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Dessert...or 'dessert'?

Posted on Sun Apr 16th, 2017 @ 12:57am by Lieutenant JG Nealey Snowdon & Lieutenant No Name

Mission: S1E5 - Unknown Territory
Location: Quark's Bar; Deep Space 9
Timeline: Mission Day 74; 19:15

Nealey led Cat into the disused private room which was quite sparsely decorated and located a couple of doors down from the room the Vindex crew were using for their morale boosting party. Choosing a comfortable sofa in the far corner of the room she placed her drink on the table and placed her hand on the table - hoping Cat would rest hers on top if she noticed it was there. For now though Nealey was just happy to be alive and returning to some degree of normality.

" much more paperwork will you have to do now the Captain gave you the Chief Intelligence Officer job? I remember when I was acting Head of Operations not so long ago - the amount of paperwork I had to do was out of this world. I think I'll just stick with being the sort-of deputy head of Operations unless Commander Cusack decides to give me a job in Security instead" Nealey said.

"Not really," Cat said noncommittally in regards to the paperwork. "I've been busy going through all the protocols and digging into every aspect of the system to see what foulness Linn left behind. If I know him, there'll be something in the system that he left behind. I don't care what the final verdict was, he's guilty in my mind and should be sent to a penal colony on a asteroid in the middle of nowhere."

Nealey giggled. She decided to withdraw her hand from the table for the moment and placed it back on her lap before taking a sip of her drink.

"Somehow I don't think the Captain had anything to do with it either - this does has all the signs of being something from way above her level of authority. She didn't look very happy when I asked her why he was out of his cell instead of inside it - but I'm sure he'll have a close eye kept on him by more than one person" Nealey replied.

"Oh, I plan on going in harder and deeper than an angry proctologist," Cat said. "If I find one iota of evidence against him, I'm going to take it to Starfleet Command myself if I have to steal a runabout and make my way back to Earth."

Nealey tittered. "I can imagine you sat in your office until the small hours looking for it too. I'm surprised I've lasted so long in Starfleet considering my lack of respect for authority and belief in all of this high up crap"

"Oh, I've only just begun my search," Cat said. "There's thousands of files to go through and each one has to be checked. I'll be at it for months if I work triple shifts every day and even then, I may miss something. Why did you join Starfleet if you have no respect for authority?"

"To keep me somewhere out of harm's way and off the streets. I was in foster care until I was 18 and Starfleet seemed like a good place to try and do something productive with my life instead of trying to survive by myself with nobody to turn to. As long as I can do what I'm asked to here then I don't need someone to watch over or look out me - I've never had that before I joined Starfleet so why do I need it now?" Nealey replied.

Nealey then took a long and slow sip of her drink using the straw whilst spinning the umbrella around between her right thumb and index finger.

"We're a family in Starfleet, Nealey," Cat said. "Family watches out for family, which is why you need it. Just like you'll be watching over Ensigns and cadets who come fresh from the Academy like a big sister would. It's a greater whole than just the individual."

Nealey nodded. "Oh yeah - but I'm just used to doing my own thing and looking after myself rather than letting people help me. I just grew up learning to rely on myself and do what I have to do to survive. Authority is something I've never really come to terms with because I've been independent for so long. I'll help anyone who needs it - but I've never felt like I want it from others in return. I guess that's just stubborn old me for you"

"You won't get very far in Starfleet if you don't do what people higher in rank tell us to do," Cat pointed out as she sipped her drink. "In fact, you may go lower in rank if you don't."

Nealey shrugged - she knew the way she was going she might not last in Starfleet and she wanted to change - but she needed help to give her the push in that right direction. There was so much potential in her that others could see but Nealey refused to see it in herself.

"I don't mind taking orders - it's when they try and watch over my shoulder all the time I don't like it. I'll be alright Cat - as long as I don't lose what little I have then it'll be enough to...get help I guess. There's a lot of skeletons in my closet I need to address instead of hiding away from them - that's part of the problem with me - but all in good time I guess" Nealey replied.

"You do know that it's my job to look over everyone's shoulders now, don't you?" Cat asked as she circled around behind Nealey. She set her drink down and circled her waist with her arms and laid her chin on the woman's shoulder. "This isn't so bad, is it?"

Nealey beamed and tilted her head slightly to rest against Cat's. She sipped some more of her drink before giving Cat the cutest smile she could. She moved her hands down to hold Cat's and gently stroked them with her thumbs.

"I love it. As long as you're here to look out for us...then I think we're going to be alright. I'm just glad we're back here safely and most of all I'm glad I'm with you right now - finding you at that facility and spending the night with you made me realise that I actually do have something to live for" Nealey said.

"So am I," Cat said softly before she moved her hands up under Nealey's breasts. "So am I." She turned her head and gave Nealey a kiss before she smiled. "It was one of my better nights."

Nealey returned the kiss and felt so safe in Cat's arms. She had never felt able to trust anyone to let them come anywhere near her - but with Cat it felt different and Nealey felt comfortable being in her company and allowing her to hold her.

Nealey smiled. "We can have as many of those nights as you want Cat. I'm not going anywhere as long as you're still here - and even if you do disappear to another assignment then I might just decided to spread my wings and join you"

"I don't plan on going anywhere anytime soon, Nealey," Cat said with a smile. "In fact, you're giving me a reason to stay here. You can even help keep me in check when I start to plan something a Starfleet officer shouldn't do."

Nealey giggled cutely and moved her hands up to rest on Cat's again which were still below her ample assets.

"Oh I'll keep you in check Cat because someone's got to. A cutie like you needs a cutie like me to make sure you don't get up to no good - I might even give you a reward if you behave yourself and eat all of your dinner" Nealey replied.

"Would that be dessert?" Cat asked with a mischievous grin.

Nealey grinned and nodded.

"Oh I love a really sweet and tasty dessert. I've got some ice cream in stasis in my quarters and maybe I can find some chocolate to go with it - but I don't think that's the kind of 'dessert' you're thinking about right now" Nealey whispered seductively.

"Not at all," Cat breathed as she brought her hands up to cup Nealey's breasts. "Now....the time for talking is done."

Nealey stayed silent and simply decided to let things take their course. She was ready to let someone into her life and be there for her - as much as she tried to deny it she did need that guidance - and Nealey was elated with Cat saying she wanted to stay around for her. Nealey felt the same way and hoped that this could be the start of a bright and happy future for them both.


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