special, which made waiting for the right person for Asher to let take her all the way worth every day which had passed. It had lasted for what felt like forever, and the time on the clock suggested 'forever' wasn't as far fetched as Asher thought.

"It was so special, Tabbie," Asher whispered, cutely gazing into Tabetha's eyes, almost adoringly. "Thank you."

With her arm resting across Tabetha's torso, she found herself wanting to let things take their course, and if they worked out, take things to the next level with the woman whose arms she lay in.

"I'd like to do it again, but only if you do, Tabbie." Asher said, confirming her trust in Tabetha to have a repeat occurrence of what had happened that evening. Tabbie arrived at just after 7:30, and it was now almost 11 o'clock. It had been the perfect evening for Asher, and she desperately didn't want it to be a one off, in time, she hoped Tabbie would be waiting for her every night after work. For now though, she was just happy to get a couple of dates or nights in a week with her.

Tabetha was happy to see Asher again, their few hours together had felt more special than the few years she spent with her first love, Robyn. It wasn't love now, but something about Asher made Tabbie want to see her again, and often.

"You're on." Tabbie replied, placing another sweet, sensual kiss onto Asher's lips, leaving their lips locked together for a few moments and then returning to her position on the sofa.

Asher returned the kiss, and then moved her head so it lay on Tabetha's shoulder. She felt safe in Tabetha's arms, and after wishing Tabbie goodnight, Asher almost immediately drifted off into the land of nod, with the cutest smile on her face showing just how happy she was in Tabetha's company.

Watching Asher sleep in her arms, Tabbie's heart melted, this could be the beginning of something special, and she really hoped it was. Asher was a kind and sweet young woman, and Tabetha wanted to make her feel the love and care she deserved.

"Sweet dreams, angel." Tabetha whispered, kissing Asher's forehead and then settling down to sleep.


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