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Sounds of Silence

Posted on Tue Apr 18th, 2017 @ 12:58am by Lieutenant Commander Soren Himmel & Lieutenant Commander Gareth Tau

Mission: S1E5 - Unknown Territory
Location: Chief Science Officer's Office
Timeline: MD 74; 11:30

It had been nearly two hours since Gareth had sent his communique to the Chief Engineer. It was now going on an hour and a half since the Chief Engineer said he would be present himself to Gareth as soon as possible. After checking his chronometer for the hundredth time, Gareth decided it was more than time for a follow-up contact. Rather than use his commbadge, he set aside his saucer and teacup to reach for the vidscreen on his desk.

"Computer, patch me through to the Chief Engineer's office." The computer warbled for just a moment until the Starfleet logo was replaced with Soren's face.

"Good morning, Commander." Gareth had not yet committed the man's name to memory. If it weren't for the pips, Gareth would have had to guess his rank. "I was checking in to see when I could expect you to address the top priority matter in my office."

"Roger, Commander, I'll be right over. Got hung up on some preventive maintenance matters."

"I hope not to be kept waiting much longer."

Gareth dismissed Soren from his screen with quiet disdain.

Another quarter of an hour passed before a chime came to Gareth's door.

"Enter," he called out from the replicator. Alternating between tea and coffee was a wonderful blend of refreshments, but each time it required the cup to be dematerialized so as not to mix flavors.

"Please have a seat." He did not turn around.

Soren walked in with typical rolled sleeves and coffee in hand, "Thank you Commander, sorry for keeping you waiting."

Once his cup and saucer were ready, Gareth returned to the swiveling high back chair behind his desk.

"Thank you for finally coming," Gareth began. He sipped from his cup. "Forgive my impertinence, but I have a matter of dire import that I must discuss with you. On your way here, there is no doubt you noticed the rough tumble of staff members in my department. There is no escaping the bustle of activity and studious scientists pursuing their research, but in order to properly oversee it all, I require a port in the storm. You see my problem."

He set his cup down and leaned back to gesture at his office.

"Quite simply, Commander, these accommodations will not do. I need sound-proofing acoustical panels, assorted light fixtures, and an intricate array of mirrors, in addition to a dedicated power regulator with which I may utilize various portable apparatuses and devices. Of course I do not have the time or expertise to accomplish any of this myself, so I will be requiring your team to see to these renovations immediately before the Vindex launches tomorrow."

He set a PADD down in front of Soren with the schematics detailed at length.

Soren's eyes widened as he took the PADD and scanned over the schematics. He fought hard not to roll his eyes and maintain professionalism. The Science officer was new, and they had yet to meet.

"Commander, I understand your need, but we're already behind in engineering and the ship takes priority just so we can launch tomorrow. I'm also dealing with a number of replacements and we're going rather slow," Himmel mulled it over and took a sip of coffee before speaking, "I could have a small crew start work en-route, but a project like this would take at least a week or two."

"Two weeks?!" Gareth nearly spat out his tea. "I had hoped to see all of it completed tomorrow, or the morning after at the latest. How am I supposed to function under these archaic conditions? The state of this office is so spartan one could abandon an unfit infant in its sordid depths."

The small African man smirked at his morbid play on words and then folded his hands together in another appeal to reason.

"Is there no way for this to be advanced ahead of other mundane tasks? I can't imagine how there is not."

Himmel had to hold back his desire to face palm. He exhaled deeply, looking over his PADD, "I could spare a few other engineers, I suppose. We could have it done in a week or less." Soren looked back to him, "That's the best I can give you Commander."

Gareth slammed his hands on his desk. "Nom de Dieu de putain de bordel de merde de saloperie de connard d'enculé de ta mère!"

He took a moment to collect himself, then rearranged his tea cup, PADD, and other articles on his desk as he spoke.

"I have sampled every language, and French is my favorite--fantastic language, especially to curse with. It's like wiping your ass with silk." He finally had everything arranged the way he wanted. Looking back up at Soren, he concluded, "Please make this happen as soon as possible, Commander. Do not make me curse in German."

Himmel got up, "That may be a sight to see. We'll get your station together as fast as we can Commander. I will see later."

Soren got up and walked out of the Chief Science Officer's office. He stopped for a moment and looked at his PADD. He couldn't help but smile and then strode back to engineering.


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