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In The Beginning Part Two

Posted on Mon Apr 24th, 2017 @ 4:25pm by Ensign Ahira Kasamoto

Mission: S1E5 - Unknown Territory
Location: Darius V
Timeline: Ten Years Ago

Previously on In The Beginning:

It was too early in the morning to go back to David's, he knew the human teen would still be asleep and as tempting as it would be to surprise him he had another idea. It was Thursday, which meant that there would be a makeshift market outside the Spaceport. A makeshift market meant crowds, and crowds meant opportunities. So he decided to to a little advanced scouting. Then he'd go see David, strictly business of course, and still be back in time to deal with the assignment the Family had given him before he could disappear for a couple of days. He knew just where he'd go then and it wouldn't be for business.

But for now, he knew where he was headed.

And now the continuation:

The young hybrid teen wasn't the smartest, nor the most tech-savvy, but he was highly intuitive. And as he started to the rendezvous point, he sensed that someone was following him. This wasn't a big surprise; it could have been someone having fun playing a practical joke, someone from the Family checking up on him, or as a training exercise, maybe even his own imagination. It didn't have to be someone who meant him harm. But the didn't really matter to him, whatever the reason, he had to lose them.

He knew the Bazaar better than knew his own room, which meant he knew, every street, every alley, ever hidey-hole, where the security forces would go and where they refused to go. As long as he was good, and careful (he knew he was both) he didn't think it would be a problem. He wasn't scared, exactly, but the adrenaline was definitely flowing. Outwardly he appeared calm, or at least hoped he did, a and as casually as possible, turned and headed into what everyone called the Thicket, it was a labyrinth of twisted streets and alleyways, the darkest and most dangerous part of the Bazaar. During the day it was dangerous enough, at night, well at night only the desperate or deadly wandered its winding paths.

Even his father, a big, angry, dangerous man, had warned him to stay away. So, naturally, Ahira was a frequent visitor. He knew it almost as much as he knew the Bazaar itself. He stepped inside quickly moving down one alleyway, then into and back out of an inn. Then down a crooked street and into a shop selling used Federation supplies. He followed this pattern for about thirty minutes until he was sure that he had lost whoever it was that had been on his tail.

Only then did he leave the Thicket and head out into the Bazaar. He knew just where David would be, they'd set out their plans the previous night. The location changed weekly, but their pattern was consistent. One of them would set up at a busy intersection and draw a crowd by playing an instrument, a small Trill piano for David and a Bajoran Lute for himself, while the other would pick people's pockets.

They usually didn't net much, just enough to help David with his rent or food for the week. Sometimes, if they were especially lucky they'd make enough to buy themselves lemon ices, or jaui sticks. David was playing exceptionally well that day, Ahira noticed as he sauntered close to the spice merchants booths. He spied a rather prosperous, and fat merchant, so he carefully approached him.


Ensign Ahira Kasamoto
Infiltration Specialist
USS Vindex


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