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U Mad Bro?

Posted on Tue Apr 18th, 2017 @ 8:13pm by Lieutenant Megan Atkinson

Mission: S1E5 - Unknown Territory
Location: Deck 12 Jefferies Tube entrance
Timeline: MD 75; 11:00

"You wanted to see me, Lieutenant?"

Shadi had climbed down from the previous deck when Megan had asked to meet her at his location. The new engineer had crawled and slithered all over the Jefferies tube in repairing various systems, particularly the power conduits. Many engineers found navigating the network of Jefferies tubes cumbersome, but not Shadi. This was what she lived for.

When she emerged from the Jefferies tube, Shadi had hoped to find a pleased lieutenant waiting for her. Human expressions were still difficult to read at times, but the look of displeasure on Megan's face was unmistakable.

Megan looked rather unhappy. She had asked Shadi to install some enhanced power cells she had worked on to upgrade one of the power junctions in Engineering as a trial. Holding a microspanner in one hand Megan decided to introduce herself to the new Saurian engineer in a rather different manner than she'd planned to.

"No wonder my upgraded power junction wasn't working - the power cells you installed weren't the enhanced ones I asked you to use. In fact they're still sitting in the same place I told you they were waiting to be collected - any reason why you decided to use standard ones Ms Zatra?" Megan commented.

"Forgive me, Lieutenant," Shadi quickly replied with bowing and dipping of her scaly head. "I merely followed the instructions as outlined in the Engineering database, including the specified tools and replacement components. Next time I will document the alternatives so I may be sure to use them."

Megan appeared at a loss for words, at least for the moment, so Shadi pressed on.

"Other than the incorrect parts, how would you rate my overall performance on this task?" Shadi pulled a PADD from the back of her belt in order to take notes.

Megan sighed. "Well - you fitted them correctly but your comprehension of the instructions I gave you was clearly very poor. I'm going to need you to go and get the parts I asked you to install and then start over. I was supposed to have an update on it for Commander Himmel and Captain Ainscow by lunchtime but clearly that's not going to happen. Rest assured if they come down on me like a tonne of bricks I'll be informing them I delegated the task to you"

"Understood." Shadi hung her head in dejection as she walked away. Before she rounded the corner, she stopped, turned around, and ran back to Megan.

"Lieutenant, I wish to thank you for your delicious admonition. I will take it to heart."

Megan followed the Saurian engineer and placed a hand on her shoulder reassuringly. It wasn't the plan to make her feel dejected but Megan needed her to realise that she needed to listen to her instructions more attentively.

"Please don't take anything like this to heart Ms Zatra. If I'm going to give you any advice it's just to take a moment to listen to and process what people are asking you to do. Let's go and get these modified power cells so we can install them together - then I can tell them how good a job you did" Megan said.

Shadi flicked her tongue in satisfaction. "Thank you very much, Lieutenant. I will make you hungry with pride, I promise."

Before she had followed Megan two steps, she stopped and looked around in quick glances.

"Oh, famine!" Her eyes grew large and round. "It sssseems I've forgotten my tools in the Jefferies tube."

Megan carried on walking and went to get the power cells she needed - calling over her shoulder for Shadi to stay where she was until Megan returned with the apparatus she needed. Collecting the crate of modified power cells Megan carried it rather awkwardly back to where Shadi was waiting.

"Alright come on - this way" Megan said.

Megan led the way to the power junction in question and placed the crate down. Waiting for Shadi to open her took kit Megan prized off the panel which covered the power junction and placed it on the bulkhead next to them.

"It's neat and tidy but like I said - they're not the right ones. I'll deactivate it and once it's ready you can remove the power cells. I'll show you how the new ones work before we install them" Megan said.

Megan then turned to the console next to the power junction and tapped in various keys to take it offline and make it safe for the power cells to be removed.

Megan spoke. "Alright it's offline - so whenever you're ready - get them all out if you would please"

"Yes, ma'am!" Shadi jumped to action and quickly made to remove the power cells. When she opened her tool kit, she made an unfortunate discovery.

