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The Probe

Posted on Sat Apr 22nd, 2017 @ 1:46am by Mystery Man

Mission: S1E5 - Unknown Territory
Location: IKS BaHwiI'
Timeline: Mission Day 82; 08:00

Mystery Man and his colleagues had taken their leave of Deep Space 9 and had managed to secure the services of the Klingon Bird-of-Prey which had been captured by the crew of the USS Vindex. It was supposed to be temporary as Starfleet had wanted to return the craft to the Klingons - although the latter had seemed relatively uninterested in regaining such an elderly craft - especially one owned by 'traitors' - considering they had many more vessels which were more modern and state of the art than the BaHwiI'.

Starfleet had then decided to make the most of having the craft and allowed Mystery Man to take the vessel back to the Gamma Quadrant to try and uncover the mercenary cell operating in the Idran Region before the craft went into storage. All of the displays on the BaHwiI's consoles had been updated so they were of Federation standard - something Mystery Man felt looked a bit odd but it was necessary if the crew were going to operate the craft successfully.

"We're approaching the co-ordinates Commodore" the man at the Tactical console announced.

Mystery Man nodded. "Visual"

An image of open space came up - it was seemingly a pointless location but it was rumoured by a few traders in the region that no less than two light years from that location there was an uninhabited star system. He knew the Vindex was no more than six or so hours behind them due to its higher top speed - so whatever they were going to do needed to be done quickly.

"Is the beacon ready? I want to be able to launch that and cloak the moment the Vindex can detect it - if they detect and end up following us then they won't go and look for the star system like we need them to" Mystery Man asked.

The man on Tactical had personally overseen the construction of the beacon - which radiated a false warp trail pointing in the direction but stopping short of the star system - and he was confident it could be launched just as the BaHwiI' cloaked. If they launched it now then somebody else would find it and go looking for the uninhabited star system. It was imperative that the Vindex found it.

"It's ready to go when you are Commodore. I would however advise that we cloak now just to avoid anyone that may pass through here detecting us" the man advised.

Mystery Man nodded. "Agreed. Activate the cloak and set up a proximity alarm - if anyone passes us heading anywhere near that system I want to know about it"

The man on Tactical confirmed his orders and after activating the cloak he set up the proximity alarm. The more notice they had then the more chance they had to ward off any starships who Mystery Man didn't want to go anywhere near the rumoured star system until the Vindex had found it.

"Proximity alarm set. Anything within a light year of us in any direction will set them off - I've asked Engineering to send us as much power as they can from the warp engines to boost the sensor range seeing as we won't be using them for a little while" the man said.

Mystery Man nodded. "Good work. What would I ever do without you?"

"I'm sure you'd cope" the man replied.

An hour later the proximity alarm sounded - and almost immediately the man manning Tactical returned from his break in his quarters whilst Mystery Man exited the ready room and demanded a report immediately.

"It's a probe...headed straight for where the star system is supposed to be. The configuration does not match anything we have in our database and the technology is also unknown - what do you suggest we do Commodore?" the man said.

Mystery Man smiled. "Let's make sure it doesn't get back to whoever owns it - hack into the probe's systems and get it to broadcast to us instead. We can set it on a collision course with the nearest planet if it's looking for what we're looking for - and its owners will never know"

"As you wish. Helm - make sure we stay within a few hundred metres - otherwise this isn't going to work" the man on Tactical ordered.

The young woman on the helm - Azarina O'Donnell - confirmed she had received the orders. Keeping the K'Vort-class starship well within the specified range she was pleased when the man at Tactical had confirmed he now had control over the probe.

"I have it" the man said.

Azarina nodded. "Well done Commander. Do you want me to hold course or back off?"

Mystery Man paused for a moment as he decided what to do - going against his original plan he ordered Azarina to follow. She was a young Starfleet Ensign who had proven her worth on more than one occasion by getting Mystery Man and his team out of a couple of sticky situations they found themselves in.

"Follow it Ensign. It'll be easier to control it if we stay within range" Mystery Man ordered.

Azarina smiled. "As you wish Commodore"

With the BaHwiI' keeping close to the probe - whilst ensuring they weren't being followed or traced - Mystery Man sat in his chair with his eyes closed as he deliberated his next move. Deciding once they confirmed the star system existed he wanted to back off and let the Vindex claim the discovery. It was within his interest his treasured daughter found the planet instead of the rumoured alien species looking to make a move on the Idran Region.

"Alright let's hold up here. How far to go Ms O'Donnell?" Mystery Man asked.

Azarina nodded. "Uncertain sir - nothing's coming up here yet. Do you want to continue?"

Turning to face the man on Tactical once again he asked what the situation was. He didn't want to get too close in case the Vindex trapped them in the system. There was no chance Captain Ainscow or her resourceful crew would let the BaHwiI' escape given its involvement with the mercenaries Commander Tolan had hired to take his daughter to the Alpha Quadrant.

"Commander?" Mystery Man said.

The Commander held his hand up to get Mystery Man to wait for a moment as he analysed the data on his console. It was certainly what they were looking for - it was 1.5 light years away. With confirmed co-ordinates of the system's planet now on his console it would be easy enough to set the probe to crash there and then get the BaHwiI' to safety.

"Alright I have co-ordinates of a large planet orbited by one - possibly two - moons. It's 1.5 light years away - however the probe and our data is a bit sketchy seeing as nobody bothered to repair them when we had the chance" the man said.

Mystery Man nodded. "Excellent. Miss O'Donnell - set a course for the Jenkata Nebula and hold position until I give the signal. Commander - set the probe on a collision course with the planet"

Once the probe had been confirmed as destroyed after crashing on the planet the BaHwiI' launched the distress probe - set to activate in four hours' time to ensure the Vindex picked it up - the K'Vort-class starship disappeared into warp headed for its destination. If the Vindex picked any warp signatures up then it would be that of a Federation freighter - a lost one which had done an about turn - but a Federation freighter none the less. Mystery Man didn't want his cover to be blown just yet - but he would reveal himself sooner rather than later...


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