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Family Planning

Posted on Mon Apr 24th, 2017 @ 4:45pm by Ensign Asher Maddison MD & Captain Claudia Ainscow & Petty Officer 3rd Class Rebecca Ainscow

Mission: S1E5 - Unknown Territory
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: Mission Day 82; 10:00

Claudia and Rebecca nervously sat in the waiting area of sickbay waiting for their appointment to find out if Claudia's artificial insemination had been successful. Thinking about it Claudia knew at her age it might be quite difficult - hence why it could end up that Rebecca carried their child instead. For now though both were trying to remain positive that it had worked and pondered about how their married life was going to pan out now they'd set a revised date.

"Two days and I get to marry you - at least it won't be on an old space station and hopefully on a nice planet somewhere" Claudia commented.

Becky smiled. "I'd marry you anywhere CeCe - just as long as I get to marry you then I really don't mind where it is. Just remember one thing - I love you and that will never change"

"I love you too beautiful" Claudia replied - kissing Becky on the lips sweetly.

Becky returned the kiss and held her partner's hand as they waited patiently to be called in for their appointment.

Finally managing to usher her fretting patient out from her office, Asher saw the happy, adorable couple who were waiting for their appointment. It had been over a week since the procedure, and now it was time to find out if it was successful. Deciding to do it in her office, which now had a portable bed in it, Asher walked over to the couple and smiled.

"Good morning," Asher said, "ladies. Do you want to come through?"

Becky looked at her wife to be before they both looked at the doctor. Holding hands tightly Claudia stood up first followed by Rebecca - with both of them smiling at the doctor who seemed so determined to help them have a baby together.

"Good morning Doctor. We'd love to" Claudia replied.

Asher turned to one side and guided her patients towards her office in a single sweeping motion, following behind them once they'd passed her. Previously, Asher had done a lot of these tests, but this was the first time it was for a same sex couple, which felt all the more special because Asher herself could be in the same boat as the Ainscow-Fuentes family were in now, eventually.

"So, ladies, how have things been?" Asher asked, as she sat down. "Do you want anything to drink before I get the equipment ready, or do you just want me to carry out the test right away?"

Claudia had suffered from a couple of bouts of morning sickness - including the morning after the party - although they only started a few days after the IVF attempt. She hadn't noticed any other changes although Claudia hadn't really had any issues in the early days of carrying Grace either.

Claudia tittered. "Well - I have had two or three mornings where I've thrown up but nothing serious. If Becky doesn't want anything to drink then I'm happy to get on with the test Ms Maddison"

Becky smiled and indicated that she too was eager to find out if their first attempt had been successful. They had already discussed the option of Becky carrying the child but Claudia felt that she at least wanted to have a couple of tries herself.

"Let's do it" Becky replied.

That settled it, it seemed.

Asher stood up and briefly left her office to go and collect a hypo spray to perform a blood test with. After batting away a fretting nurse who was worried about something not worth the worry, Asher returned to her office, quite surprised her patient was already lying on the bed in her office with her sleeve rolled up.

"My my," Asher said, cheekily. "you are a good patient, or you're just incredibly eager."

Claudia was surprised Asher had requested a bed was put in her office in place of the couch - which made Claudia wonder where the couch had got to. There were still two chairs in front of Asher's desk but they weren't really the best thing for counselling sessions.

Claudia giggled. "Well - I do have a ship to run so the sooner we get it done with the better. How long do you think the rest results will take doctor?"

"You've been my best patient so far today, so I'll have to find you a sticker and a lollipop to take home with you." Asher said.

Asher smiled sweetly, placed the hypo spray on Claudia's arm, and retrieved the sample she required to perform the blood test.

"There." Asher said, satisfied. "The test won't take but a few minutes, sit yourself back down with Miss Fuentes and I'll hopefully return with good news."

So far, Asher's patients had been someone with a hangover, who was immediately sent back to their quarters by the fiesty doctor and told to stop wasting Asher's time, the fretting man from Engineering who wouldn't stop finding reasons to extend his stay in Asher's office, and now Captain Ainscow.

Asher took the vial from the hypo spray and placed it under the microscope for analysis, to check for the levels of hCg in Claudia's blood. With the test over and the result triple checked to ensure it was consistent, Asher removed the vial and gently dropped it into the sterile waste receptacle for disposal. With the results verified and transferred over to a portable data device, Asher switched everything off and left.

Locking the lab up once again, Asher returned to her office to break the news of the test to the eager women waiting inside. Asher's romantic encounter with Tabetha meant a lot, and a small part of her hoped when it was her turn to create a new life, Tabetha was the other woman there. Right now though, it wasn't about her, it was about her current patients and any others who dropped in throughout the day.

"Okay, just give this a second to load up." Asher said, inserting the device into her computer console.

With the console loaded, along with Claudia's test results, Asher turned the screen towards Rebecca and Claudia, keeping her expression as neutral as she could. Asher wanted the parents to be to have the first smiles, because it was their new life Asher confirmed was developing in Claudia's womb.

Asher pointed to the results on the console using a stylus, indicating the levels of hCg which were consistent with the early stages of pregnancy.

"I believe, ladies," Asher confirmed. "a wish of congratulations to you both are in order, because this test confirms you are pregnant, Captain."

Almost immediately Becky reached over to Claudia and hugged her wife to be tightly. It had worked - first time - and she was over the moon that in nine months' time they would be welcoming their child into the universe together. Nothing could beat how happy she felt right now.

Returning Becky's hug but turning her head to face Asher to respond Claudia gave the young doctor a warm smile.

"Thank you Miss Maddison. That's wonderful news" Claudia replied.

Asher turned her console off, seeing the elation on both Rebecca and Claudia's faces. This was a happy moment, with the even happier moments to come when Baby Ainscow came along in nine months' time.

"My pleasure, Captain." Asher replied, wanting to share in the Ainscow-Fuentes family's joy. "An estimated due date at this stage is the 29th of June next year. I will book you in for follow up check which will be in a couple of weeks, I will send your assistant here a note once it's confirmed, is that okay?"

Claudia and Rebecca released each other from their embrace and returned to face the doctor who had just given them the best news of their time together so far. Briefly smiling at her wife to be again Claudia then turned back to face the Doctor.

"That's fine with me Doctor. Becky - don't forget to tell me and make sure you put it in my diary" Claudia replied.

Becky grinned. "Like I'm going to forget that? I won't - I promise"

"Well - I guess I should get back to running the ship. Thank you once again Doctor - I'll come back and visit if I have any issues" Claudia said.

Standing up with Becky the two women then made their way to the door - although they were stopped in their tracks by Asher just as the doors were about to open and allow them to exit. Claudia knew what was coming - the usual "don't over do it" she got from the last doctor who told her she was pregnant eight years ago...

Asher walked around to the front of her desk, leaning against it gently.

"Captain, if you have any problems, I don't care when or where, you come and find me straight away. If you get stressed, I want you to come down here straight away, and Becky, keep an eye on her. She might be in good health, but she's 36 years old, she commands this ship and she's now carrying a baby, too. Make sure she takes it easy." Asher said, before heading out past the two women for a refreshment break.

Seeing Rebecca and Claudia together was sweet, but it was hard for her emotionally when Asher couldn't accept who she was, denying herself the opportunity to be with Tabetha. Asher made a note to herself as she walked to the canteen, to book an appointment with Jaya when she returned.


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