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Weekly Appointments

Posted on Wed Apr 12th, 2017 @ 3:56pm by Ensign Asher Maddison MD

Mission: S1E5 - Unknown Territory
Location: Main Sickbay - USS Vindex
Timeline: Mission Day 75 - 1613 hours

Laena smiled, rolling her eyes, as she exited the turbolift car. The Lieutenant was certainly an interesting person, but she could tell there was something redeeming there.

She walked down the corridor until she found the room she was looking for. Main Sickbay. From what she understood, there was a new Doctor on board, and it was important for her to get introduced. She passed through the doors and found the room oddly empty.

"Hello?" she called out, not seeing anyone around.

Looking up from the medical equipment she was sorting through for sterilisation or the disposal bin, Asher heard a voice outside the room she was working in. Quickly sorting through the last of the of the pile so nothing was lying around, Asher cleaned her hands with some hand sanitizer and looked over at the rather pretty green woman.

"Sorry," Asher said, smiling. "I was sorting through some things in the back room I didn't want to leave lying around, do you have an appointment or is this a drop in?"

"I didn't have a set time, but I come to see the Doctor every week on the same day," Laena said. "I'm not sure if the old Doctor has that written down or not. I"m Petty Officer Laena."

Asher hadn't caught up with the full schedule, because there was still a mountain of paperwork to climb and a huge backlog still to clear, so she offered an apologetic smile. There was time now, but it was more because she was embarrassed she hadn't made herself aware of Laena's appointment situation.

"Oh, I'm sorry," Asher replied, "you must know the old head doctor left us in the lurch, so for now I'm the head doctor until a new one arrives or the Captain makes it permanent. I haven't got through everything yet unfortunately, but I've got time to see you now. Do you want to come into one of the assessment bays or would you prefer to use my office?"

"One of the bays should be fine," Laena said. "And don't worry about the mixup, a lot has happened lately. This is the least of our worries," she said, giving the woman a sweet smile.

Asher looked over her shoulder to see which ones were available, and to her surprise, all of them were vacant.

"Follow me, please." Asher replied, walking over to the nearest medical bay and closing the curtain behind Laena once she was inside. As Laena made herself comfortable, Asher looked for her medical file on the medical bay's computer.

Once Laena's record was loaded, finding it with the use of a species filter, Asher looked at her patient.

"Now, what can I help with this afternoon?" Asher asked.

"I'm just here for my weekly pheromone inhibitor injection," Laena said, lifting herself up on the biobed.

Asher nodded and checked on the screen to check when Laena's last injection was, just to bring herself up to date. There were lots of patients to get to know, but she was slowly getting there, at last.

"Okay," Asher said, turning the computer screen off. "I'll be back with it in a minute or two. I'll just check it's ready, according to this your repeat dose was ordered yesterday, so it should be sat in the pharmaceutical cupboard by now."

After going into the pharmaceutical cupboard, Asher collected the sample, cross checking the reference on the console and then taking it back to her patient.

"Here we go." Asher said, preparing the hypo spray and then inserting the vial which contained the dose of pheromone inhibitors into it. Gently placing the hypo spray against Laena's neck, she pushed the button which administered the dose to her patient, and then removed it again.

Asher smiled cutely at her patient. "All done."

Laena closed her eyes, taking a deep breath as she felt the injection enter her body. "Sorry," she said, softly, still not opening her eyes. "Injections have never been my strong suit."

"Hey, that's nothing," Asher replied, "I'm a Doctor and blood makes my skin crawl. Anyway, shall we get your record updated so we can have a more regular schedule? I'm in the middle of tearing up the old one and making a new one, so if you have any preference on a time of day, now's the time to take your pick."

"1600 every week is fine by me," the Orion woman said, slipping off the table. "And thanks. The last Doctor always called me silly for not liking the hyposprays."

Asher smiled and made a mental note of Laena's preferred time, as well as to set her dose on a revised repeat prescription, while the computer came back on. Once it was ready, Asher made a note on Laena's record of her regular 16:00 appointments for her weekly injections.

"So," Asher said, "you're now booked for your doses every Tuesday at 16:00. Don't worry about the hypo sprays, I've had patients who didn't like being scanned because they were frightened of the scanner."

"Luckily I don't have that problem," she said, giving the Doctor a sweet smile. "Thank you, Doctor." Laena turned and left the room.


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