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Avoiding Bad First Impressions

Posted on Fri Jun 24th, 2016 @ 11:26pm by Lieutenant Commander Soren Himmel & Lieutenant T'Mia

Mission: S1E1 - Booby Trap
Location: Corridor, Vindex
Timeline: MD1 1600


Himmel had hardly been aboard and he was already scrambling around the ship in preparation for launch. His uniform was becoming less in code throughout the morning and into the day. He had spoken with the Captain earlier but had yet to check-in with the Executive Officer. It was beginning to be late in the day and he was not timely in reporting in. He also knew that the XO was Vulcan and would not appreciate being late to report, on his first day no less. He had instructed his students to always report in before getting to work. Obviously he did not follow his own advice.

He arrived where he would find Lieutenant T'Mia. He believed she had been making her own rounds, observing the preparation of the Vindex. He caught her in a corridor.

"Lieutenant T'Mia?" Soren called out and she turned to face him with no change of expression on her face. "Sir, Lieutenant Soren Himmel, Chief Engineer. I've been meaning to report in all day but never had the chance." He was a little out of breathe in his rush, and extended his hand to the Executive Officer.

"Ma'am," she countered as she ignored the offered hand. If she didn't know better she would have sworn she had heard a little hint of annoyance in her own voice. "For the third time today, I am not a male of my species. I am a female and would appreciate being addressed in such a way." She turned and continue walking down the corridor, signalling for the Lieutenant to fall in alongside her. "Reporting in should have been your first duty before even commencing your role as Chief Engineer."

Soren, remembering his customs and courtesies, walked on the left of the Executive Officer, "Nai, you're absolutely right, uh, ma'am. With the ship in it's condition and launch quickly approaching I was sort of dragged into my duties before checking in with you." If I remembered you were Vulcan I would have prioritized better Himmel thought this part to himself. "I apologize Lieutenant, no excuse." Himmel attempted to remedy his situation, he knew it wasn't the best idea to be on the negative side of the XO, let alone a Vulcan. They don't show emotion, but sometimes their "logical decisions" tend not to favor those who have bad first impressions.

"Your apology is appreciated," T'Mia responded with a nod and a brief look at the Engineer who was now accompanying her. "What state have you found engineering in?" she quizzed. She had paid a visit there a few days ago and it had been a mess - yard engineers and their equipment all over the place.

Soren chuckled a little, "Better then it was, we've been cleaning up the mess that the yard engineers were gracious enough to leave behind. We're working on repairing some temperamental gel packs and a few replicators not running correctly. So far nothing major. EPS systems are running fine, the ships primary systems are operating within their conditions. I'm just tying up some loose ends as far as preventative maintenance. The Vindex is a gut ship, and she will run great... says me."

"That is... Good to know," the Vulcan nodded as they approached he turbo shaft. "Is there anything I can assist you with?" T'Mia spoke as she waited for the lift.

Himmel thought for a moment, "No, I think we have it all covered, ma'am. Vindex is right on schedule."

"I must get to the bridge Lieutenant," the Vulcan told as the lift finally arrived and the doors parted. "Please let me know should you change your mind," had she have been human, the woman would have smiled, but instead she maintained her stoic expression.

The engineer could only smile, "Aye... ma'am."


Lieutenant T'Mia
Executive Officer
USS Vindex

Lieutenant Soren Himmel
Chief Engineer
USS Vindex


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