"Oh, no!" Shadi hissed an undecipherable string angry noises. "I have my kit here, but my hyperspanner is missing! I must've misplaced the starving thing in the Jefferies tube..." If she had a tail, it would've been between her legs. "Might I borrow yours, Lieutenant? I swear, I'll give it right back."

Megan sighed - this clearly wasn't going very well and the engineer's organisation was seemingly quite poor - but whether that was a normal thing or just nerves it was something Megan would let slide just this once.

"Alright - but please try and ensure you're organised and better equipped in the future. It won't be much good if you're dispatched to carry out an emergency repair and you've lost half of your tools or forgotten your toolcase" Megan said.

She'd heard about Commander Cusack's loss of patience with a DS9 repair crew and ended up carrying out the task herself with the assistance of two colleagues - Megan was capable of such but for now she felt she could help Shadi improve her organisation skills rather than simply send her away and get someone else to do it - that would do her confidence even more damage and Megan didn't want to do that.

"Yes, ma'am," Shadi said as she accepted Megan's hyperspanner. In her haste, she bumped over one of the replacement power cells. "So clumsy, forgive me. No, no, don't help, I'll get it."

As a Saurian, Shadi was exceptionally strong. She lifted the power cell back into position with the rest with minimal effort. When she pulled her hand away, it revealed a mangled hyperspanner between her claws.

"Uh oh..." Shadi spread her thin lips apart in a fanged grin. "I broke your tasty hyperspanner, Lieutenant. But you can have mine... when I find it, that is."

Megan closed her eyes and let out an audible groan. That hyperspanner of hers had been given to her when she first started as an engineer on the Endurance - so it was definitely one of her more prized possessions - although now it was broken and of no use to anybody or anything other than recycling.

"Seriously? I've had that for three years!" Megan said exasperatedly.

"Many apologies, delicious." Shadi clicked her claws together as if in a praying motion. "In the meantime I'll just insert these power cells the old fashioned way."

Using her brute strength, she forced the couplings loose and wrenched the power cell free. It was then a simple matter of replacing it with the correct one.

"There we have it," Shadi said, standing back to examine her work. When she noticed a deep groove along the side of the casing, she etched along its length with her claw. Perfect match. "That sssshouldn't hurt it any." Shadi flinched as she said it.

Megan groaned. "I am not food Ms Zatra. It looks like we will have to arrange for some tools to be strengthened so you don't mangle them into something that represents something that's been sat on. You and I will have to have a chat with Commander Himmel because your organisation really needs improvement - and breaking the deputy chief engineer's tools is not a good start"

"Food? Meeting? Oh, pangs! Pleassse don't send me away!" Shadi dropped to her knees and pleaded with hands folded. "I don't know what you're talking about, but I will do better. I swear it on the blood and bones of my ancestors!"

Megan sighed and had absolutely no idea what to do or say with the Saurian engineer. Her organisation wasn't very good, she'd broken her prized hyperspanner and her reference to Megan as "delicious" was not something she was very comfortable with.

"I said nothing of the sort. I just don't like being called delicious and your organisation doesn't bode well for a crisis situation if one of our bulkheads blows out and we need it fixing in an emergency. If you can get your organisation up to scratch then we can avoid the meeting with the Commander - we shall reconvene in a week or so and go from there" Megan replied.

"Oh... oh, oh! Now I understand!" Confidence began to return to Shadi as she returned to her feet. "This isn't the first time my terms of endearment have confused someone else. I will attempt to be more professional and less personal. And then I will be more organized and less hungry in completing my duties. I'll be the bessst engineer on your staff, Lieutenant. You will see."

"Good. See you in a week - 08:00 in the engineer's office" Megan replied.

Megan then made her leave of the Saurian - clutching her ruined hyperspanner in her right hand. It was beyond repair but the sentiment meant she was going to keep hold of it - although a mangled hyperspanner would undoubtedly be meaningless to many an engineer's first tools were priceless. Megan did feel a little sad about it but accepted these things happened and she would easily get hold of a brand new hyperspanner next time she needed one.


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