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In The Beginning Part One

Posted on Mon Apr 24th, 2017 @ 3:14am by Ensign Ahira Kasamoto

Mission: S1E5 - Unknown Territory
Location: Darius V
Timeline: Ten Years Ago

Despite some of the holovid ads and slick promotion efforts, Darius V was no Risa, far from it. Just outside the Neutral Zone, it was the home of a whole range of people, most with legitimate business or purpose. but quite a few who had neither. Spies, cutthroats, pirates and space rats shared the planet with merchants, pilgrims, settlers and farmers. It was something of an uneasy truce founded on the principle of everyone minding their own business, everyone that wanted to see another sunrise that is.

The ill-named city of Mirth was the capital of Darius V. It was a coastal city with a subtropical climate and a population of close to a million. In the center of Mirth was the Bazaar, a twisted maze of streets, side streets, and alleyways. One could get just about anything one wanted in the Bazaar. Anything at all. Latinum or credits were required for such transaction scruples and ethics were not.

Deep in the Bazaar was two story home that hadn't seen its prime in ten years and its prime had generously been described as substandard. But it was the only home that Ahira Kasamoto had known. Home was perhaps an overstatement. He slept there most nights but was gone almost every day. Hustling, running stings, other not so legal activities that were part of the Family enterprise, and lately spending time with David, his best friend.

The sun had barely risen, and Ahira was trying to sleep, he'd been up most of the night; drinking, gambling-cheating of course and after that, well he'd been in bed, there just hadn't been any sleeping going on. By the time he'd left David's it had been well past midnight and he'd had to sneak in. It was the yelling that woke him. Yelling was common, but never good news and too often it was followed by someone getting beaten. The shouts weren't addressed to him, not yet anyway and he wanted it to stay that way.

So the sixteen-year-old rolled off the mattress, hastily threw some clothes on and made it out the same way he'd come in less than three hours before.He left, the same way he came in, through the window and onto the rough pavement of the alleyway. He snagged a couple of oranges off of a street vendor that was careless enough to be looking at his PADD instead of his merchandise and sauntered out into the street. There was nothing wrong with his actions in Ahira's mind. It was simply a matter of supply and demand. The merchant had the supply and he had the demand, or rather his stomach did

It was too early in the morning to go back to David's, he knew the human teen would still be asleep and as tempting as it would be to surprise him he had another idea. It was Thursday, which meant that there would be a makeshift market outside the Spaceport. A makeshift market meant crowds, and crowds meant opportunities. So he decided to to a little advanced scouting. Then he'd go see David, strictly business of course, and still be back in time to deal with the assignment the Familyhad given him before he could disappear for a couple of days. He knew just where he'd go then and it wouldn't be for business.

But for now, he knew where he was headed.


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