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Onward and Forward

Posted on Fri Apr 21st, 2017 @ 11:05pm by Commander Akiva ben-Avram & Lieutenant Commander Gareth Tau & Lieutenant Commander Soren Himmel & Lieutenant Commander Martha Cusack & Lieutenant Kazyah Linn & Lieutenant JG José Muñiz & Lieutenant JG Nealey Snowdon & Petty Officer 3rd Class Rebecca Ainscow

Mission: S1E5 - Unknown Territory
Location: Bridge
Timeline: MD 75; 10:00

Akiva had appeared on the Bridge bright and early to depart DS9 with a newly refit and repaired Vindex. Rather than joining Claudia, he was met by Becky who offered the captain's regrets for her absence.

"I'm sorry to inform you the Captain won't be able to join you this morning. She's not feeling too well - she will be going to see Doctor Maddison and then resting up for the rest of the day - so at least for today I'm your assistant..." Becky said.

"I see." Akiva was visibly disappointed, not least of which because he had grown concerned over Claudia. "Please give her my best wishes for a quick recovery."

The commanding officer's chair seemed as though it would swallow him as Akiva sunk down into it. One would think he would've grown accustomed to it by now, but the opposite proved true. Times like this made Akiva fret at the thought of a potential command post of his own.

At the very least, he had an excuse to bring Commander Soren to the Bridge as 2X0. The older engineer was closer to Akiva in age than some of the younger crew, and their experience together had developed from a professional rapport into a warm acquaintance. Or so he'd like to think. At any rate, Akiva sent Becky off to request Soren's presence on the Bridge--a task that, knowing her, she may have already done.

Many Bridge officers were already present, but they were from the Gamma Shift. Eventually their main Alpha replacements came to relieve them. Akiva made a note to tighten up the shift rotations to ensure prompt relief. Seeing as how this was the launch day, he would allow for some levity. But only some.

A few moments passed and the doors of the turbolift opened, letting Kazyah Linn walk onto the Bridge. He looked visibly uncomfortable, but that could have just been the new red collar against his skin tone. He definitely preferred the gray he wore previously. His eyes immediately locked onto the chair that was meant for him. The one to the Captain's left hand. "Good morning," he said to Akiva as he took his seat.

"Good morning, Lieutenant." Kazyah was not the first person Akiva had hoped to see, but under the circumstances any friendly face was a welcome one. Even the new Mission Advisor.

Commander Himmel appeared in the opposite turbolift with a mug of coffee ready. The unfortunate aspect of the engineer is that his rest face looked as if he was annoyed and unhappy. This time, this could be partly true. The engineers were slammed to get the Vindex going and now he was on the bridge to cover down. However, he trusted his deputy to handle things in engineering at any case.

He walked up to Akiva and gave a nod with a half smile, "Commander, need some backup?"

"Indeed I do." Akiva returned Soren's smile with a wry variety of his own. "It seems the captain has taken ill, so it looks like you will be in my seat for another day."

"Perfect," Himmel said as he took his seat next to the Executive Officer, "I hope the Captain recovers. How is everything looking for launch?"

"Everything seems alright," Kaz said, absentmindedly, not looking up from the PADD in his hands.

"As you say, Lieutenant." Akiva shot him a warning glance for the unsolicited interjection. He looked back to Soren. "I trust Engineering is in good form as well."

Himmel took a sip of his coffee and smiled, "We do what we can. Vindex is in shipshape and Bristol fashion."

The next officer to arrive was Gareth. Gone was his customary haste, having been replaced with a reluctant shuffle. Bridge duty apparently was not his favorite pastime.

When he shuffled to the Science consoled, he dismissed the junior Science officer with a click of his tongue and head nod. He kept his head down and low while assessing the various sensor systems in order to keep from making eye contact with anyone. He said not a word.

Martha turned up next and stood at the Tactical console - relieving the new but very experienced Andorian male who had arrived from the USS Jefferson to help fill the gap in the Tactical department. He left the bridge to take over the duty shift in the armoury as Martha requested.

"Tactical systems are ready to go with the exception of the two new aft launchers which haven't been finished yet. Blame the DS9 repair crews if we haven't got enough aft torpedo launchers to blow a hole in something before tomorrow afternoon" Martha commented.

"Hopefully we won't need them in the wormhole," Akiva quipped with a buttery smirk. When nobody so much as cracked a smile, he straightened his face. "Acknowledged, Ms Cusack. Thank you."

"Smooth," Kaz said under his breath, just loud enough for the XO to hear.

Akiva regarded his new mission advisor with muted contention. "Lieutenant, one more hiss out of you and I'll have you relieving the quartermaster for the foreseeable future," he said in a matching tone.

José appeared on the bridge to cover for the unwell Lieutenant Relton - walking over to the currently vacant helm position and making himself at home. He had checked in with the new head of his department and was pleased when Tabetha had offered him the role of deputy department head to go with his recent promotion.

"Miss Relton sends her apologies - she's another one on Dr Maddison's list of patients this morning. However it appears our propulsion systems aren't as they're ready to go whenever you are Commander" José reported.

"Another one down," Akiva whispered to himself. He made a note to check with the doctor to ensure general crew health and welfare. DS9 had reported no virus outbreaks, but it wouldn't hurt to be on the lookout regardless. He nodded in response to Jose.

"Thank you, Lieutenant. Prep the impulse engines and stand by at the helm."

Nealey arrived on the bridge having been sent up in place of the Chief Operations Officer seeing as he too was feeling a bit under the weather. Standing at the Operations station she checked to see how things were before announcing her presence.

"You've got me for Alpha Shift today" Nealey commented.

"So good of you to join us," Akiva said. "Please inform DS9 that we're ready to disembark and confirm release of docking clamps."

Nealey sent the request to Deep Space 9 to cut them loose without verbal acknowledgement of her orders. A few moments later Deep Space 9 had confirmed they'd released the Vindex's docking clamps and were ready to let them go.

"They've cut us loose" Nealey confirmed.

"Helm, take us toward the wormhole at one-quarter impulse." Akiva leaned back in the command chair and picked at the fingernails of either hand with his thumbs.

José tapped in the co-ordinates for the wormhole and fired up the impulse engines. With the docking clamps confirmed as engaged he confirmed the Vindex's course and speed as the elegant Sovereign-class starship slowly moved away from her docking port and towards the wormhole. This was the second time José had piloted a ship from Deep Space 9 to the wormhole - the last time it was the Renown but this time it felt different - somehow he felt he belonged on the Vindex.

"We're underway Commander. Smooth as she goes" José replied.

When the Vindex approached the event horizon of the wormhole, the spatial vortex shot wide in a swirls of blue and silver around a glowing white core. Akiva had seen it a number of times, yet each instance always felt like the first. Stirring and wondrous.

"Warp factor 6. Engage."


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